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Recollection Edition #2

An introduction.

In this issue we hope to take you on another adventure through scene town. There is room for so many unmasking, entertaining stories that can now finally be told because the "old era" is over. Where did they really get their game-originals? Who had to skip school to crack a first release? What were their plans - and how well planned were they? How did they meet and get together in the first place? What triggered all the fighting? What split groups up? How were demos made and what inspired them? The list is just endless.

Some people appear to be lost about the past, confused, or even being totally ignorant about it. As in, how things worked back then, how it all came to be. In this magazine we will try capture people's recollections. The result will be informative, historic and entertaining! We strive to become the black book of the scene, capturing those golden moments that have kept us coming back to the blue screen time and time again.

In this edition a whole new design pleasures your eyes. Mirage waves an Egyptian paint brush over an 8-bit canvas to give you something spectacular whilst Krill optimises the outfit even further than in our debut issue. The recollections of people are a living memory that should be held sacred and just like a showcase for fine jewelry this outfit is a suitable showcase for the contents within. Some people didn't like Recollection having such fine art and music. I disagree with this notion considering this magazine is trying to capture the main elements of the C64 scene. We want the general public to see quality and pride at all levels, its not just the text but the entire package.

I warmly welcome a whole new team of writers who've filled these pages with their experiences and moments of glory. Some tasty morsels of what is available this issue is: The legendary group Eagle Soft Incorporated is completely researched, including interviews with key members Mitch and By-tor. Laxity takes us on a journey through the world of composing in the early days. Interviews with cracking legend Antitrack and Panoramic coder Olav Morkrid. And much more!

We did try and get this ready for the X-2006 event in Holland but there were still some things unfinished so we delayed a little in order to present the magazine in its entirety. With much effort we finally reached our goal! I would like to say special thanks to all of those who endured the whip that I wield. Extra special thanks to Mirage and Krill who did some solid work to get the intro and outfit ready, Crimson for relocating and fixing the Rob Hubbard tune, TDJ for the last minute article and to all those others that I pressured with the looming deadline. Credit is due - and on that note I will end the magazine's introduction and let the rest speak for itself.



Programming: Mirage/Focus
Graphics: Mirage/Focus
Design: Mirage/Focus & Jazzcat
Exclusive music: Drax/Maniacs of Noise/Vibrants/Crest - "Subusual"


Programming: Stryyker/Tide & Krill/Plush
Graphics: Mirage/Focus
Font: Breeze
Design: Jazzcat & Mirage/Focus
Loader: Stryyker/Tide


01. Laxity/Maniacs of Noise - "Screw Normal"
02. Hein Design/Onslaught/Focus - "On the edge of the Nile" (2x)
03. Linus/Viruz/Triad - "8580 Luftballons" (4x)
04. A-Man/Xenon - "Honeycomb"
05. Jammer/MSL/EXON/Samar - "For Jazzcat 2k6"
06. Rob Hubbard - "Knucklebusters Tune 1" (bonus)


Main editor - Jazzcat/Onslaught
Co-editor - Deadbeat/The Sharks
Guest editor - Antitrack/Nostalgia
Guest editor - Burglar/Success&TRC
Guest editor - Death Demon/FBR
Guest editor - Fantasy/Newage
Guest editor - Fungus/Nostalgia/Onslaught
Guest editor - Ignorance/Nostalgia/Alpha Flight
Guest editor - Laxity/Maniacs Of Noise
Guest editor - Peter Rittwage
Guest editor - Ronski/FBR
Guest editor - The Dark Judge/Focus

C64 is a passion, not a fad or passing phase.
You love it, it loves you!