The pirates of the seven seas morale is at an all-time high. Internally, the friendship, fun and team work has been just great and the scene spirit is shining brightly. This is what it is all about!

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Adam, Almighty God, Arcane, Bieno64, Comos, CONS, Deev, Elder0010, enthusi, Fix, Freshness, grip, Jazzcat, Karmic, Krion, Macx, N3XU5, onebitman, psycho8580, Pugsy, Ray Manta, Trouble, ZZAP69.

The Deadzone BBS: (Onslaught & Vandalism News telnetBBS)

Reflections BBS: (Onslaught, Laxity, Demonix & Longshot telnetBBS)

Antidote BBS: (Triad & Onslaught telnetBBS)

We recommend using CGTerm on other platforms, or GuruTerm on the real machine.

Recollection Online
The unwritten stories exposed

Hawkeye 2
Diary of our development of the sequel to the classic game!

Domination Online:
Online C64 versions of all issues!

The Ultimate C64 Magazine Archive:
The biggest archive of its kind!

Jonatan 'Macx' Forsberg:
Philosopher and Doctor

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