Interview with The Goblin

Published in Domination #15
Performed by Jazzcat

The C64 cracking scene was a legendary one, especially in its golden years. What is your opinion on the cracking scene and do you think other platforms have copied the C64 scene?

I think the C64 scene is the root scene together with Apple 2 scene, but I don't think Apple 2 survived and developed like the C64. I think the Amiga scene came out directly from the C64 scene. For PC I don't know for what I saw, rip games would be the more similar to our cracks I won't speak about consoles, those iso releasers think they invented the word "first release"...

There have been all styles of cracking groups in the scene, what ones stand out in your mind as the best and why?

I would say:

IKARI (+Talent): cos of the incredible of releases and they were already Ikari when I was nothing. All is said.

LEGEND: as they were my competitors (you owe me some nights of sleep!)

TRANSCOM : for being THE other French’s!

But also Fairlight!, Crazy, Dominators, and the Beastie Boys come right to mind when I think of this time!

What was the hardest game you ever cracked?

In my opinion there are only 2 protections that deserve to be called like that on the 64:

The Timex protection from Mr Cursor! (Yo Ivo) is the best ever made I think I helped with cracking no mercy and it was a pain in the ass!

Also the VMAX protection that was on American games was nice!
I traced and extracted files from Defender of the Crown to see if I could do it but would have been funny to try and level pack it, hehe...

What is the story behind the game Rubicon? Guess Fairlight were quite pissed at the time ?

I don't remember exactly, you should ask Antichrist for that. Maybe it was something like uncrackable stuff like they said the game No Mercy was...

What crackers do you respect and for what reasons?

I respect all the 64 crackers, but the ones that would come first for me:

Mr Zeropage for being a legend.
Antitrack and Snacky for being my true masters and also my nice competition with Powerplant, Rockstar, Sauron...

What is your opinion on the USA import scene, who ruled and what boards were the best in that time?

Exodus and NEC+NEI were ruling both importing/fixing and cracking. Stormbringer/Exodus, Random and Horizon/NEC+NEI were the best in this job while Grimreaper/NEI was a cool importer. WildWarez was THE board, also The Disk Shoppe and Desintegration were cool!