18 March 2020 - This website was resurrected from PHP deprecated hell! Apologies for some of the sections of this site not working, everything has been updated. Thanks to the Dutch guy! :)

13 March 2020 - Work has finally commenced on the fourth edition! Intro and outfit design is yet to commence but some of the articles are in the pipe! Needing assistance, so please drop me a mail if you want to help build the magazine!

11 October 2010 - After 4 long years the biggest issue ever of the Recollection magazine is released! The third coming contains the spectacular complete history of the legendary FairLight, interviews with Rockstar, Flex, Falco Paul and others, the history of phreaking, disk mags, NTSC fixing and much much more, all wrapped in a gorgeous disk cover by Mermaid!

25 November 2006 - Online version of the second issue is made available. Featuring extra articles and supported by screenshots and exclusive bits and pieces.

28 October 2006 - Issue #2 of Recollection is released! The second coming is fresh from Egypt and is bursting at the sides with some great reading and exclusive music! It features design by Mirage/Focus and is available in 1541 and 1581 versions.

16 March 2006 - Issue #1 of Recollection is released and graces the scene with 20 chapters and 10 exclusive SID compositions! A fantastic effort by all those involved, THANKS!

1 February 2006 - This website was created. It is quite basic at the moment, but more and more will be added as this projects develops. The first DISK issue of Recollection is pretty much completed. Just waiting on one article and some code/graphics tweaks. Watch this space!