Interview with Walker

Published in Domination #8
Performed by Jazzcat

Welcome back readers to this already mammoth interview section this edition. This time it features no coder, graphician or musician, but a mail trader from the past who still remains with us today. I'm sure many of you know him for his deeds in groups like Oneway, Light, Active, G*P and more recently, F4CG. Proudly presenting a personal friend and a really nice guy!

Hello Jonas and welcome to the magazine. You are quite well known already in the scene, but some may still be unfamiliar with you. So, please introduce yourself to the audienceÖ

Hi David! Well, well. Where shall I start? Male. Born in Sweden on 26th June, 1976. Blond, fair hair and blue eyes. I like being with friends, beers, cider and I got a big passion for women.

How does it feel to have finished with the army and return to normal scene activities? Does the army change people in any sense?
I am in the Air force, not the army. However, as I will continue my military training next year it will be great to have some months being a "civilian". I will either go to Bosnia as an UN/ifor-soldier or I will become an officer in the Swedish Air force. I can't really say that people change after their military training. Some might, especially if you are a ranger. After all, I don't know. I have changed for the bad, but for the good.

I've known you for a few years myself, but Iím quite sure you've been around longer than that. Could you give the readers a history on when you joined the C64 scene, what groups you've been in, and any highlights in your scene career.

In spring 1989 I got my C64. It was the old dustbin with a tape recorder and some tapes. A friend of mine had already a disk drive and I enjoyed more being at his place playing games from disks. In the Summer I bought my own disk drive, and I started to collect everything I got my hands on. That Autumn I started to get mags and demos from another neighbour who bought disks from a guy in the "yellow pages".

We started calling around some Swedish people, asking them to swap with us. At that time we built our first group, PUBLIC ENEMY.

Some of my first contacts were Richard/FLT, Questor/ONEWAY and Waco/LIGHT. All of them elite guys but somehow tired of lamers calling them all the time. I got another contact, Slice/FUTURE DESIGN (became Antic later on), and he told me that there already existed a P.E., so we changed our name to STRATO. I got more and more contacts and suddenly one day in January 1990, Questor/Oneway asked me to join them and so I did.

I was in their group for a while, never got any wares or so and got kicked out two weeks after the Horizon party.

Tried to join several groups, but ended up in the Swedish demo group WARRANT. Had a really good time there with some group meetings and so on. When I was in Oneway, I advertised in Sex'n'Crime after contacts. So in the August 1990, after I had come home from my vacation, I had over 150 sendings laying on my bed. That was the jolly times. After some months in WRT some troubles came up, Oneway accused me for stealing their music player and their packers.

As the WRT guys was close friends with Oneway, they believed them. So without letting the Warrant leader know it, they kicked me out. I called up Hellraiser/PARAGON and suddenly I was in there.

Poison/Warrant, the leader of WRT, came home from vacation and called me up and begged on his knees for me to rejoin them. The time in PARAGON was just great. Lots of cracks and even some demos. When Sham/ZONE 45 joined them we got a mag,
Smooth Criminal! But all good things must come to an end. When Sham joined LIGHT I followed him. Hellraiser got really upset, because he got an offer from CENSOR DESIGN some months earlier, and refused. He referred to group loyalty. The time in LIGHT was somehow different. Being in group which is already highly established is just too easy. Itís just to spread their wares, but after all isn't it too nice to be forgotten in the memberstatus, which Sham and I was in Brutal III demo. In Light I had some quarrels with some members, especially Spirou. So for some months I also was Partyman/Tristar and I also was a member of Deicide, of course not at the same time. Light got more and more inactive and I got an offer from ACTIVE and I joined them. Was in there for a while just spreading their cracks. One day Newscopy and Jucke of Genesis Project called me up and asked me to join, and so I did. The time in G*P was just great, we had lots of good times at our meetings and at parties around Scandinavia.

On January 1st G*P died and most of us joined F4CG, and thatís it, my scene career. I must say that looking at over 150 sendings and joining G*P are the true highlights but getting a modem rules too!

What are your jobs in F4CG? And what have been your past duties? Have you ever coded, painted or done music?
Well, I guess I am the only C64 guy who is still truly in classic mail swapping. I also get originals and do modeming, if you call those duties. I will also get an Internet account in December. To be honest, I have tried everything. But due to no skills everything failed and I got bored of it, mail trading rules!

What is your opinion on the decline in mega swapping lately and have you ever yourself had problems with the post?

Well, people grow up. Get real jobs or study at University so I can understand that people got no time for it. However it was times when people like RCS, ASLIVE, DEATHSTALKER, DENSE, BAZE and NIGHTSHADE was around.

After I had got those 150 sendings, I had no money to send at all. So I cheated all stamps and put fewer stamps on the letters. The post took them all and I had to get the disks at the Police office.

When I joined G*P I was about to do a mega send, cheated all stamps and they never dried enough, the post took them all, but I got them back two days later, the first took four months.

In your absence from the scene, SIXX/F4CG took over your contacts. Rumours say that you didn't like the way he dealt with your mail friends, or that some people disliked SIXX for some unknown reasons. What is the truth in this? Just hype or...?

Then the rumour is wrong! Sixx wanted to start mail swapping and then we saw the perfect time to start was when I was about to join the Air force. He got my contacts and made it his way, the Amiga way. I can also understand that some people might dislike his way. No Letters, no notes, just the latest wares on one disk.

Magazines come and go, but in the last two years the quality has improved. What are your favourite magazines these days and why?

Propaganda, Driven, Domination, Relax and Vandalism! Are there any other?

What do you think is the most enjoyable section of the scene? Mail, Board, or Internet? Should the boards be kept for tradition or should the Internet take over in hope of some old sceners returning?

From my point of view, I must say mail. I have always mail traded and will always do until the day when I put my C64 in the basement. The boards are nice; the problem is how to find ways to call out.

Things to call on come and the phone companies are getting safer and safer. The board scene will decrease while the Internet will get BIG! The net is the future.

Some members of F4CG and ONSLAUGHT have been in disagreement with each other for some months now. The media battles on, involving conflicts between this mag, Propaganda and Vandalism News. What do you have to say on this subject, is it right to keep the battle going? Or do you think it should be settled? Or is there another way?
Silly question, I think its just crap, and I see no point being involved in it.

If you had a choice of any scener, any mag, or any BBS for the ULTIMATE group (todayís scene) who would they be and what would you call the group?

First, I will divide the group into three sections, crack, and demo and mag sections.
Crack Section:
Suppliers: Newscopy and Splatterhead.
Crackers: Ignorance, Jack Alien, Burglar and Ream.
Fixers: Crackers mentioned above and Jolz.
Board: WHQ The Dungeon, EHQ Wares Aquarium.
Sysops: The Alchemist and Sledge.
Demo Section:
Coders: Crossbow, Druid, Mr. Sex, Graham, Goz, Devil, King Fisher.
Gfx'ers: Deekay, Cruise, Carrion, Owen and Draz.
Musicians: Mitch, Dane and Zyron.
Mag Section:
The mag would be a mix between The Pulse, Driven, Propaganda, Domination, Corruption, Mamba and Vandalism.
Editors: Duke, Elwix, Newscopy, Jazzcat, Jack Daniels, Peter, Vengeance and so on...
The group would be called THE KINGS!

Your all-time favourites of the following:

Crack groups: Ikari+Talent, Dominators, Legend, Triad, Fairlight and lots more.

Crackers: Tri-Dos, Strider, Powerplant, Macronit, 3D, Rockstar and more.

Demo groups: Triad, Censor Design, Scoop Design, Ian+Mic, Ash+Dave, 2000AD, Ikari, Nato, Life/Riffs, Crest, Tat and lots more.

Coders: Bob, Swallow, Crossbow, Maduplec, Kingfisher, Daw, Spikes and more.

Graphicians: The Sarge, Dragon, Sensei, Di-Art and Electric.

Musicians: JCH, Drax, Rob Hubbard, Matt+Fred Gray.

Magazines: Sex'n'Crime, Corruption.

Demos: Wonderland series.

BBS: Wares Aquarium and The Dungeon.

Sexual position: Up her ass!

Music group: Kiss, Danzig, Laibach, Type-o-Negative, old hard rock.

Woman: Blonde, big breasts, long legs.

Food: Steak, Pizza, Hamburgers.

Drink: Beer, Cider and Fanta.

What do you think is the best hope for scene rejuvenation? Polish/Czech appearance? Legal fanzine increase? more games?

I have no idea. Maybe a mix of all?!?

What are your goals in real life and in the scene? Tell us what you hope to achieveÖ

Real life, become and officer in the Swedish Air force. Continue doing what I do, getting a FAST Pentium and maybe a Nintendo 64.

I'm sure you have quite a few people you wish to say hello to, feel free to do so.

Sure, hello! to: Newscopy, Motley, Sixx, Riddler, Trasher, Motion, Twoflower, Jayce, Marcus, Aktie, Tranziie, Draz, Devil, Zyron, Jucke, Taper, Surder, Gerwin, Sledge, Enduro, Tomcat, Ice, Sodapop, Tronic, Total Chaos, Sham, Hellraiser, Zator, Dirty C, Ra, Master Jam, Morpheus, Creeper, Violator, Satan, Ray, Baze, R.c.s., Duke, Neotec, Splatterhead, Spectator, Lord Crucifer, Styx, Sdi, Nightshade, CBA, Poison, White Lion, Smiley, Dense, Brego, X-Raffi, Jazzcat, Vengeance and lots, lots more..

Thanks for your time Walker, I hope you enjoy this edition. Any last words to leave a final impression on the audience?

Nope. Bye!