There is a need for newbie info.

Scene-newbies appear to be lost about the past, confused, or even being totally ignorant about it. As in, how things worked back then, how it all came to be, the 'unwritten rules' etc.

Recollection highlights the past glory, not to forget about praising it. So, in a sense, it is quite self-centered, yet possibly illuminating for newbies.

It is worth getting those stories out - also, it would be an interesting read to get behind the scenes of incidents, fights, groups etc. During the years when most of the controversy, politics, debates, groups were bubbling behind a surface. It would be an interesting angle to take the reader behind the mask, behind the surface of the supergroups and how it really worked. I think many people have these weird perceptions of how things went on and the groups were organised. Where did they really get their originals? Who had to skip school to crack a first release? What were their plans - and how well-planned were they? How did they meet and get together in the first place? What triggered all the fighting? What split groups up? Who made money and who didn't? What was the lamest thing the coolest persons ever did? There is room for so many unmasking, entertaining stories that can now be told that the old era is over.

Can you help? We strive to inform, entertain and preserve.

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