Live interview with Phase1

Published in Domination #17
Performed by Jazzcat

It simply amazes me that new people are still venturing into our ancient scene, lending their presence so the scene's presence doesn't diminish. One of the new members to our scene is a graphician, who is a producer under the flags of Dekadence and Creators. Here is a live interview I instigated on IRC.

<Jazzcat> Welcome to the Domination magazine. Please introduce yourself to the audience.

<phase1> Yeah, hi! I'm Phase1, 20 years old and from Poland.

<Jazzcat> When did you first get a C64 or into working with c64 computers? What made you interested in it to start with?

<phase1> Well... I had first touch to c64 in late 80's when my friend owned one. Then years passed and I found the Amiga demo scene in the early 90's... but still it took years when I found the C64 scene again; it was as late as Spring, 2002 at Lobotomia 2002 when BriteLite of Dekadence asked me to start doing C64 gfx.. So there I was, and I fell in love with it immediately. So I'm quite a newcomer still. ?

<Jazzcat> Did you find painting graphics on c64 difficult to begin with? Due to its limitations?

<phase1> At first yeah, when I was totally on my own. Though it was a challenge and I decided to succeed. Then I heard that there is an awesome C64 gfxian, Mermaid/Creators/Scoopex and I contacted her and she helped me to begin with. Then I just found it amusing to 'break' the limitations, so to speak... to be able to make fine gfx even when the limitations are quite strict and the amount of colours is low.

<Jazzcat> Do you paint all types of gfx? (like logos, full screen pictures, sprites and charsets) or are you just doing only one or two things?

<phase1> Yeah, all types, though I try to stick with the 'basic' stuff, so I don't do FLI etc. But I've learned to male mcol bitmaps, charsets, fonts, single col hires etc... so I keep doing lots of different stuff.

<Jazzcat> What groups are you in and what will you do for them in the future?

<phase1> My main groups on the C64 scene are now Dekadence and Creators, and we're doing a few demos and intros at the moment with both groups. And I'll do just about anything I can, I'm eager to learn more and support the scene. I'm also trying to learn soon 6510-assembler so I don't have to always depend on coders. ?

<Jazzcat> :D I guess you are really encouraged by the works of Dane/Crest, HCL/Booze, Kjell Nordbø/Shape/Blues Muz; each of these people did everything like music, gfx and code?

<phase1> Absolutely, though since I hang around a lot with Mermaid, I must admit that her example has been encouraging me the most, when I see so close how hard she pushes stuff and sometimes all by herself, gfx, msx, code... that's so admirable.  ?

<Jazzcat> Yes, she really is an excellent graphician. I have worked with her on some things. She is very quick at finishing the artwork. Have you heard about the Creators 5 year’s demo?

<phase1> Not yet, sorry.

The favourites of Phase1:

Demos: Well so far I've only seen few, I haven't had time to watch so much yet so I'd rather not answer until I've seen more. Through My Kondom/Dekadence, Haujobb was imho great at Assembly 2002

Graphicians Mermaid, Jailbird, Tempest Cyclone (so far).

Musicians Hmm... haven't heard so many scene music’s yet: D  but.. well of course Rob Hubbard, Richard Nygaard, Britelite, Mermaid, SounDemon (as you can see I've been so far in 'close' surroundings I know mostly stuff Dekadence and Creators do and what stuff Mermaid has told me to check.

<Jazzcat> What was your first work released in the scene? I know that Vandalism News #39 contained your graphics, any others?

<phase1> My first released work was Assembly 2002 oldskool gfx cooperation with Mermaid. With a picture called The Last Battle.

<Jazzcat> ah cool. I remember it came first place!

<phase1> surprisingly yeah..

<Jazzcat> What is your impression of the c64 scene so far, compared to the other scenes you know of?

<phase1> Well... I find people happy to have 'new blood' in their lines and to find ppl who still want to support the c64 scene. And definitely I find this more interesting than the PC scene, I'm fed with all these 'numedia artycrap' demos.

<Jazzcat> Yes. We must celebrate that the C64 has been around for 20 years now ~ That is a long time for a computer in this day and year.

<phase1> Sure is... but I hope the C64 still keeps growing... and after our success with Mermaid at ASM2k2, I heard that my friends wanted to start learning to make c64 gfx immediately. Which was pretty cool ? But hey, kids can do more with Commodore. So why would it die.

<Jazzcat> Yup :D Were you involved in the Amiga scene at all?

<phase1> Well not so much. I just watched demos and was fascinated by them. Then I started to do some crappy graphics in Deluxe Paint but they were just for fun, not scene related, though inspired by scene.

<Jazzcat> Now that you’re in a scene group and you’re 'inside' the scene itself, does it inspire you more?

<phase1> Definitely, and even more when I'm with so talented people. I also joined Scoopex a while ago, so now I can also fulfil my dreams from my youth on Amiga.  I'm some 10 years late but I don't mind better late than never :D

<Jazzcat> What type of music and movies do you enjoy?

<phase1> Well I listen to all kinds of music depending on my mood. Now I've been listening to Nectarine quite often, but like I said, it depends on my mood. Sometimes I can play sids for a week straight, sometimes I listen to commercial music etc... and movies... well.. I don't have anything special on my mind now, I try to watch also other mainstream movies too, i.e., Japanese art-movies etc..

<Jazzcat> What do you do in real life? School? Job?

<phase1> I'm working. Though I should finish my second senior soon.

<Jazzcat> Have you been to many scene parties?

<phase1> Few.

<Jazzcat> a "few" more than me then.

<phase1> (Huh?) Haven't been to any?

<Jazzcat> Because I am in Australia I cannot get to Europe as easy as if I was already there :D

<phase1> ah ? True. Don't you have any parties there? Australia is still quite a big country, I'd suppose you have some kind of scene there too.

<Jazzcat> Yes. We used to have a big scene in the late 80s and early 90s. So big that our disk mags never had world charts, just Australian charts. Then we gradually killed all our Australian groups by joining the world scene, which is what we should have done to begin with.

<phase1> :D

<Jazzcat> The C64 scene is amazing that it has people from so many countries, even Sri Lanka! Africa, Russia.

<phase1> Yeah! We're one big Family :D

<Jazzcat> Also to mention East/West Europe, New Zealand, Australia, Canada and USA.

<phase1> or you are, I'm just an intruder :D

<Jazzcat> Intruding on the pages of this magazine only :P

<phase1> It would be awesome if someone could arrange one HUGE party somewhere in middle of Europe and would give 1 years time for everyone to gather money to go there ? And then we would stay there for like one week or so, just c64 sceners.

<Jazzcat> One year also to work on competition entries for the party. There would be quite a lot of us, there are over 4000 C64 users on the C64 Scene DataBase website for example.

<phase1> I think everybody could get travel money in a year :D

<Jazzcat> What's your opinion on the internet - overall and when it comes to the scene?

<phase1> Well... overall there is lots of very useful stuff, but as in everything there is also crap, child abusers, etc.. i.e., in Finland there have been a few rapings because of internet chats. But I use the internet every day, many hours for searching for information etc. So as a concept it rules, people can share stuff easily all over the world and here we come to demo scene. Swapping is a quite slow method to share stuff, I mean snail mail swappers though respect to them still. But e.g. when making demos/intros/gfx etc... we made that ASM2k2 compo pic with Mermaid when I was at the party place. It wouldn't be possible without internet/IRC. So my overall opinion of the internet is good, but like all things, when used wrongly it makes damage.

<Jazzcat> Yes, I agree. Do you have your own website or ever thought of making one?

<phase1> Not at the moment. I took my old portfolio offline because it's so outdated. But I'm making a new one when I have more time :D and more stuff to put there.

<Jazzcat> Just before we finish this interview is there any greetings you would like to send out to anyone?

<phase1> Well nothing special, I think you all do great stuff and your effort is priceless. But of course thanks to all who have supported and encouraged me to come along into this fine community :D Keep up the good work and I hope to meet you at some party etc.

<Jazzcat> Any last words for the audience?

<phase1> It's been a pleasure to be in this interview, Jazzcat is a nice fella :D

<Jazzcat> Heh, thanks for your time.