Profile of Case

Published in Domination Paper Edition
Performed by Duke


Name: Ian Cunningham
Handle: Case
Group: Entropy

Which Groups Were you in before?
Cabana, Excess (UK), XentriX, Awesome, TAT, Entropy, Eden.

13 Oaklands Drive, Upperby, Carlisle, Cumbria, CA2 4NH


I started in the 'scene' back in 1988 when the legendary 'COMPUNET' was still online, I joined up and started to make contact with loads of other cool c64 guys and also downloaded many cool c64 demos/tools.  When the Amiga and Atarti ST were allowed onto Compunet it started to decline.  It was then that I started to get interested in coding & making my own demos.
I formed my own group called 'OUTRAGE88' with some local friends, we only made some simple intros/music rips (I did program a fairly cool char-editor in basic but it was never released).  After COMPUNET stopped I formed another group called 'CABANA' this time we made some demos & also released several small tools, our first major demo was called 'DREAMTIME' & was coded for the commodore show that year (it was mostly coded at a guy called 'staples' house the night before we went to the show).  At the show I met a guy called Andy Partridge (Andy/Excess) and gave him a copy of the demo.  A few days later he called me & asked if I wanted to join EXCESS, I said yes and started to code a new intro for them.  Excess died a few weeks later so I reformed CABANA and started swapping with people from mainland Europe.

The next group I joined was the UK one called 'XENTRIX' it was here that I coded most of the "PARANOID" demos.  It was whilst coding these that I was asked to join/form a UK section of TAT by Ayatollah.  This I did along with Virus, Betrayer & TLF.  This lasted for about a year, maybe a little longer until TAT died and we formed the group Awesome along with Hellraiser.

After Awesome died, I joined ENTROPY where I meet Uzzy (Trireme), Gremlin, WEC, WHW design and a few others whom names I've forgotten.  In Entropy I coded several noters and small utilities (mostly for internal use) and also recoded the disk magazine "TRIBUNE".  Entropy died after WHW/Designs, Uzzy and I formed "EDEN".  I also bought myself an Amiga 1200 to play with and with help from Uzzy & WHW made a cross-assembler cable.  After a very quiet few years of doing nothing, Uzzy decided to rebuild ENTROPY & I rejoined along with GREMLIN, WHW and WEC.  We have several project that we have started working on most of which we hope to finish fairly soon.


Hobbies: Playing pool, drinking, clubbing and a little coding.
Demo Group: Crest
Cracker Group: Ikari & Talent (When They Were Still Active) and a little coding.
Disk magazine: Domination,  Propaganda, Relax
Coder: Crossbow/Crest & Graham/Oxyron
Graphician: Deekay/Crest/Onslaught, Zore/ESM
Musician: Deek/Crest, Jeroen Tel, MacMagic     
TV Show: South Park, Babylon 5, The Simpsons
Music: Dance Mix's, House



Mr.A, Shuze, Phred, Fungus, C0untZ3r0, Trireme, Roy, WHW Design, WEC, TMR, Gremlin, Mendrake, Ltrimm, Jackobie/Oxygen, Zyron & all the others.

Final Words:

I talk on IRC.

Anyone going to the X'98 party contact me.