Telnet BBS

The glory days of the first release cracking scene. In the eighties and nineties the underground H/P and BBS scenes collided and gave the scene some unique memories. Calling boards every day. Experiencing chat, ragging, leeching and uploading. Hands up, who remembers these US boards: The Forum, Second To None, Mystic Cavern, Terminal Obsession or South Of Heaven? Or in Europe, boards like Wares Aquarium, Sanitarium, The Studio, Dominic or Escapade?

The journey down memory lane is possible on your PC. Yes, you can connect to some C64 BBS in C*Base or UC*BBS (depending on the board). Telnet via a PC terminal program without the hassles of law agencies for illegal international phone calls.

To find out how to do this, along with the BBS commands for those who don't know or have forgotten, download this small tutorial with screenshots. Hope to see you online with the rest of the crowd!


C*Base Tutorial
CGTerm 1.7b2 x86 Windows 10 fixed
For those who called Escapade