Interview with Deff

Published in Vandalism News #15
Performed by Jazzcat

Welcome to another 'under the spotlight' style interrogation conducted by I, Jazzcat. The unfortunate victim this month is one of the main organizers of one of todayís leading groups and that is Deff/Avantgarde. This interview was conducted over the phone in note form, enjoy...

Welcome Mario, here we are, I am a friendly at+t operator and I need to know a description of yourself!!

Shut up and dial 813/725-0263! To be honest as you already mentioned my real name is Mario. In fact most of my friends call me 'Pito' which is an abbreviation of my surname. I'm about 1.80m tall and my weight is about 75KG I got brown hair plus side whiskers and Pudwerx loves me for that... haha! I'm 21 years old and when you read this I will probably be 22 already! What else? Iím half Italian and half German. My big love is 'Beate' and Iím with her since 4.5 years now...

You have been in the scene for quite sometime, please tell us your c64 history up to the present time.

It all started when I got my commie back in 1986. I started collecting games on tape and 2 months later I bought myself a 1541. Some weeks later I build up a local group called The Future Team (TFT) due to our contact to Fantasy Cracking Service (FCS) I got into the scene. I already thought that TFT would be something special because of Fantasy greeting us in his cracks! haha worth a laugh! The first real group I got asked to join was Powerrun. Some of the old guys might still remember our copy party in Krefeld/Germany where the cops showed up. After that party I got busted for mail trading cracked games for the first time. I took a break for 3 months and then build up an own group again called Alabama (a demo group) and got busted a second time. After 2 months I got asked to join The Wanderer Group, I refused and later joined Crazy on 16th June 1989 along with Gotcha, Frank/Shine and Magicman. After things went slow in Crazy, me and Pyle left for Illusion on 2nd January 1991, later on all active members of Ils and Crazy plus some more built up Enigma on 2nd June '91 and I got to know Jack Daniels/Dominators.
I used to be one of the editors of Mamba in the past and then I just got sick of it all. Jack Daniels and me quit producing Corruption and left Dominators and the scene Well not completely as we both (more or less) continued calling the us boards. One day Jack Daniels and me felt like returning to scene 100% and he tried up our own group. The name should have been Avantgarde. But somehow we lost the interest within a week or so. One day Freestyle called me and Jack Daniels and asked. We three started to organize Avantgarde once again and finally got official on 1st Dec 1993.

Well its now time to storm your brain, sooo....

The C64 scene = friends and fun!
Lamer = Atmos/Legend
Female = Kerstia
Drugs = do whatever you want
Hotline = 810-pri-vate
Phonesex = Bod/Talent
Pulse = Propaganda no.1
Toasters = chickens

Well, very interesting! Although I personally think I am better with phone sexual harassment to at&t operators but anyway please give us your favourites:

Crack group: Illusion/Avantgarde
Demo group: Triangle, Crest, BML/Camelot
Cracker: Antitrack
Board: Dream Park, The Forum, Terminal Obsession
Scene friends: All in Avantgarde + Solar
C64 game: Montezuma's Revenge
Woman: Kim Wilde
Music: RHCP, RATM, Senser
Food: nothing special
Drink: Beer from Cologne/Germany
NTSC fixing group: ATC, Random, NEI/Avantgarde
Magazine: Mamba, Corruption/Propaganda
Drug: beer & cigarettes

Well, what do you think of the scene at the moment and what the future does it hold?

In my eyes the scene is pure fun. All the hassle and bitching is fun! I already would have left the scene if I wouldn't enjoy it that much. Do we know anything about the future? I don't!

Could you please tell us what the plans of AVT are over the next few months.

We in Avantgarde have already re-activated guys like Peter and A-man who both teamed up with Avantgarde. We also want to bring back some of the old guys like Sauron and Fist who just started to call a US BBS (The Forum) again. I would personally would like to see more old guys returning to the scene and you can be sure that AVT working on it. Also there might pop out a little surprise for you all from us in the near future. Thumbs up!!

Whatís your opinion on wars and raggings?

Mostly good for BBS. Keeps dudes calling as they don't want miss anything. A good example is HIC, it really lost a lot of action since Radar quit calling there. A bad example might be TST due to Powerplant's and Westbam's stupid behaviour. Many guys boycott TST now!

Whatís your plans in real life and will this effect your scene activities?

Right now Iím a trainee at an insurance-company. After my education I will start to study insurance-law! I don't know if this would effect any of my scene activity but I guess then have to slow it down a bit!!

Well, nearing the end so please throw out some greetings to any of your pals...

I'm sure I will miss some friends of mine but anyway 'have fun' and 'thanks for everything' to: All in AVT, Solar/F4CG, CBA+AJ/TRC, Peacemaker/M8, Maduplec/Crest, Metal/Camelot, Newscopy+Jucke/G*P, Posdnugs/TRSI, Count Zero, EVS/20CC and finally you David (get me that tune!)

Okay thanks a lot for the interview and we in Vandalism wish you & your group the best for the future, please leave us with some last wise words to our readers.

Feel free to do whatever you want to do but make sure to move your arse to the ECTS show in London this September!

Well the end of another scene interview in the similar integration style we in Vandalism News provide!
Call the Avantgarde world headquarters on:

Terminal Obsession: 1-813/725-XXXX
The Forum: 1-810/pri-vate