Interview with Radar

Published in Domination #15
Performed by Jazzcat

Hi! Please introduce yourself to the readers...

Hmm, actually I don't believe that I have to introduce myself. Whenever I log into something where the scene keeps part of it, the people still remember my name. Some of them even tell me that I'm one of their idols from the old days. Well, I personally don't believe that neither anybody from the old days nor that anybody from the present can be any idol at all for anybody out there. But still itís funny to see people reacting in this way. It sometimes gives old 'n' forgotten memories back...

But actually, my medicine studying is over. I'm working at a hospital, being big daddy doctor nowadays. While studying I opened my own company, shared with a partner, which is doing great. Just built my 2nd house in town which means - once again I'm moving... Life simply does great!

Please give a brief history on your C64 career and what groups you have been in and the general highlights, good and bad...

Well, I started way back in about 1983 when I got my old C64. After 1986, when I started to join serious business, I joined some groups. Can't even remember all their names any more... I guess the most known groups are Detail, Shape, Byterapers, Contex, TWG, Dynamix, Success (the old & 1st one), Victims, Arcade, with short visits in Illusion, Dominators, Genesis, Avantgarde...

Also I joined Dominators PC, but after the group stopped activity and most of them joined Class, I totally stopped also.

In 64-times I was coding intros and some short parts for a demo when needed, cracking games, being into serious phreaking, doing the co-sysop on several boards in the states and some other stuff like importing, supplying, etc... I can't even remember.

Well, when I still was active I always was at the top of the hill, but I don't really call this a highlight... Computing is a hobby... that's just it!

There have been quite a few arguments within the scene about the scene being too friendly these days. Do you think that wars and ragging in general help the scene? Does it stimulate productive action?

Listen, every person having a hobby wants to get entertained due to it. He wants to relax from real life (well, sometimes I remember some geeks on  C64 having none at all!). There are still reasons in each computer scene for arguments between different people and groups. So why shouldn't they simply rag the hell out of each other when it's fun and of course itís for the point of pride?

I remember the wars I had going on several 64-boards a long time ago, beating the shit out of people who rode my nerves when posting dumb crap... So I also remember that people mostly called to see how some poor creep from nowhere land got kicked by my words only. And at this point the case if fulfilled: People call to see how other people struggle for mercy and their life. So it keeps the action and fun.

Another question would be - isn't it boring to live in a world of harmony, where everybody agrees to everybody? Damn yeah, so itís the same for the scenes... And actually, to see people 'argue' about harmony or being to friendly shows, that there still is the tendency of warring each other?

Any personal scene wars or arguments that stand out most in your mind?

Nah, not really. Simply because I had so much of 'em that I can't remember. Haha.

What is your opinion about the position of the boards within the scene, how would you describe them and their unique atmosphere?

Some years back, a BBS was needed for the groups to introduce their team and the work they spent into their hobby.
Nowadays, the Internet takes over and there are no boards needed. I personally like the old BBS-stuff more than any Internet-Site (even though there are some real good ones like Spankerz Heaven - good work Burglar!).
But time has changed and so did the scene... it's always a rush to phreak nowadays (well, for me it is now...), so why running for cards, dial-ups, hosts or whatever when the Internet is so close?

Do you keep in contact with any old scene friends these days and what are they up to?

Yeah sure, talking to Drake from time to time. Same for Solar. Also emailing people like Pol Pot and some more...

Radar's all-time C64 favourites:

Cracking Group: Elite, 711
Cracker: Powerplant, Antitrack, Rockstar, Syndicate and a few more...
Fixing Group: INC, NEI
BBS: Holiday in Cambodia
Musician: Falco Paul & EVS from 20CC
Painter: Hein Design
Programmer: hmm... hmm... dunno...
Magazine: COOCOC

If you have any greetings, let them grace these pages...

Letís touch some names, where a few of them should go and fucking get in touch via email:

Drake, Solar, Rockstar, Dogfriend, Bod, Tyree, Gene, Jihad, Pol Pot, Deff, Darklord, Master Kracker, Derby Ram, Freestyle, HOK, Spitfire, Marc, Magic, Newscopy, Prodigy, ION, AND super-especially Parson & Westbam...

Take it easy!
Sorry if I forgot some names in here... but times ticking away now...

(X) Radar