A collection of nostalgic articles, preserved to guide and entertain!

My Computer Chronicles by JCH

Follow the digital experience of JCH through the 80s to the 90s. JCH provides details about the computers he used, how he joined the demo scene and how he created his music players and editors.

Half Man Half Music by Jazzcat

An article on music pioneer and hero to many, Ben Daglish, who tragically died aged 52.

Ben had composed the music for a large of games, including Cobra, Trap, The Last Ninja, Death Wish 3 and Deflektor, on all three major 8-bit computers: the Commodore 64, ZX Spectrum and Amstrad CPC.

Shit Hot Originals by Jazzcat

Suppliers are like trucks on our roads. They can be fucking annoying as hell, but without them, scene town would be a different place. Orries, firsties, shit hot originals. Some lingo used to describe a game that is uninfected by the dirty fingers of some cracker. Crackers sometimes pick the game up directly themselves or in other cases, employ the specialist skills of the "original supplier".

This article provides an overview on the role of the original supplier as well as some of their entertaining exploits throughout the past few decades.

The Golden Years - 1989 by Jazzcat

What is the golden age? The best times of the C64 scene. But when? People have different views and there is perfect solution, but I tend to put the age between 1987 and 1990.

Memoirs of ESI by By-Tor

A typical day for Eagle Soft members ran something like this...

The Brief History of SID by SIDwave

The first composers, the first editors, ground-breaking routines. Journey through the ages of the wonderful SID chip of C64.