Interview with Scope

Published in Domination #3
Performed by Jazzcat

Welcome back to the second interview segment of Domination. Take a look at the Domination cover art in the intro. In this issue I decided to use a scener's artwork and also interview him as well! I gladly welcome to the pages of Domination, the one and only... Scope of Genesis*Project

Hello and welcome to Domination, firstly could you please give us some information on yourself?

My name is Mathias Vinsa, I am 19 years of age. I have blue eyes, blond half-long hair.

When did you first enter the wonderful C64 scene? Can you give us some details on your scene history?

I entered the scene around 1989-90. When I bought my first C64. I then formed a group called 'Plus' with two other guys (Trace + Dragon/Censor). That was the beginning... I've been an active member of various groups like Warrant, Triad, Choice, Triumph, Pandora, Vision, Omega and others not worth mentioning :) and now I've been a member of Genesis*Project for something like 2 years.

What has Genesis Project got planned in the future? Will you be releasing a graphics collection soon maybe?

Well, G*P will be releasing cracks and Propaganda like usual.. About my gfx collection, I have wanted to release one for a long time, but I haven't found anyone willing to code it (anyone out there who'd like to? :)

As a silent stalking graphician of great skill, have you ever done or do any other jobs like coding or swapping?

Well, when I entered the scene I did like most beginners did. I started to mail trade and I continued doing so for quite a while. Then I started to paint and that's what I'm doing now! (Thanks for the nice words about my graphics David!)

No problem, anything for a cover page, hehe:)

Okay, continuing, what's your view on the modem scene or sometimes known as the "elite scene", is it more fun than the mail scene?

I think that both of the scenes are great, but in different ways. The fun thing about the modem scene is that you meet real nice guys who will also be good personal friends. But like I said, they're both great!

Yes, from my experiences with both I have to agree! But what can we do to improve today's scene? Is there any solution apart from public impalements of Bigfoot and Hunter?

I think people should start giving beginners a chance to enter the scene. I mean we were all beginners at one time. Then it would be for the scene (get to know more people!) and this lovely C64 machine that we all love so much...

What are your thoughts about...
Calling cards = hmm, nope..
C64 = the ultimate computer in all ways!
Bruce lee = hmm, no comment.
Marijuana = tried it, but I like beer better!!
Domination = very nice outfit and nice stuff..!
Graphician = I like most graphicians.
Music = I listen to at least four hours of music every day!..
Arnold Schwarzenegger = nice movies.
Interviews = I like them a lot because its fun to read them.

Great! What are your favourites of:
Demo group = Censor Design.
Demo = Wonderland 9.
Coders = Mr. Sex/Byterapers, Bob/Censor.
Painters = Creeper/Antic, Dragon/Censor.
Musicians = Danko/Censor, EVS/20CC.
Crack group = Genesis*Project (!)
Cracker = The Ministry/G*P.
Game = I don't play games.
Scener = hmm, there's too many to write here.
Girl = Paulina Porizkova.
Food = McDonalds, Chinese.
Drink = coke, beer and milk.
Movie = Basic Instinct.
Music group = NIN, Bad Religion, Nofx and lots more.
Sexual position = the normal one.
Paint tool = Funpaint.
Scene year = 1990-91
Scene parties = Horizon parties (Huddinge and Varby)

Are there any tips for the learning graphicians out there? What tools to use? etc..

Well I prefer to use Funpaint and Amica Paint, which I think are the best. if you are a new graphician and not too good, just do your best since you won't get anywhere if you never try!! (I was horrible in the beginning I must say).

Yeah, I used to do some painting myself and only managed some standard logos. What's your future plans on this compy and also in real life?

Well I intend to stick with my C64 until it dies (it never will in my eyes) and I probably will find myself a nice girl to get children with in the future (and to keep my job that I currently have!).

That just about rounds it up! Any special greet to anyone? feel free...

ok, hi to these fellows: Motley, Newscopy, Jayce, Marcus, Jucke, Walker, Shark, Dragon, Whitelion, Poison and some more...

Thanks for your time, any last words for the readers?!

Never leave the 64 scene!!!!!!!

More of Scope's art can be seen every two months with the release of "Propaganda". An under-rated graphician that deserves higher in the charts! Vote!