17/02/2020 Update #11 available!

After a break of 4 years, we are back! The Ultimate C64 Scene Magazine Archive has a new website layout (our old site fell into a state of disrepair and total neglect). Not only that, we are very happy to deliver the long awaited Update #11, this update includes bug fixes, rare magazines as well as a general tidy up of the entire collection.

Navigate to the Downloads section if you want to grab the entire collection or move on to the Mags section to find rare gems not available anywhere else on the web!

20/09/2015 Update #10 available!

The Ultimate C64 Scene Mag Archive is proud to present our 10th update to the archive. 2.6GB of new disk and paper magazines, including some bug-fixed releases! Go to the 'Downloads' for the single zip. Individual productions via the 'Mags' section will be available shortly.