Mini-interview with Psychobilly

Published in Domination #15
Performed by Jazzcat

Hi PB,
It has been over 5 years since I last chatted with you. Putting that aside, letís get down to the business...Who were your favourite Euro crackers who you liked the most?

Many, from RSI (Benson, Mr. President, Count Zero were the best we had - Irata, Breaker & the other UK-guy were the best original suppliers we had. We kicked Legends, Talents, ILS and all the other guysí asses, when they actually did something!!), ILS (Richie), Bod the perv & Talent-crew, especially Majesty was a real cool dude, same with Communist, who is a cop (!)  nowadays! Action (Gadget, HOK, Jihad... cool guys) and many more I cannot remember... Quite a lot of cool guys were around. In the US: MO, MK, Empire, NW, Unholy & the rest of the gang.

Who were the best during your time in the scene?

That changed during the time...

In my early years, were a lot of elite groups... Action, Illusion, Legend, Talent, F4CG and so on..

Later only AFL, Avantgarde (for a short period).

Most of the time the important competitor was Legend on full price games.

Much to say about any wars you were in?

Far too many I could recall. Most hated was Narc/Westbam of Legend. Tyree was an idiot too, but he was far too dumb to be recognized and went to jail for drug smuggling... haha!

Ok, thatís it... for more I would have to check my old stuff...