Live Interview with Fungus

Published in Vandalism News #41
Performed by Vengeance

Date: February 1st, 2004
Forum: IRC (Internet Relay Chat)

Recently returning to activities, FUNGUS is one of the more active members of the USA scene. Coding, cracking and NTSC-fixing are his favourites. Enjoy.

<Vengeance> Hey! You got some time on your hands? I wanna do a live interview with you. :)

<Fungus> Oki :)

<Fungus> I have some time for that
* Fungus puts tape cracking on pause

<Vengeance> Hello Scott, how are you feeling right at this moment?

<Fungus> I am feeling really good right now :)

<Vengeance> Is that because youíre stoned? or is it because of all the funny conversations going on CSDB?

<Fungus> Because I am stoned and because of feeling good about being active again on C64.
<Fungus> Heheh

<Vengeance> Yes, it's always good to be doing something on this machine and itís good to see you active again too. Got anything special that you are currently working on? Any new projects in the pipeline?

<Fungus> Hmm, always lotsa new projects in the works, currently I am concentrating on old games on tape. I've cracked quite a lot of tape loaders over the last few weeks. I've been busy fixing as well. But nothing as nice as PHOBIA at the moment.

<Vengeance> Its funny to see that your the only really active American fixer in this day and age, and I think it is very important that someone still produces the fixes over there. So it would be fair to say your scene-focus is more with NTSC fixing than cracking these days or a mixture of both?

<Fungus> Yes, I think it is important for NTSC sceners to be involved in the scene, whatever part of it may be for them. I am also not the only active fixer... I believe Macbeth/PSW has fixed some demo things. Vizz is in Nostalgia now, although he is Canadian. As for my role in NOS, I am equal cracker/fixer/coder, I bounce between activities to keep from getting burnt out. However, sometimes a fix may sit around before it gets done.

<Vengeance> Reading CSDB lately I've noticed quite some conversations, just like the old days on the boards, what do you think of the whole Secret Man affair? Do you think these type of raggings encourage more releases or inspire? I myself sometimes think wars can be just as important as the scene itself in the big scheme of things...

<Fungus> I think the wars more encourage older inactive sceners to babble and quabble like in the days of old. It's always good for a laugh. As for Silly Cunt, he doesn't deserve my time to rag. As I have mentioned in my postings.

<Vengeance> Sometimes it takes someone to drop a bomb to get the ball rolling, so how does the oldie-game cracking anyhow? Whatís your opinion on groups like Blazon, Destiny and the like? and of course what do you thinking about new sceners such as Richard Bayliss who worked at it so hard, just to leave the scene?

<Fungus> The oldie cracking goes awesome! We are a real team, doing what no other group can I think. I haven't checked any Blazon or Destiny cracks, so I wouldn't know. I prefer to crack everything myself anyway, as usually no one is going to beat us. ;) Can't stop this rush!

<Vengeance> Have you ever fallen victim to some kind of C64 scene slur campaign? or been in any arguments with other sceners that may have proved pivotal in the course of the scene?

<Fungus> Hmmm
<Fungus> I have never fallen victim to a slur campaign afaik... although Moloch tried I think. ;) As for slamming someone else... outside my group, no not really. There are of course a few people whom I dislike intensely. On the whole though, I like most people in the scene.

<Vengeance> So do you still have contact with many of the old US sceners?

<Fungus> I don't hear from any old sceners anymore, itís a pity really. That they all quitted and left me alone to carry the torch. Itís like always, they are lazy, and don't try hard enough.

<Vengeance> A damn shame, which brings me back to the boards... what do you think about ANTIDOTE telnet win32bit being up these days? Do you think this could encourage some older guys into coming back, or do you think it could just turn into a laugh again as we said before... it may just end up in arguments, that are good for a laugh. :)

<Fungus> uhh, I don't call, too many posts to read after some 5 days! Hahaha, never thought I'd say that again.

<Vengeance> Good that you can say it though. ;) I am too busy, but I think its reeeaaally coool.

<Vengeance> Do you think that the new generation of sceners may find it awkward getting used to the boards, people ragging on CSDB, etc? or do you find the "awkwardness" maybe part of a "schooling" for the new sceners?

<Fungus> They should expect it, it's always been part of the scene. I started on boards in the early days, being a l33ch. And I remember the fantastic flame wars between people and groups. It was do or die.

<Vengeance> Thatís where the uploading/downloading credits came into play. ;)

<Fungus> :))

<Vengeance> Here's a question I haven't asked for a long time... if you could have a group with 10 members of your choice, who would you choose?

<Fungus> I would want Nostalgia, like it is now I think. With all members active. :))

<Vengeance> and if you could choose the perfect competition-group, someone who could really "keep up"?

<Fungus> It would be nice if OA got active and got a fixer for the oldies. Or REM got another active cracker who really new their stuff.

<Vengeance> Over the years there's been many groups, sceners and mags. Can you let us know some of your favourites and the reasons behind that?

<Fungus> My favorite groups are TSC and UCF, because JJ the Breaker was an awesome cracker. Legend for the wonderful things they brought before anyone else. Triad for killer mail versions and long standing. I+T for sheer volume of quality warez.
I never read mags much, I liked Gamers Guide a lot and I read Domination, I used to read that mag RRR put out for laughs.

<Vengeance>  How important do you think magazines are in today's scene? Do you think they are worth the time?

<Fungus> I certainly do, but the magazines need more sections aimed at the elite scener. So there is more to read than boring babble about this group and that. :) Talking about the technical aspect of a machine, or idea, routine, etc. always arouses interest in any intelligent scener. This has always soreeeeely been lacking in scene mags IMHO, where is the free info trade.
<Fungus> ;)

<Vengeance> Speaking of JJ the Breaker, David tells me you have all the war notes between him and ESI entertaining read no doubt. Aside from that, what is your opinion on the SCPU?

<Fungus> I don't have the notes, just some demos, spread them around I thought.
<Fungus> SCPU, neat, not C64, don't care much.

<Vengeance> What do you think about scene parties still going on, do you think they are important for keeping the scene alive and in touch? Have you ever visited any party or meeting?

<Fungus> Scene parties are most important! Fun, C64, drunkenness, stoned, friends, fooood, yeaaaah! No I haven't been, other than copy parties in the past, but I will attend X 2004! So I hope to have a huge time there.

<Vengeance> Do you find it interesting that you, Tristan, Jazzcat, Fade and myself will all be at the party in Holland this October? Surely one of the most distant gathering of people in the C64 scene in a long time. But the question I find most interesting is, who will last the longest at drinking beer and smoking? :)

<Fungus> I think it will be great!!! Its gonna rule and be the best party ever.

<Vengeance> If you could choose what you would like to be remembered for on C64, what would it be?

<Fungus> Being an all-round nice guy, and that people remember me, for whatever reason.

<Vengeance> If there was one defining moment in your scene career, what do you think it was?

<Fungus> Hmmm. When I gained respect from elite sceners such as Antitrack and Crossbow.

<Vengeance> Any last words before we end this? (and don't forget to bring the buds to X ;))

<Fungus> Yeah, watch for groovy oldies from Nostalgia, done the best they can be! :)

Live IRC conversation, February 1st 2004