Title Size Comments
248 Full Petscii At Least 47kb 256b Intro
4K Intro 5kb 1st place at Forever 2
A Load of Tap 47kb IRQ loading TAPE demo
Agony 4 40kb Witty's graphics demo
Agony 5 54kb Witty's graphics demo
Better 319kb First place local at Flashback 2012. Code: Algorithm, Conjuror. Music: SoNiC. Gfx: CONS.
By the way 23kb Released at X-2004
Creepshow 2 124kb Released at X-2004
Digi Demo 33kb Released at JazzMacx Tas Takeover 2007. Code by Jolz, sample by Vengeance, graphic by TMM.
Dope 24kb 1st place at North Party 5
In The Mood 19kb Released at JazzMacx Tas Takeover 2007. Code and graphic by B.A., music by Conrad.
Final Ram 12kb Released at JazzMacx Tas Takeover 2007. Code by Honesty, music by Heinmück, graphic by Yazoo.
FLT loves G*P 12kb Demo by Conjuror, Macx, ZZAP69
Maniac Mansion Mercury Intro 15kb Intro by enthusi
Maniac Mansion Mercury Title 16kb Title screen by enthusi
New Face -4- Old Face 15kb Crack intro by Conjuror
OldK 5kb 4k intro by Stryyker
Party Demo 22kb 13th place at The Party 6. Code by Carlos.
Prove Me Wrong 558 1kb 1K Intro by enthusi
Rage 98kb 1st place at Satellite '98. Code by Naphalm.
Raster Man (PRS) 1kb PRS picture by Ptoing. Code by enthusi.
Six Years Later 16kb Released at JazzMacx Tas Takeover 2007. Code by Conrad, music by EVS.
Sonder Bar 4K 4kb Code by enthusi. PRS picture by Veto. Music by Conrad.
Sonder Bar Redux 8kb Code by enthusi. PRS picture by Veto. Music by Conrad.
Spires 25kb Second place at Gubbdata 0.9. Code: Elder0010, Freshness. Gfx: Almighty God. Music: Psycho8580.
Syntax Party Scroller 25kb 7th place at Syntax 2009. Code: S.E.S, enthusi. Gfx: DeeKay, enthusi. Music: Booker.
Tense Years 64kb 5th place at X-2006. Code by SounDemon. Gfx by Deev, Hein, Mirage. Msx by Hein, Intensity, SounDemon.
Tense Years [After Party Edition] 63kb Code by SounDemon. Gfx by Deev, Hein, Mirage. Msx by Hein, Intensity, SounDemon.
The Year We Make Contact 33kb 7th place at X-2010. Code by enthusi. Gfx by Meff. Msx: Conrad
Tropical Fever 14kb 7th place at LCP 2005. Code by SounDemon. Gfx by Macx.
Turbo Circle 4K 5kb 5th place at Mekka Symposium '97 party. Code by Carlos.
Velocity 31kb 3rd place at Scenery '98. Code by Naphalm.
Van Diemen's Complex 8kb Released at JazzMacx Tas Takeover 2007. Code by Jolz. Music by Danko.
Vicious SID 304kb Extreme SID by SounDemon, THCM & Mixer.
VodkART 122kb Vodka's graphics demo. Code by Naphalm. Graphics by Vodka. Music by DJB.
Zak Is Back 13kb 4th place at Breakpoint 2010. Code: enthusi. Gfx: enthusi & Veto. Music: Red.

Title Size Comments
Album of the Year 235kb 76 unreleased SID musics!
Bloodbath 2 32kb The second bloodbath by Morbid!
Eardrum Massacre 153kb Music from Morbid!
Eardrum Massacre 2 119kb The great sequel again by Morbid!
Music Collection 1 40kb Our first under Onslaught
Past & Present 268kb Metal's collection in cooperation with Vibrants
Speed 308kb Multispeed+digi collection in cooperation with Shape & Creators
Speed SIDplay Pack 185kb Speed tunes in SidPlay
Supremacy 127kb Domination SID coll.1
Supremacy 2 266kb Domination SID coll.2
The Richard Joseph Tribute 132kb Code: Conrad & Scout.

Name Size
Address Manager V2.1+ 3kb
Advanced Level Squeezer V1.01+ 6kb
Background Colour Editor Deluxe V1 1kb
Beastlink+ 4kb
CC Generator 1kb
Chubrocker V3.1A 1kb
Creatures Noter V2.1 15kb
Dark Squeezer V3.0 8kb
Dark Squeezer V3.0+ 15kb
Digi Organizer V1.0+ 5kb
DMC V4.0 Professional 11kb
DMC V4.2 13kb
DMC V4.X Professional 33kb
DMC V4.Y Player 1kb
DMC 4.Y Professional 29kb
DMC 5.0 (100%)a> 17kb
DMC V5.1 Player 2kb
DMC V5.1 Split Relocator 9kb
DMC V5.1X 29kb
DMC V5.1x Split Relocator 12kb
DMC 5.1Y 43kb
DMC 5.1Y Split Relocator 6kb
DMC Driver V1.0 12kb
GeoRAM MON 0.10 1kb
GeoRAM Drive 0.10 1kb
HeadAlign V1.1 1kb
Info Link V1.1 6kb
JCH Editor V3.02 (with 8-Speed Plugins) 51kb
JCH Editor V3.04+ 37kb
JiffyMON 45kb
Lame-o-kernal V0.1 9kb
Low-Res Movie Editor 4kb
Make Turbo Tape TAP 5kb
Micro head align V0.1 108kb
Minimal Head Align 4kb
Morbid Player V2.2 2kb
Morbid Tool Collection 157kb
Music Mania 3 162kb
Music Runner 162kb
Neoram drive 0.30 4kb
Neoram drive 0.40 GPL 20kb
Onslaught Tool Disk #1 148kb
Party Music Player & Equalizer V1.0 17kb
png2hires V0.1 4kb
Quickplay V1.0 11kb
Ranz-Crunch V3.0 11kb
Sound Interface Device V4.1+ 24kb
SYNC V1.02 (extended to 9-Speed) 49kb
SYNC V1.02+ 10kb
TAPgen V0.1 8kb
TAP Writer V0.1 [REU] 1kb
TAP Writer V0.2 512KB [REU] 1kb
Tape Composer V1.0 6kb
The C64 Browser V0.9 9kb
Turbo Assembler V5.2 FIX 14kb
Turbo Macro Cross Assembler V1.0 49kb
Turbo Tape Kernal ROM 8kb
Turbo Tape 254 Type In 4kb
Vice Snapshot Grabber V3.0 11kb
Vice Snapshot Grabber V4.0 11kb
Zip Unpack SuperCPU 11kb

Title Size Comments
Onslaught News 1 9kb  
Onslaught News 2 17kb  
Onslaught News 3 18kb  
Onslaught News 4 16kb  
Onslaught News 5 49kb  
Onslaught News 6 25kb  

Title Size Comments
Movie 7kb 1st lores movie by Holy Moses
2nd 9kb  
3rd 6kb  
4th 13kb  
5th 6kb  
Sex 31kb  
7th 34kb  
8th 51kb  
9th 38kb  
10th 23kb  
11th 42kb  
Fuck The Internet 8kb By Holy Moses & Trouble

Title Size Comments
Blocks 27kb Code&Gfx: Naphalm
Bolo 55kb Code: Grize. Gfx: Jazzcat
Bolo 2 Preview 61kb Code: Grize. Gfx: Jazzcat. Msx:DJB
Chronic the Badger Preview 25kb Code&Gfx: TBH. Msx: DJB
Hawkeye 2 Teaser 55kb Code: White Flame. Gfx: Deev, Hein, Joe. Music: Hein.
Heartlight64 Preview 27kb Code&Sfx: enthusi. Gfx: Ptoing. Intro: Honesty.
Inzane Preview 19kb Code&Gfx: Jolz
Misfortune 89kb Code&Gfx: Grize. Msx: DJB
Monsters 27kb Code&Gfx: Naphalm
Mystery 37kb First Blood Ent. version
Not Even Human 40kb Code: enthusi. Gfx: ptoing. Msx: Conrad
Not Even Human - Inhumane Edition 15kb Code: enthusi. Gfx: ptoing. Msx: Conrad
Shatterlands 47kb Code: NME/ILS. Gfx: Jazzcat. Msx: DJB
Twin Terrors 22kb Code: Jolz. Gfx: Grize. Msx: Gop

Title Size Comments
Armalyte Revisited 15kb Code, design and music by Hein Design
Burkah Intro 13kb Code, design and music by Hein Design
Burkah Intro V2 9kb Code, design and music by Hein Design
Hellfire Intro 8kb Code&Gfx by Honesty. Music by Ozzy Oldskool.
Maniac Intro 19kb Code by enthusi. Graphics by enthusi and Rayden. Music by Conrad
Onslaught Intro #01 10kb Code by Conrad, graphics by Sky and JSL, music by A-Man
Onslaught Intro #02 7kb Code, music, graphics by Conrad
Political Views #1 7kb Edited by Jazzcat
Political Views #2 7kb Edited by Jazzcat
Singles Collection Vol. 1 155kb Part by Jolz, Soundemon, Jailbird
Singles Collection Vol. 2 81kb Part by Stryyker and Deev
Violent Birth 7kb Birth announcement

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