Live interview with Mermaid

Published in Domination #12
Performed by Jazzcat

Day: Sunday
Date: March 13th, 1999
Place: IRC, channel #c-64

<Jazzcat> May I interview you for the Domination magazine?
<Jazzcat> In email?
<Mermaid> Sure
<Mermaid> You don't want to do it "live" ?
<Jazzcat> Well.. why not!?!!
<Mermaid> uh... it's not scary is it?
<Jazzcat> Ok, welcome to the Domination magazine. I must say that I have not heard much about you before.But I hope you can fill the readers and myself with some information on who you are in real life and in the scene.
<Mermaid> Okay... hmm...
<Mermaid> Oh.. this is scary.
<Mermaid> Well, I've been doing graphics for quite some time.
<Jazzcat> A few years even?
<Mermaid> Yeah, quite a lot actually
<Jazzcat> Ok, could you tell the readers when you first found the scene, what groups you have been in and where you are now..
<Mermaid> Hmmm...I was in some groups I'm sure none of your readers have heard of...
<Jazzcat> Please make us aware of them ?
<Mermaid> BCG...
<Mermaid> If you looked up the word "lame" in the dictionary there'd be a picture of us
* Jazzcat smiles
<Jazzcat> And when did you first enter the scene, how long have you been around?
<Mermaid> Oh, early 90's? Though I didn't do anything worth mentioning.
<Mermaid> BCG changed names a few times but the members remained the same, basically.
<Jazzcat> Was Sonic Dreams the first "real" scene group you joined?
<Mermaid> No, no...
<Mermaid> I joined Creators before that
<Mermaid> (Now I hear a lot of your readers going 'who?' already...)
<Jazzcat> I know Creators.
<Jazzcat> I remember one member called Slimer.
<Mermaid> ...Glad to hear that...
<Mermaid> He founded the group back in 1989
<Mermaid> Oh, at first just graphics.
<Mermaid> Then when our musician (TDS) left, I started playing around with music editors.
<Mermaid> The only one I had at the ūtime was a version of DMC with Polish docs
<Jazzcat> When did you leave Creators and what happened then?
<Mermaid> Actually, I never left Creators.
<Mermaid> I was asked to join Sonic Dreams in Autumn 1998.
<Mermaid> Since Creators have turned more to a game production group I figured it was ok to join another demo group.
<Jazzcat> What was your reaction when you joined the legendary demo group Crest, and are you still a member of Sonic Dreams also?
<Mermaid> Well I couldn't understand what Crest would want me for!
<Mermaid> Especially after seeing Krestology. (I still find it a bit hard to believe to tell you the truth)
<Mermaid> I didn't want to leave
Creators and as I don't think I can cope with being in 3 groups in the same scene I felt I had to leave Sonic Dreams.
<Mermaid> I felt really bad about doing it though.
<Mermaid> I can really understand how people end up being members of 3-4-5 groups - you get to know people and you don't want to stop working with them...
<Jazzcat> What will be the next production by Crest featuring your work?
<Mermaid> There's a music collection which will have a picture in it by me.
<Jazzcat> Music by Mitch&Dane, Drax, Syndrom, Xayne or yourself even?
<Mermaid> Music by me? LOL - that'd be the day
<Mermaid> I think I'd better leave that to the pros.
<Mermaid> No, the music is by Xayne.
<Jazzcat> Yes, there is quite good musicians in Crest. Some things about you now, which country do you reside in and what would be some of your daily activities?
<Mermaid> I live in Norway.
<Mermaid> I'm a college student in Volda College, Volda, Norway.
<Mermaid> I'm currently studying animation, a 2 year course involving both cartoon animation, puppet animation, computer animation and more.
<Mermaid> There's also a lot of theory and history. And of course we watch a lot of animated films
<Jazzcat> Manga sex perhaps? <grin>
<Mermaid> No...

<Jazzcat> Mermaid is an interesting nick name. Why choose this handle? Does it hold a special meaning?
<Mermaid> Mermaids are fascinating I've always liked them.
<Mermaid> Ever since I was little - though I've never been a good swimmer.
<Jazzcat> What is your personal definition of lame and elite? Any examples?
<Mermaid> Yuck, I hate those terms.
<Mermaid> Possibly because most of my life I've fitted perfectly into most people's definition of "lame"
<Mermaid> Elite, to be quite frank, reminds me of fascist ideologies...
<Jazzcat> What annoys you about the scene the most? and how can we change it?
<Mermaid> Hmmm.. what annoys me?
<Mermaid> Well it would be nice if we could get rid of double-memberships
<Mermaid>...though I'm in no position to judge people over this...
<Jazzcat> But each is entitled to their own opinion, I share yours.
<Mermaid> People are more friendly now than before, I think. Which is good.

<Jazzcat> What sceners do you respect and why?
<Mermaid> I respect a lot of people, most of whom I've met on IRC #c-64 these last few months.
<Mermaid> ...if I have to point out someone special though...
<Mermaid> ...I'd have to say Electric of Extend
<Mermaid> For being a great artist, but still humble and very friendly and honest. Not afraid to speak his mind.
<Jazzcat> Have you ever read the Domination magazine before? If so, what is your opinion on this publication?
<Mermaid> Yes, I have, but that was ages ago, as I've sadly been tied up in other activities for some time now, like school and freelance work.
<Mermaid> I remember it as being one of the better mags at the time.

<Jazzcat> What do you think is important for demos on a C64... their design? their technical ability? How should a demo be to get the best results?
<Mermaid> There has to be a mixture of it all.
<Mermaid> A demo with great graphics and design and no code gets boring in the long run. It is no more than a slideshow.
<Mermaid> On the other hand, even the best effects need to be wrapped nicely to make them pleasing to the eye.
<Mermaid> And you must never under-estimate the importance of good music! A good demo manages to blend these three, music, code and gfx, to a whole.
<Mermaid> No part should look out of place. Oh, and finally, the less Boris Vallejo pictures it has in it, the better.

MERMAID's all-time favourites:

Music group..................The Cure
Game.............................Wizard of Wor
Programmer..................Omega Supreme
Demo............................oh heck, I will say "Radio Napalm" by Reflex. Smashing music!!!

<Jazzcat> Have you ever been involved in commercial productions such as utilities or games? Please describe some of them to the readers...
<Mermaid> I haven't been involved in anything that has been released, no.
But I'm involved in some game projects on the C64. The first of which will hopefully be released soon.
<Mermaid> I don't know if I should describe them yet

<Jazzcat> What do you think of the net?>?
<Mermaid> Well for those lucky enough to have net access it is a blessing I suppose. Mail swapping is expensive and time consuming...
<Mermaid> ...if, like me, you can use the net from your school or college, it's great as it's 100% free
<Mermaid> Though IRC sceners are given a great opportunity for real time discussions.
<Mermaid> It's helped me personally get in touch with the rest of the C= community ?
<Mermaid> Compared to, say, the #amiga room, the #C-64 is full of saints waiting to help. At least it feels that way sometimes.
<Mermaid> Also the net gives us a great opportunity to communicate with non-sceners who still use C= computers.

<Jazzcat> What words would you say to any learning or new graphicians in the scene?
<Mermaid> Hmmm... Innovate, don't imitate?
<Mermaid> There are enough copies of Boris Vallejo pictures out there already.

<Jazzcat> Please feel free to send any greetings to anyone you know...
<Mermaid> If I were to list people I'd be bound to forget someone and I don't want to do that, so I'll send my regards to everyone still involved in C= computers today instead
<Jazzcat> Well said.
<Mermaid> (thanks)

<Jazzcat> Thank you for your time Mermaid, I wish you the best of luck with Crest and I hope you enjoy this new edition of Domination. Is there any last words you would like to say?
<Mermaid> Okay, I'll make the words of "Scooter" my own: It is nice to be important, but it's more important to be nice!