Interview with Massive Onslaught

Published in Domination #6
Performed by Jazzcat

Welcome to the second ever American interview to appear in Domination. An experienced scener who has enjoyed a long C64 career of NTSC fixing and former h/p abilities. I proudly present, MO/Style.

Hi and welcome to the interview section, firstly as a usual introduction I ask of you to describe yourself and a basic outline on what you do on the Commodore 64.

My name is Tony.  I am 23 years of age, and have been in the 64 scene actively since late '86 or early '87. My pleasures on the 64 include, but are not limited to, fixing and utility coding.

Over the years NTSC fixing on the c64 as obviously changed, compared to say 1990, what changes have you experienced as a fixer compared to today. Is it harder/time consuming or easier??
Initially, the quality level was not what it is today. Originally, it was acceptable to remove music, or to visible shorten raster areas to make a game playable. Thankfully, the scene is not like this today (in most cases)

Noticeably is the depletion of talents in the American scene capable of fixing, in respect to who is now fixing in the scene both in Europe and America, who would you say (excluding yourself 8)) is in the top range of quality fixers, and why?

I am really not in a position to answer this, due to my extended disappearance from the scene.  I don't know who is fixing in the scene right now.

From the past, who are the top four American NTSC fixers that you admire, and give some examples of say each one's peak releases/accomplishments...

1) Horizon/NEC - Dragon Strike +3/RND Iffl packed
2) Master Kracker/INC - his one sided Gunship
3) Stormbringer/XDS - Too many to remember
4) Pudwerx/RND/ATC

Your scene history is substantially long, and you must have experienced several different eras in the scene and shifting in the mainstream. Please try give the readers some details of your scene career, from the very beginning to the end. Also try to name some major highlights or personal accomplishments...

Well, my scene history is quite lengthy.  I originally entered the 64 scene as a wares 'runner' for Mirage back in '88. Strange. The two or three year in MIR is all a blur due to the fact that while in MIR, I had no specific job.  When MIR broke up, I was approached by Narc/Legend (now Westbam) and X-Factor/Excalibur. I was then asked if I would like to join EXC as a fixer since Dan was suffering from severe lack of desire to work on the 64.  I accepted, then began my tenure in the 'mainstream' 64 scene. I assumed 95% of the duties in EXC. (Importing, fixing spreading.) I soon suffered from a major case of burn out, then dropped being a one man group. Though I was burnt out, this was a high point for me in the 64 scene. Then began my second high phase for me on the 64. I joined Armageddon. This was the best phase of my existence. In this group, I really pumped out the releases. This was the height of the competitive era in the 64 modern scene. I remember several releases where it came down to a matter of minutes as to who got the release points! Those were the best of times. Man, what a rush.

It is now the time to storm your brain! Please give your first answers to the following;

Raggings: Lame 99% fix releases
Internet: No more need for codes. yah!
Virtual Fighter II: Hmmm...
Scene: Eternal
Drugs: Pleasure :)
Violence: Stupid..
The female form: Schwinng!
Thor: Do I answer this honestly? :)
Lame: See the previous word.. :)
Elite: Only an ideal...
Bruce Lee: Injustice…
Interviews (!):  More scene elders

What would you say would be your greatest personal challenge in the scene that you have overcome and defeated?

Look at Smash from F4CG and MO...  That's a triumph!

Have you ever had problems with the likes of any board callers like Master Kracker, Thor, Goldfish or Westbam (Narc/Legend)?? What’s the story?
Who has never had trouble with Westbam or Thor? Who was it that said, "Stupid is as stupid does." As for MK and Goldfish, never had trouble with these two. Actually, I still speak with MK on occasion.

Now your personal favourites of the following;

Computer game: Street Rod
Scene friend: Psychobilly/ex-RSI
Crack Group: NEC
Cracker: Horizon
Demo Group: Oxyron
NTSC Fixer: Horizon
Board: 2nd to None
Scene year: 93
Food: Steak & Shrimp
Dream Girl: Liz Phair
Drink: Cherry Slurpy
Hobby: Reading, 64
TV show/film: St. Elmo's Fire
Disk Magazine: Mamba ruled
Computer: Amiga
Arcade game: MK III

What hints & tips would you give to an upcoming or learning fixer? Any little fixing secrets you want to share?

Don't over complicate things. If something looks easy, it very well could be. Also, remember background time and the CLI.

If you had the choice to create the ultimate group in the scene year of your choice, who would be in the group and for what reason, and also which year you would choose?


The scene now is at an average point with slumps and rises occasionally occurring. Compared to the yesteryears, one would say going down hill. What would be the best way to improve this scene to a degree of more action or the old scene style?

Have people brag be showing their abilities, not by using their mouth. Push the scene to new limits!

You have obviously accumulated quite a number of acquaintances through the internet and the computer scenes over the years, please feel free to send any greetings to those throughout the world...

Damn, this will be hard...
All my old MIR members: Sonny, Larry, Willy, Matt, Weasel. Best of wishes to you guys, for my 64 birth was with guys. Stefan... If you read this, I wish you the best. You were a TRUE friend. Count 0... We shared some good ideas.... Best of luck to you... Solar/F4CG... Cheers Tron/FLT... Keep coding the xmem utils... X-Factor/ECL... Rock on, dude... Kevin/TSM... What ever happened to you, guy? Style members... You guys are best...

Any last comments?

Only other thing I would like to say..  It seems that a lot people that are in the scene tend to forget that the scene is not reality. They carry the wars out of the scene. Remember: THE SCENE IS NOT REALITY!

Okay, thanks for your time...
Tony can be spotted on Internet #C-64 channel and is still actively fixing under his group Style.