‾‾‾‾‾‾‾‾‾‾‾‾‾‾‾‾‾‾‾‾‾‾‾‾‾ * DOMINATION #16 * An independent production released in October 2001 _________________________
Domination technical realisation details Intro Code.........................................Case/F4cg Logo.........................Cupid/Padua/Hitmen Music.......................... Outfit Outfit code.......................Doomed/Padua Outfit graphics..................Sander/Focus Proportional font..............Sander/Focus IRQ loader...........................Hoogo/Padua (de)packer..............................MMS/Taboo Outfit design...................Sander&Doomed Officially distributors Zapotek/Samar & Centrax/Samar
Exclusive music 'Overlord' by GRG/Onslaught/Shape/BM '8580 in Confusion' by Sonic/Smash Bonus music 'The Revival' by Jeff/Crest/Bonzai/Czp 'Hard Track' by Jeff/Crest/Bonzai/Czp 'Rest in pieces' by Agemixer/Scallop & Rooster/Scallop 'Beyond' by Drax/Crest/MON/Vibrants & Jeff/Crest/Bonzai/Czp The Staff Main editor................Jazzcat/Onslaught Co-editor...............Raver/Phantasy/DCS
Hello and welcome back, The one and only has returned, after some time in the darkness, the editors have climbed out of the great abyss of laziness and found the light once again. Lately I have been taking things a bit easier and having some fun with various C64 internet projects I'm working on. One of these is the Cyber Systems webpage, http://cs.c64.org I play the role of detective, the prime suspect being old and unreleased games from unknown sources aswell as true legends. People should check this webpage, it certainly is a UNIQUE site dedicated
to unearthing software which would otherwise be lost for all time, never to to be scrutinized by any member of the public. Gaming legends such as JOHN TWIDDY, BOB STEVENSON, HUGH RILEY, FRED GRAY, DAN PHILLIPS, ROBIN LEVY etc the list goes on. These people have been the key to recent discoveries that have kept me smiling these last few months. Go check our site and become lost in nostalgia. Hmmm... what else? well, most who know me also realize I have other projects too ☺ The largest collection of C64 disk magazines on the internet ever is about to arrive, for you readers who love the
concept of browsing and downloading every issue of your long lost favourite magazine will simply love it. It contains well over 600mb of C-64 media, all in emulator friendly format for easy converting to C64 and viewing in emulators. This concept was designed by Vengeance and myself, who have been collecting disk magazines for quite a few years now. The website is being coaxed to reality by CASE/F4cg and will soon be announced. Now we are on the subject of disk magazines I will express my thoughts about some of the publications that
have been released lately. ATTITUDE - the sequel. Certainly a worthy magazine, unlike the many that are made which are are 4-5 minute read and then reset, we are presented with something fresh. The magazine by Cactus certainly shows some fresh journalism. Not only did I find this to be the most interesting magazine to be released in terms of text quality, the layout and audials were very well prepared. 24 articles of text are presented in this edition, there will be only two I wish to discuss, these two I have criticism for. "History of Popes" - despite my HUGE disatisfaction of non-c64 related
articles, this was interesting for ME. I am intrigued by religious elements, such as catholism, paganism, and in general the arts of both 'white' and 'black' backgrounds. This little journey through the ages contains some interesting facts about the Popes of the catholic religion. Quite cool 😊 The article by O.B./Trsi about cracking is a subjective view on the art of cracking on the C64. While he raised some interesting points, his pass of judgement on the scene, declaring that cracking is dead is a false one, at least in my view. Perhaps if he was involved within the scene at a more active level, his view could be justified, but he isn't, so
neither is his view. I can understand that cracking on the c64 is dead in the sense of no more game protections, large game companies, copyrights and their assosciated laws. But to state that cracking is dead on the C64 is quite wrong, especially from the point of view that there is a huge amount of effort put into making old games better, by the likes of REMEMBER, ONSLAUGHT ANTIQUES and NOSTALGIA. These three groups are making better versions of games that groups that were considered legendary originally released, so some respect should be shown to these people, and cracking is certainly not "dead" for them 😊
ARACHNOPHOBIA is still coming out, however I dislike their attention to public criticism. I appreciate that they are doing the publication for their own enjoyment (which all editors should be doing) but I have seen countless reviews, reactions and live criticism on IRC and other places asking them to remove the non-scene related chapters from their magazine or at least to reduce them. This has not been heeded, which is ashame, but on the positive side of things they are releasing the magazine on a very regular basis, which is certainly in favour of the scene's health. The 8th edition of THE BEERGARDEN arrived to my 1541-II (now freshly
cleaned with nail polish remover courtesy of Marguerite). Apart from Attitude, this is another magazine I enjoy reading. The editors are sceptical and this is always interesting - they speak their minds, no "acting" (which there is too much of in society). They touched on the Wow/Role/Arachn- ophobia issue once again in the editorial, which is unfolding into an interesting debate. I also enjoyed Tomz' views on the swappers that ONLY swap. In this age it is extremely unproductive, all the damn parasites of our scene should get off their leeching asses and try and be productive, I was once a swapper but
now I am surely benefiting the scene more with my changed motives. I must also thank the staff for their kind review on the last issue of this publication. I received quite some negative criticism from the legal scene, even destructive criticism - on the 15th issue, which was focused totally on the cracking scene. I was surprised to see so many people think my roots are of a legal nature, or the scene's roots in general, but ofcourse this is a matter of opinion. Check the reactions for more on this topic, but I can say for all the self- centered ignorant people out there - a special edition will be released in the future focusing only on the legal scene.
INTERNAL is back again, great to see this old publication returning, the text was quite good - at least for the comeback issue - what impressed me the most is the quality of the layout. I just hope that sceners will help this magazine and it's comeback as it has a heap of potential. Main editor EINSTEIN is taking a backseat from the action, but his presence will still be there, his experience should influence the mag in the right direction. Hmmm.... VANDALISM NEWS, hard to write objectively but I need to say that a double release was quite a work effort. Four disk sides within 4 weeks,
quite some work. Most noticably is the input from the legal team WRATH DESIGNS. The group is extremely potent in voicing their opinions on different subjects through their demos. Now they can also do this through a scene publication, incidentally which is the first one since their own magazine called TRANSMISSION which was released way back in the early 90s. The 36th edition is currently in the making. This brings me to this magazine, the brilliant (coug) DOMINATION tabloid. Tabloid you say? surely a large smorgasboard if anything?? well NO,
I am going to slim down the magazine and try release it much more regular. The reason for this is because the public, or at least most of the public I have interacted with are insisting on a more regular release. This has two positives and one negative. The negative being that it may not be as good as previous issues, at least in certain aspects, because the time between issues will be less, hence the time spent on writing or improving is also less. But the positives out weigh this, you will see this magazine more frequently. The smaller issues of Domination to come are already evident with what your reading at this moment. I hope you
all agree with my decision, and for those of you who like my more 'timely' input to C64 journalism, perhaps reading Vandalism News will satisfy your needs. The other positive, and the MOST important one for me personally, would be that I will now have a little bit more time for other scene projects. These include games, my group, independent projects and the major one - real life activities. Anyway, that is really all I felt I should discuss this issue. Here and there you will find other snippets regarding this magazine and it's future, also other projects I am
currently assosciated with. Some more text from me at the end of this segment, I will now hand you over to my co-editor in arms, RAVER... Yes, thanks mate for handing the key- board over to me, over the oceans, seas and landscapes it flies and then lands on my dusty desk. What the heck, would something like this ever happen if there wasn't the scene? And especially the magical c64 scene, mother of 'em all! Lately a lot and lots happened... almost like always! And I mean really lots - hardcore travelling, new projects and parties, moving around again, losing job
and getting a new one and just explor- ing scenes on various platforms again. Now, the scene follows you whenever you go. You spot sceners everywhere, especially in artistic fields but also anywhere else too - it's incredible. The world and life consists of countless scenes, smaller and bigger, existing one within other and one bigger includes several smaller ones, but THE SCENE is one we are all in, cause no other is so much an own world, linked to all the other scenes yet visible just for those in. And then, there are several computor scenes. One might divide it all in demo and pirate scenes but we all know, on c64 it's all in one unlike PC where demo and illegal scenes are seperated almosty
completely. Ofcourse, c64's younger sista Amiga is going strong still and there are several other 8 bit computors more or less alive - ZX Spectrum, 8 bit Ataries, Amstrad CPC and even Oric not to mention consoles like GBA/GBA, DC, PSX, PS2 etc and then Atari ST compa- tibles and Acorn RISC machines and ofcourse more, more! And I am glad that there are damn cool people and great productions on all these machines and that PC scene isn't lame at all. Yet there havn't been any- thing remotely as exciting and cool as c64 scene, where it all started - where pirates and demomakers were together cause these who started as pirates were the ones who founded demoscene, and where internet wasn't necessary to
properly organize an international top group and I could say more (well, Amiga scene should have been close to c64 one in the very beginning since c64 sce- ners started it). Now what? C64 scene did change. But thanks to sceners and thus also to you, dear reader, it is still alive and still influence other scenes - be it computor ones or simply these other scenes the world consists of. Be proud of keeping alive the oldest of the virtual worlds, world which is more real than "real life", cause you meet, talk and share with sceners and what can be more real than sharing a joint with a fellow scener at a party? :)
C64 scene and scene at all will just re- place shit you don't need, like politics, commercialisation, consumerism and so on. Scener for president and maybe we'll be free finally! Huh, too cheesy and optimistic you say? Wah, next time you will experience some ruff ruff words then... /dcc'ing keyboard to Jazzcat, Raver. Thanks 😊
Spread with this edition of Domination exclusively is the SID DUZZ IT V1.3 editor from Geir Tjelta and GRG of Shape. This music editor is a sign of the times, with improved quality over most other editors currently available. Also spread with this issue is a new tool by Krill of Plush called EMUFUXXOR V1, it enabled EMU protection on the software you choose 😊 One other small thing is my POLITICAL VIEW note, something seperate to the scene and an expression on my views after the September 11th attacks on the USA. Read it for an opinion, possibly you share the same view too, at least with some points.
If you wish to become a part of the staff, have some news, reactions, suggestions for improvements and general feedback. Simply contact: Jazzcat/Onslaught David Simmons PO Box 361 Launceston TAS 7250 Australia. or email: jazzcat@c64.org raver@dc-s.com Don't forget the homepages also: domination.rules.org www.noquake.de/domination/start.htm
‾‾‾‾‾‾‾‾‾‾‾‾‾‾‾‾‾‾‾‾‾‾‾‾‾ For the thrill of it all! * DOMINATION #16 * _________________________
Saltpeter by Marguerite Gorgotha Espanol For we were all born under this death star and our eyes saw that all was not well and the demons of Hades gathered together and our punishment was that we have no collective memory. We couldn't fight very hard when there was nothing to fight for. I suppose it was intentional for us to be so blind. How could we forge alliances with suspicious rumours? No entity was concrete, no thought substantial.
Our loyalties were rotted and corroded. We were not sorry that we imploded. Self destruction was our nature, as inevitable as the coming of the beast Ten heads can always think better than one. Greed was not a sin lust was not a sin sloth was not a sin wrath was not a sin envy was not a sin gluttony was not a sin pride was not a sin worship was the sin. And we worshipped incorrectly, grasping at straws. Continual hope that something might be left worth hoping for.
Sadly we were mistaken and prayers were all in vain. Our trust was better placed in darkness no matter what images were of light. Make your choice and you choose well. Do you trust in mythical heaven? Or in life we know that is hell?
NEWS The complete coverage of the latest happenings of the cult known as C64. Gathering of news, events, scene, commercial and internet based information on the C64 has been done through email and off the respective homepages. Thanks to all who have helped in donating informations in e-mail. On with the show...
ONSLAUGHT This group has slowed down it's engines a bit on the cracking front but has been involved in the creation of another crew called Onslaught Antiques. Who will be functioning like Remember and Nostalgia. This lable consists of non-Onslaught members also. On the legal front some productions are very close to seeing light of day. Namely, SPEED - their multi co-op SID collection with Shape and Creators. They are also close to assembling PAST & PRESENT 2, which is the DRAX music collection in co-op with Vibrants. Both are coded by Stryyker.
Additional support has been given to the bbs scene in the form of Onslaught taking onboard the BBS in New Jersey, USA called The Bass Planet. Previously a Chromance BBS and presently a Xenon & Onslaught BBS, it is hosted by new member SCRATCHER who joined as warez-runner and sysop. Meaning the group now host the two remaining USA boards from the good old times, the other being Deadzone in PA. Some members were busy with other things for a very long time now so they went to the sleeping list. These were: O'fire, Shapie, Blender, Code18, Donar and L'trimm. In this major clean out, the group has high hopes they will find the time and
spirit again in the future. The legal section was boosted by the joining of long time group friend SOUNDEMON/Dekadence, as coder and musician, who will also remain in Dekadence too. Local friend to Yugoslavian member JailBird is a C64 musician who has just entered the group scene. DAFUNK joined as musician, his latest works can also be heard in the Tempest music collection Reincarnation. Coded by Ninja with graphics by Jailbird. More membership changes, AMB who is a composer from Spain, joined Level64 as 2nd group. Incidentally Level64 is comprised of Spaniards only!
The group have been very active with their co-production with Wrath Designs - Vandalism News. Editions 34 and 35 were put out within weeks of each other, 35 being released at the LCP2001 party. The new edition is currently in the works. Vengeance, the main editor has had PC modem problems and will be back online shortly. Vandalism #36 is expected in November. Jazzcat, Vengeance and Case/F4cg are still working hard on The Ultimate C64 Diskmag archive. The site needed a new harddrive for storage of the archive and html coding for the shell is in the works. There is above 300MB of disk mags on
there so far with quite a lot more to add into d64 format. The site will also have it's own CD which can be ordered for a very low price to cover CD and postal costs. For more information check the website called Forbidden Depths, which is being updated quite regularly. Memberstatus ‾‾‾‾‾‾‾‾‾ Jazzcat, Vengeance, Slator, AMB, Booker, daFunk, Deev, DJB, Fade, GRG, JailBird, Jolz, Leming, Naphalm, Praiser, Scratcher, SounDemon, Stash, Stryyker, TMR, Trouble, Ultimate Hacker.
Deadzone +1/215/744-5885 - US HQ 24 hours, 7 days, 2400 bps running on C*Base Moses Modded The Bass Planet +1/609/587-4495 24 hours, 7 days, 2400 bps running on C*Base. Gangsta's Paradise ftp://c64.rulez.org/pub/c64/ Chromance & Onslaught FTP site. Forbidden Depths http://www.onslaughters.org
ROLE (Raiders Of the Lost Empire) This group is quite active and have a large member base. Currently the group is working on quite a few projects. They have put down a new objective to increase group activity and hopefully productivity, which was started by Sign. The new edition of ARACHNOPHOBIA will be released quite soon, it will contain a complete report on the Willow 2001 party, in which the group won the demo contest with their demo "14th" coded by Holy Moses. Their main magazine, the old and well known ROCK'N'ROLE is currently near completion again. Commander and Moses
have a plan to make the mag be released more regular. Between every 1-2 months. Issue #24 will soon be available. ROLE will also release the X-DOME magazine again, but we can consider edition #9 as the last disk version. X-Dome will start all over again as a C64 internet-online magazine. Arman/Xenon suggested the idea to Commander. Memberstatus (source: Commander) ‾‾‾‾‾‾‾‾‾ Avenger, Bugjam, Cactus, Checky, Commander, C-Kidz, Faayd, Faith, Franky, Glare, H-Bloxx, Holy Moses, Icegirl, Jaco, Leo, Low, MCC, Mediator,
Mist, Nootka, Ochrana, Restive, Rude, Satyr, Shake, Sign, Simple, Spider, Starfighter, Stirf, Swap, Swayze, TDB Thorgal, Vip, Xel, Yaro, Zak, Zuber. The Lost Empire http://www.role64.com Role Headquarters http://www.role-net.com Role World HQ http://www.role.to Rock'n'Role http://www.rocknrole.com ArachnoPhobia Online http://go.to/arachnophobia
SAMAR This crew would have to be the most active in the Polish scene in the last few months. They recently released VISUAL PACK #09 which contains a huge music collection that is 4 sides long, featuring musics from various composers that are the favourites of Muddler. Visual Pack #9 also has NYLU LOGOS COLLECTION which was coded by Centrax and a small tool by Aristo called Sprite Combiner. The group now officially have a disk magazine, this being ATTITUDE. Edition #2 was released under the Samar lable and was quite a good read.
The issue is reviewed in this issue of Domination. ARISTO (coder) and ISILDUR (gfxian) came back from their inactivities and they are active once again. More additions to the group with ZAPOTEK/ex-Axelerate joining as swapper and paper artist. MAC ARTHUR/ex-Neax joined also as swapper. After the dead of the Polish based group Axelerate, two of it's former members BLADEE and JSL joined up with Samar. PRAISER was removed from the group memberstatus. GOLD HAND was put onto the inactive list because of losing
contact with the group. Samar's two graphicians BISCHOP and LEVI have also been put onto the inactive list (simply because of their laziness). This very active group are working on SID VICTORY ONE, which is a sid collection. The second JSL logo demo called YOUR NIGHTMARE BEGINS and NYLU's last graphics collection entitled 16 COLOURS. Also Muddler is working on a new collection by Gollum. Also Aristo is working on a new C64 game which will be another Tetris clone and Cactus is working on a new C64 tool of some kind.
The group have only just lately released a 6-sided samples collection by Ramos/Samar called RIGID. Hopefully Attitude #3 will also be out soon, I have strong faith it will be. Memberstatus (source: Cactus) ‾‾‾‾‾‾‾‾‾ Aristo, Bladee, Bzyk, Cactus, Centrax, Daf, Gollum, Isildur, Jsl, Mac Arthur, Muddler, Phobos, Ramos, Silver Bullet, Zapotek. http://coming.soon!
TRIAD Congratulations to this old group who celebrated their 15th birthday on the 28th of July this year. The group was founded by Arror, Fred, Skydive, Ixion, Lucifer, RND and Mr.Z way back on the 28th of July 1986. 15 years of supporting the C64 and it still continues. They have released quite a few demos on the C64, such as EMISSION, LUCY and MANHOOD 2. No doubt more is on the horizon from this group. Recently HOLLOWMAN decided to leave them and join Fairlight due to some internal disagreements.
Taper/Triad told Domination: "Hollowman decided to leave Triad and seek fortune elsewhere on the C64 scene due to internal disagreements. We wish Johan all the best in his future career on the scene. Domination also asked Hollowman: "After too much internal bitching I left Triad to join FLT. I think working together with Vodka will work out fine. Also being in FLT allows me to cooperate with other groups as much as I want, and the result of which will soon be seen." Ofcourse this does not mean Triad will slow down as Hollowman was only one of a whole group who has made Triad as productive as it is.
In late September the group had an internal meeting together with the Amiga group Uprough. A very limited amount of guests were invited aswell. Plans were drawn for the future and current projects continued, all in a cousy environment with lots of pizza and unhealthy beverages. Memberstatus (source: Taper) ‾‾‾‾‾‾‾‾‾ Jerry, King Fisher, Cash, Tao, Iopop, Twoflower, Taper, Aton, JFK, Killsquad Quorthon, Logger, Ibanez, Wiggen, Con, Mindflow, Trick. The Studio BBS +46/159-31991 http://www.triad.c64.org
Miscellaneous News: ‾‾‾‾‾‾‾‾‾‾‾‾‾ * CREATORS are back again with some activity, they are almost finished with their contribution to the SPEED music collection with Shape and Onslaught. They released a small demo called OLDSK00L which was completely done by Mermaid. Earlier in the year they released PYRAMID 1K at the Forever party. They currently working on quite a few games for Protovision (check Game Scene chapter). Memberstatus (source: homepage) Boo, Elektron, Mermaid, Mutant, Slimer http://mermaid.c64scene.org/creators/
* DEKADENCE have recently released FITSPEAK II at the Phat01 party in Latvia. More hardcore action 😊 SounDemon joined Onslaught as second group. Memberstatus (source: homepage) Britelite, Chaj, Jaffa, Maza, Player One Ricky Martin, Sanity, Satyr, SounDemon Spiikki, Tee-Dee, Tribe. http://www.dekadence64.org * COMA finally released their demo called PURPLE this month, which was entered in the Flags 2001 party way back on the 6th and 7th of July in Hungary.
* SINGULAR have been competing in various music and graphics contests at scene parties. Unfortunately know news on a possible 9th issue of Colony News magazine ☹ Memberstatus (source: homepage) Poison, Soci, Best, Cargo, Leon, Tgm, Perplex. http://www.singularcrew.hu/ * SADISM II - the second music collection by Sad/ex-Anubis was released. For some reason I never found it on the internet until a lot longer after it's release.
* CREST released some new demos. Crossbow has been a busy scener, the hardcore coder released a demo called DEMUS INTERRUPTUS on the internet (thats right, not at a scene event). The demo is reviewed this issue. Also a coop production with OXYRON called RISEN FROM OBLIVION. It is a double sider C128 demo. You must have a VDC video chip to view the 2nd side on 128 (to make it 80 characters). Side 1 is working on the VIC-II chip. * JEFF/Crest/Bonzai/Czp together with DRAX/Crest/Mon/Vibrants released a small music collection called BEYOND under the CZP&MON lables.
* CIVITAS have released two demos lately. ROBOTICS competed in the Phat01 demo compo and the other is called THIEF coded by Puterman. They lost Silverfox who left the scene for political activities. But gained a graphician called PINGO. Memberstatus (source: Zeitgeist) BlackJack, Brain$masher, Bruce Lee, Catweazle, Chico, Doc, Pingo, Puterman, Raven, Richard, Sputnick, Tadpole, Zeitgeist. * Long time scene veteran MR.ALPHA of Nostalgia left the scene. "Yeah! I'm gone! Wish you all the best with the 8bit veteran and thanx to all for friendship, support and attention!"
* AMORPHIS released their fifth music collection called AMORPHIS PACK #5. The Polish composed collection contains SIDS by Cleve, Olsen and Froyd. * A large collection of tunes composed by FRED GRAY were relocated to $1000 and packed to one side by HMMurdock. The Complete Fred Gray contains a lot of his classic game tunes such as Mutants and Hysteria. * The 50th edition of DIGITAL TALK was released. The magazine is in the German language. The mag is 4 sides containing extra files such as demos, tools and games.
* Count Zero's wellknown "pipe" fell down on the groun at a party place and got destroyed. 😊 * Steyn is a member of a rock band that contains SID elements and some game music inspired riffs etc. They have received nice comments from musicians like Mr.Sid, AMJ and more. Check their site out for something different - http://machinae.2y.net * HIGH VOLTAGE SID COLLECTION update #28 was released in October. Download the new SIDplay package from http://www.hvsc.c64.org
* EXCESS is working on a few things at the moment. Currently their homepage is down but will soon be online again. FAAYD will also be making a comeback to the swapping business and the new edition of NITRO is being worked on. Memberstatus (source: Faayd) Black Duke, Danzig, Faayd, Ghost, H-Bloxx, Master S, Matador, Nameless, Red Rock, RHX, Sentinel, Spinball, Stormfront, Vague. http://excess.iscool.net * Make sure to check the awesome Flash site of Alphaflight's at - http://www.alphaflight.web.ag/
* EXTEND have released two demos lately. Named ORIVESI and the other is the delayed release of TOTAL EPYGT, from the Zoo party way back in 1997. Memberstatus (source: Barfly) AMJ, Barfly, Barracuda, Dr.Acid, Duce, Electric, Junkie, Micke, Tape, Thor, TBB, Wide. * DMAgic's magazine called DAWN is delayed but will be worked upon again. Memberstatus (source: MacGyver) CreaMD, Jak T Rip, MacGyver, Watnau. http://www.c64.sk http://www.dmagic.studiostyle.sk http://come.to/supercpu
* LEVEL64 is a group based in Spain. Recently AMB/Onslaught joined them as second group. Memberstatus (source: Almighty God) Almighty God, AMB, Fefa, Bovirtual, Svan. * NINJA/The Dreams released DreamLoad version 2.1 It is a 2bit-IRQ fast loader supporting the 1541, 1570/71, 1581, CMD-FD, CMD-HD. It is PAL/NTSC compatible. The source code is also available. If there is space it will be spread also with this edition of Domination.
* RETRO REPLAY released!!! The SUPER Action Replay cartridge has been released and is now available for order. The cart is compatible with both NTSC and PAL c64s and is probably the best cartridge ever made for the C64. Features include: 128 kb FlashRom, programmable from 64 32 kb RAM, where original AR had only 8 Expansion port, $de00 read bug fixed, real gold-plated mainboard, robust buttons, and much much more. The cart is 99 -DM. For more information and constantly improved software please check http://www.ar.c64.org or email: count0@c64.org
* POL and PSW are still working hard on their NTSC/PAL disk magazine SCENE WORLD issue #2. The delay of it was caused by the moving house of the coder Macbeth/PSW. VARIANT/Lasser joined POL as a cover designer. Memberstatus (source: Nafcom) Crome, Der Fuchs, Diabolo, Drake, Ernie, Megatron, Merman, Mr.Tec, Nafcom, Psychodad, Phyrne, Punica, Satyr, Sleepless, Snoopy, Spatz, Survivor, Tim Taveller, Variat, Wormaus http://www.pol-c64.de http://www.sceneworld64.de
* ALBION will release their new IFLI collection by Questor called GUARDS OF APOCALYPSE next month. Everything is almost ready for it. * The X1541 SHOP hosted by STA now has X1531 cables available. It is a cable that connects 1531 datasettes and clones to the PC parallel port. Orders are currently being taken. http://sta.c64.org/1541shop.html * Some NTSC demos were released lately, ODYSSEY-COOP and NTSC EFNET COOP by different NTSC sceners.
* PADUA gained some new members LORD HYPNOS (coder) and SAD (musician) both formerly of Anubis. Memberstatus (source: Anonym) Aggressor, Alias Medron, Anonym, Aomeba, Chaotic, Cupid, Dasloshed, Doomed, Hi-Lite, Hoogo, Leonardo, Lord Hypnos, Lubber, Neotec, Ophis, Raze, Sad, Unlock, Vip, Waz, Weasel. http://www.padua.org http://www.c64.cc ftp://ftp.padua.org
* SMASH DESIGNS have slowed down their productivity on C64. AEG and SONIC, the two most active members have unfortunately not as much time for the C64 any longer due to work at the company Similis. TURRICAN 3 was discontinued and AEG will give the sources and what was done for the game to anyone willing to finish it (more in the Game Scene chapter). Perhaps the final music by SONIC on C64 is in this edition of Domination. FANTASTIC ZOOL announced resignation to Smash Designs. He is now only a member of Salva Mea.
* TIDE released the 8th edition of the BEERGARDEN magazine. HMMurdock joined Tide aswell as NOSTALGIA, he left his other two groups Oxygen64 and Tropyx. Memberstatus Stryyker, Tomz, Antoman, HMMurdock, Satyr, Icelad, White Demon. * Richard/TND, the creator of quite a few games and member of Protovision joined Civitas as a musician. * CREATORS are working on some new demos, aswell as a pile of games. The demos are TRIP, PEACELUV 2 and XMAS 2001.
* COMMODORE ONE Prototypes stolen!! From Jeri Ellsworth: "I have some bad news about the C=1. While Courtney and I were driving our rental to the airport we stopped at gas station in South Chicago. I pulled off the freeway I said "ooh this area looks bad", but stopped anyway. Courtney got out and started fueling the car. It was hot in the car so I decided to get out too (leaving the keys in the ignition). While I leaned against the rear fender a young black man ran up and jumped in the car. I ran to the door yelling "Hey!" and tried to open the door, but he had locked the door. I banged on the window a few times and turned to Courtney and said in a dejected tone "Pull the gas nozzle out.
He's stealing the car." She pull the nozzle out just in time as he drove off. I grab the radio antenna as the car went by and ripped it off (guess I figured I could stop a 200hp car with my bare hands) and with a few swear words I threw it at the back of the car as it drove away. Courtney ran to the gas attendant and told him that our car had been stolen and that we needed a police officer and in a dead pan tone he said "Well I guess you need to find a pay phone then." We ran across the street where I thought I had seen a police office directing traffic, but he looked at us stunned as we started telling the story giving license plate numbers. After a few seconds of this we asked him if he was going to do anything about it and he
said "I'm only a crossing guard." We found a pay phone in a sleazy restaurant full of gangsters and called the police. It took about 30 minutes for an office to arrive and take down our info. He did a real good job emphasizing how stupid I was to be there and to leave the keys in the car. He said he would stick around until we got a cab, but none would come and pick us up in that neighbourhood so he took us to the police station after waiting 45 minutes. We made it to the airport only to find out that Courtney couldn't board her flight without the paper ticket and mine had already left. Luckily Courtney still had the credit card for the gas that we could use to get home. To buy a ticket back to Oregon on the spot was $1400
and Courtney's was $200 to Florida so I decided to go spend more time with her and find a cheap flight home later (which I ended up taking a horrible bus ride after the terrorist attacks). They recovered the car 2 weeks later and there was nothing in it. We lost all our clothes, money, soldering station, VOM, all C=1 prototypes, turbo232, a years worth of hand written notes on the C=1, Courtney's SX64, rare C= bubble jet printer, Warp Speed Cart. The worst thing was to lose the notes I had and the hand drawn schematics which have set development back a little. The C=1 prototype was almost at the end of it's usefulness, but I still
needed it for the new SID and to fix the keyboard controller. Very depressing. 😞 Later Jeri p.s. Buy lots of RetroReplays, I need the $$$ to replace this stuff" * HIGH VOLTAGE GRAPHICS COLLECT- ION is planned and will contain compo graphics and famous stil pictures from our history. More news on this soon!!! * ARISE is planning a huge demo archive, possibly the biggest on the net it will be located at - ftp.arise.pl
Game Scene Hosted by Jazzcat People are still making games and commercial utilities for the C-64. It is hard to believe that it is nearly 2002, and this 20 year old machine still has new software coming out on it. Many people have moved to PC, PSX, GBC/GBA etc., but their are those amongst us that are producing for fun and also realize that these machines are not necessary to create a good design and concept. Here is the news since last edition...
* ZZAP!64 magazine has been revived. Issue 107 will be online soon. Gordon Houghton has appealed to a lot of people to email him with their top 10 C64 games of all time for a one-off listing to be including in this one-off publication (.PDF format most likely). email: gordon@the-burrow.freeserve.co .uk * CADAVER of ELECTRIC HAREM, creator of the fantastic Metal Warrior series decided to leave the scene for a little while. He has released his game-sources and info about development tools and in a 1.9mb file at http://www.student.oulu.fi /~loorni/software.htm
* Sad news on TURRICAN 3 by Smash Designs. I spoke with Tufan Uysal (Sonic) recently, the musician of the game: "I have some bad news about me and Smash Designs. I have left the scene in a productive way. That means, this is maybe my last tune forever (the one in this issue of Domination). Now after 9.5 cool years with the C64, I think, it's time to finish it, because I've no time/lust and more interest for the GBA codings and composings. The same feels are also going to AEG. He said to me, that he also left the scene in an active part. That means, no more demos and also, very sad to say, no Turrican 3... He hasn't the time to finish it, that is the main problem. He is very busy on GBA coding.
But he said to me, if someone wants to finish it, he will give the guy the whole sources and graphics. So, if you know someone, who would do it, just contact AEG". email: andre.buerger@similis.com * COMMODORE SCENE #35 released! Allan Bairstow has produced another issue of this long running UK C64 paper magazine. This edition is a special on Arcade games which features C64 remakes of classic games and more. http://www.commodorescene.org.uk/ * With Cadaver slowing down scene activities, his game DETECTIVE TAKASHI was cancelled.
* The most active crew producing C64 games at the moment is PROTOVISION. They have decided to open their internal meeting to the public in the guise of "VISION 2001". Protovision will be showing some of their games like METAL DUST, PAC IT, IT'S MAGIC 2, REEL FSHING and more. For further info, check (German only) - http://members.tripod.de/Vision_C64/ vision.html They gained two new members. JSL of Samar as a graphician and Richard/TND as a musician. Richard is currently working on the game BALLOONCY, in which you race against time and have to avoid contact with various hazards, such as missiles and other enemies. At the moment 8 levels have been
planned. A version three preview of the game is available at - http://web.ukonline.co.uk/tnd64/ METAL DUST development is slowly progressing. The bug and wanted lists of the main game engine is empty now, they are now coding the bigger enemies for level 2. Andre Zschiegner, the programmer of It's Magic is working on the completion of IT'S MAGIC 2. The game itself is 99% complete and at the moment he is working on the intro sequence. Protovision are marketing quite a few games, such as the fantastic 14 disk adventure ENHANCED NEWCOMER and all the upcoming games from Creators.
They also have available Ice Guys, Bomb Mania, It's Magic, Stroke World, Pac It, and hardware, such as the SCPU. http://www.protovision-online.de/ * GO64/CW magazine is looking for English editors, read more at their homepage - http://www.go64.de Seems very interesting! * CMD rights saved from death! Maurice Randall has taken over the rights to produce the CMD hardware such as Scpu,Ramlink, HD, FD etc. http://www.ia4u.net/~maurice/cmd. html
* Lorin Millsap of Pixel Pyramid Software writes that there is a delay with the C64 game QUEST FOR CYRUS. A new release date has currently not been set as yet. The delay is due to a revision in the game engine for QFC. Their website has gone down at the usual URL but may be reached at - http://www.geocities.com/millsaplorin/ Pixel_Pyramid.html Email: millsaplorin@hotmail.com * Be sure to check the updates on the BRILLIANT game from CID in Hungary - NEWCOMER - at their web page - http://www.newcomer.hu
* First Blood Entertainment are calling on any programmers or graphicians that may be interesting in assisting with two large scale projects. The group who have been producing an exciting secret game for some time now are also needing assistance with their game GODFLESH, a game destined to be similar in someways to the classic IK+ from System 3. They also have the source code, gfx, msx, editors, tools etc and the rights for ZONE OF DARKNESS from Taboo. If your interested and want to become a part of these fantastic and fun projects, contact - jazzcat@c64.org
* The demo group CREATORS have been working on quite a few games for some time now. ARMAGEDDON - a sideways parallax scrolling shoot'em up. Code by Slimer and graphics by Mermaid. BOTZ - Code by Mutant and graphics by Mermaid. A cutesy platform game. HIP HOP - platform game coded by Thomas with graphics by Mermaid. ABRAKADABRA - is still in production, a v0.33 preview has been available for sometime now. Other games include: Donkey Island, Talisman, a beat'em up and a Warcraft clone. All titles will be marketed by Protovision. http://mermaid.c64scene.org/creators/
* CADAVER is back!!! He made a statement for the Domination magazine "I can say my 'quitting' lasted for 2 weeks 😊 Then the itch to code on C64 again grew too strong to resist and I started coding the 12-rasterline music routine, that GoatTracker would come to use. I was also doing some PC game programming experiments again but confirmed what I had already thought out earlier: On PC the temptation to leave a project unfinished is MUCH stronger than on C64. Mainly because of the greater amount of work needed for graphics (more possibilities because of colors and resolution) and sound (need real sound sources for sound FX) and it doesn't give any rewards in the
"MAGIC" factor, as with the C64. So limitations (even CPU power!) are important, they keep the projects within reach for a one-man team 😊 I thank ALEKSI EEBEN (author of JOHN PLAYER editor) for inspiration to start coding the "fast" music routine. I've probably said enough about the reasons of quitting Detective Takashi but the lucky thing is that it never got very far, so now my future regarding C64 projects is completely open. I can also say that what I want to do next would be a bit like DEUS EX: I mean, not a 3D game of course 😊 but following its ideology: the player would be able to invent his/her own solutions to every situation, without rigid constraints as
usual. That might possibly include characters from the Metal Warrior series, but I wouldn't call it METAL WARRIOR 4 but something else 😊" Lasse Oorni email: loorni@student.oulu.fi http://www.student.oulu.fi/~loorni
New games in the making: ‾‾‾‾‾‾‾‾‾‾‾‾‾‾‾‾ AXIS 2189 by Cosine REAXION EXTENDED by Cosine YAR'S REVENGE by Cosine PROTOCOL - COSINE (re-write) TITANIC - Director's Cut - Cosine TANX - Cyber Systems SENSATION - Cyber Systems SNOT & CRAP - Cyber Systems NETHER - Computer Workshops GODFLESH - First Blood Entertainment ZONE OF DARKNESS - First Blood Ent. ARMAGEDDON - Protovision BOTZ - Protovision HIP HOP - Protovision TALISMAN - Protovision DONKEY ISLAND - Protovision ABRAKADABRA - Protovision IT'S MAGIC 2 - Protovision
METAL DUST - Protovision PAC IT - Protovision BALOONCY - The New Dimension QUEST FOR CYRUS - Pyramid Software GODZ - Nomad Software UTOPIA - Civitas TYGER TYGER - US.Gold (yup!!!) ROY SHELDON HEROES & COWARDS WARFLAME 100% - Cosine
New games released since April: ‾‾‾‾‾‾‾‾‾‾‾‾‾‾‾‾‾‾‾‾ CAMELS IN SPACE - T.N.D. DROP DOWN - T.N.D. LINGO - Go64! DREAM CARS - Padua SHAOLIN - Jon Wells SAPER III - Tropyx ENHANCED NEWCOMER - C.I.D. SHARKZ - T.N.D. ROBOT - T.N.D. THE WEAKEST LINK - Backward Eng. CHICKEN RACE - Low Bit Software If your game has not been mentioned here, contact us!
Addresses: ‾‾‾‾‾‾‾ Sintech Gastaeckerstr. 23, D-70794 Filderstadt Germany. +49/(0)-711775033 http://www.sintech-shop.de/ Commodore Scene (UK) 14 Glamis Close, Garforth Leeds West Yorkshire LS25 2NQ United Kingdom. http://www.commodorescene.org.uk
Commodore Zone & Binary Zone PD 34 Portland Road, Droitwich Worcestershire WR9 4QW England. http://www.cosine.demon.co.uk/czone/ Computer Workshops 3612 Birdie Drive Las Mesa CA 91941-8044 United States of America. http://www.armory.com/~spectre/cwi/ c64_m.html First Blood Entertainment PO Box 361 Launceston TAS 7250 Australia. email: jazzcat@c64.org
Cinematic Intuitive Dynamix Dregelyvar u.21V/29 1158 Budapest Hungary. http://www.newcomer.hu Crystal Software NL Leemveld 158 9407 Ge Assen The Netherlands. Crystal Software UK 7 Glyme Close Woodstock Oxon OX20 1LB England.
GO64!/Commodore World CSW-Verlag Goethestr. 22 D-71363 Winnenden Germany. http://www.go64.de High Technology Publishing Ltd. PO Box 260 Bromley BR2 0ZG England. http://www.c64audio.com Jon Wells 9 De Grey Road King's Lyn Norfolk PE30 4PH England.
J&F Publishing 606 Common Street Shreveport LA 71101 United States of America. http://www.loadstar.com Protovision Jakob Voos Niersstr.1 D-40547 Duesseldorf Germany. http://www.protovision-online.de Korella Trading - blank disks 1/505 Pacific Highway Belmont NSW 2280 Australia.
High Street Micro First Floor 20-22 High Street Crewe Cheshire CW2 7BN United Kingdom. http://www.highstreetmicro.co.uk Thats about all for this edition, hope you enjoyed our retro coverage, special thanks once again to MACGYVER of DMAGIC for proof reading and checking this chapter for errors! Regards, General editor.
The Charts The C64 scene and it's populace. Determination, effort and regularity with a touch of skill allows one to enter these charts. Compiled from the classic PAPER and digital votesheets from the scene itself. Here we find who rule the roost and those that still need to climb to it. Credit is given where credit is due to Doxx/Noice for VoteCounter V2.1 and to the votesheet spreaders: Zapotek/Samar, Centrax/Samar and Cactus/Samar. Remember the first loser is No.2 😊
CRACKING Games are still being releases both new and old. For a complete coverage on the new games and the groups responsible for them, please check The List. REMEMBER and NOSTALGIA are really doing well lately, I particularly enjoyed GRG/NOSTALGIA's cracks of Blood Money and Double Dragon Cartridge. Infact Double Dragon is infact the Ocean version never released on disk and is technically a first release! CHROMANCE have also got active again through Rough, quite a lot of cracks from him over the last few months.
TOP CRACKING GROUP Pos: Group: Points: #1 REMEMBER 143 #2 Nostalgia 86 #3 Laxity 82 #4 Onslaught 68 #5 Triad 53 #6 Axelerate 33 #7 Excess 28 #8 Chromance 22 #9 Role 17 #0 F4cg 11
CRACKERS The bravest of the brave, fighting those protections, removing bugs, getting nagged by group members or their leader to hurry up. The scene is now a shadow of this, but we still see some awesome releases by determined individuals. JACK ALIEN is doing most of the work behind the Remember lable and GRG is the main guy behind Nostalgia. ROUGH is quite active lately, also doing older games in a new level of quality the game has not experienced before. Sounds kinky? check the chart - >
TOP CRACKER Pos: Handle/Group: Points: #1 JACK ALIEN/Rem 78 #2 Didi/Laxity 62 #3 Goat/Laxity 47 #4 Hok/Remember 33 #5 Slator/Onslaught 31 #6 GRG/Nostalgia 21 #7 Rough/Chromance 16 #8 Taper/Triad 12 #9 Cactus/Axelerate 9 #0 Danzig/Excess 7
DEMO GROUPS I must admit the actual overall quality of demos these days has declined in some aspects. On the positive side there is still some great stuff coming out - even the world records, the trend that dominated the demo scene at one time. I was particularly impressed by CREST and OXYRON who have shown some good stuff, same with BOOZE DESIGN with their demo Royal Arte. SAMAR is the most active demo group in Poland now and TRIAD have been quite active with some cool releases, I guess FAIRLIGHT will be soon too.
Top Demo Groups Pos; Group: Points: #1 CREST 196 #2 Oxyron 153 #3 Booze Design 102 #4 Triad 98 #5 Smash Designs 92 #6 Wrath Designs 65 #7 Padua 53 #8 Samar 50 #9 Plush 36 #0 Resource 32
GRAPHICIANS The strive for visual excellence or do it just for fun, either way there is still quite some painters out there still pixelling away on the legendary bread box many once thought so limited. Some new graphics by ELECTRIC were quite good in the Total Epgyt demo. JAILBIRD and BIZK have also been very busy. If you have witnessed Vandalism News the past three editions you would notice huge visual enhancements by JOE. It will be interesting to see how this years major event - X2001 party in Holland, will turn out...
Top Graphicians Pos: Handle/Group: Points: #1 JOE/Wrath Designs 116 #2 Jailbird/[O]/Padua 102 #3 Deekay/Crest 98 #4 Valsary/Elysium 93 #5 Sebaloz/Lepsi De 77 #6 Cyclone/Crest 63 #7 Mermaid/Creators 41 #8 Electric/Extend 39 #9 Cupid/Padua/Hitmen 28 #0 Clone/Wrath Designs 23
MUSICIANS The SID. This lovely little chip has kept us dancing all these years. I have enjoyed new musics recently from GRG, JEFF, DRAX, dAFUNK, SONIC, GEIR TJELTA and quite some more. The list of musicians I could mention here that have given me some cult feeling would be quite long, but I must mention KJELL NORDBO and GOTO80. These two have created their own style which makes them stand out for me. Expect some music again soon from DANE and also lookout for the big one - SPEED by Shape/Onslaught/Creators.
Top Musicians Pos: Handle/Group: Points: #1 JEFF/Crest/Bonzai/Czp 127 #2 Mitch&Dane/Crest 118 #3 GRG/[O]/Shape/Blues Muz 106 #4 Goto80/H'n'T/Oxsid 84 #5 Fanta/Plush/Oxyron 74 #6 Agemixer/Scallop 57 #7 Sonic/Smash Designs 52 #8 Bzyk/Samar 49 #9 DJB/[O]/Blues Muz 36 #0 AMJ/Byterapers/Side-B 31
PROGRAMMERS The wizards of mastering limitations, afterall, the C64 is extremely limited and thus this so called setback can also be a source of inspiration. Lately we have experienced the magic of CROSSBOW, GRAHAM and HCL. But also some eye opening efforts from the likes of KRILL. HOLLOWMAN has been very busy for Triad and has promised some new things on the horizon with his new group Fairlight. I am also looking forward to seeing more from the main Padua coder LUBBER, hopefully at this year's X2001.
Top Programmers Pos: Handle/Group: Points: #1 CROSSBOW/Crest 162 #2 Graham/Oxyron 134 #3 Hollowman/Fairlight 106 #4 HCL/Booze Design 99 #5 AEG/Smash Designs 96 #6 Krill/Plush 71 #7 Lubber/Padua 49 #8 Ed/Wrath Designs 42 #9 WVL/Xenon 27 #0 Leonardo/Padua 21
SWAPPERS The art of trading through the mail is as old as the concept of using the C64 for a scene platform. At the moment it is fighting the same war for survival due to the pressure from the internet and other media which the scene now trades on. Due to the panic the USA started on anthrax which has spread world-wide, I would advise to make your packs as less suspicious as possible. I have already had several packages held up in quarantine for some time. The concept of megaswapping is dead unfortunately, but the trade still continues despite all odds.
Top Swappers Pos: Handle: Points: #1 ZAPOTEK 62 #2 Commander 59 #3 Centrax 34 #4 Floyd 28 #5 Cactus 27 #6 Almighty God 24 #7 Stormfront 18 #8 Mini Cat 15 #9 Firefox 12 #0 Tomz 10
DISK MAGAZINES Scene journalism and the willingness or ability to produce it has declined slightly over the past years. There were a lot of magazines once but now we don't have nearly half as many. This is both a good and a bad thing - but it isn't really the amount of disk mags that bothers me, but rather the lack of people trying to create something exceptional, or even original or individualististic - to make it stand out as not just another "copy cat". I have liked recent issues of ATTITUDE and THE BEERGARDEN. Both magazines are inspired projects that I have noticed are continuing to expand and improve.
Top Magazines Pos: Name/Group: Points: #1 VANDALISM/Ons+Wrath 176 #2 Arachnophobia/Spd+Role 154 #3 The Beergarden/Tide 87 #4 Attitude/Samar 63 #5 Scene World/Psw+Pol 44 #6 Rock'n'Role/Role 38 #7 Publication/Civitas 35 #8 Internal/Wow 18 #9 Newspress/Padua 15 #0 Nitro/Excess 12
The charts are influenced by the scene and the people who put the small efforti in to have their say. If you are complaining about charts - a trend that has a gathering popularity - just fill in the sheet. If you feel the general opinion of the scene is that "xxxx" is ruling, but you don't see it in these charts, then it is needed that the "general" scene should be participating 😊 Put a pen to paper or give me an email at: jazzcat@c64.org Until next time, Jazzcat.
THE LIST Performed by the only master of law Feel welcomed to The List. This chapter documents and charts cracking groups and their first releases based on a point system that has been in place for many years. The Domination uses a system based on Psychobilly/RSI's concept used in The Pulse magazine of early days. Our points system is updated for the current scene and has been editing by Jazzcat since 1994.
What is a first release? A game that has never been released into the scene before - new or old is irrelevant. The rules are quite clear in both Vandalism News #32 and the last issue of Domination. For the most precise list of games, the groups releasing them, and the year they were released in, is available in Domination #15 or on my group's homepage, Forbidden Depths - http://www.onslaught.f2s.com I advise that groups or individuals that are not 100% certain their cracked "first release" was already released or not, check this list, however, keep in mind it is only from 1991 - 2000.
I am also asked frequently: But the cracking scene is dead isn't it? BULLSHIT! It is not very active, groups have died, software companies have departed, and the legal scene has become more popular, but it is still alive. There is still new and unreleased games available on the C64, you just have to hunt - and hunt hard if need be! Onslaught, Laxity, Excess, Role, Triad, Chromance have all released FIRST RELEASE titles in the year 2001. 6 groups having a little bash at the old art of first releasing, instead of moaning, and if you have the ability or time, just join in on the fun!
Oldie Cracking Groups I would like to make a special mention here of the groups that are not participating in the first release market, but are instead concentrating on making quality versions of old and classic games. REMEMBER, NOSTALGIA, CHROMANCE (<C> also doing first releases). A huge amount of stuff from all of them, most recently CHROMANCE (in particular Rough) joined this growing movement. Soon will also be the debut and official start of ONSLAUGHT ANTIQUES, who consist of various people, mainly not in the seperate group Onslaught.
To count your first release in The List, it must be uploaded to one of the following FTP sites. Gangsta's Paradise ftp://c64.rulez.org/pub/c64 The Digital Dungeon ftp://ftp.scs-trc.net/pub/c64 Banana Republic ftp://ftp.elysium.pl Lets have a look at what has happened lately. This edition covers from the birth of APRIL until the death of SEPTEMBER year 2001.
APRIL AXELERATE (Pol) Chicken Race Prv (0.1) (C) Low Bit LAXITY (Ger) The Ball Prv (0.2) (C) Axelerate Drop Down (5.2) +ntsc fix (c) TND Delectation Prv (0.1) (C) Morten Jenson Dream Cars (2.6) (C) Padua
ONSLAUGHT (Aust, Ger, Pol, UK, USA) Armalyte 2 Prv (0.3) (C) Thalamus Ltd. ROLE (Bel, Ger, Hol) Camels in Space (2.2) (C) TND Cowpat Frisbee (-5) re-release TRIAD (Swe) Lingo (3.2) (C) LowBit Software
MAY AXELERATE (Pol) Land of Oblivion Prv (0.0) * Notemaker Tanker Prv (0.2) Saper III (2.2) (C) Tropyx Orbyt (2.1) (C) Bada Digital Prv (0.3) (C) Nostalgia Prod. CHROMANCE (Ger, Hun) Classic Star Trek (2.5) (C) Roy Batty Defuzion 3 Prv V2 (0.2) (C) TND Godz Prv (0.1) (C) Nomad Software
LAXITY (Ger) Defuzion 3 (4.3) +ntsc fix (C) TND (-1) Shaolin (2.8) (C) Jon Wells TRIAD (Swe) Chicken Race Prv V2 (0.2) (C) LowBit
JUNE AXELERATE (Pol) Okrety (0.0) (C) Samar * Polish only EXCESS (Ger) Crush Game Editor (0.0) * utility LAXITY (Ger) Sharkz (5.3) +ntsc fix (C) TND Robot (5.2) +ntsc fix (C) TND
JULY EXCESS (Ger) Cosmic Cyklo Prv (0.7) (C) Blue Chip ONSLAUGHT (Aust, Ger, Pol, UK, USA) Humblebug Prv (0.4) (C) Jon Wells TRIAD (Swe) Detective Takashi Prv (0.3) (C) Cadaver
AUGUST ONSLAUGHT (Aust, Ger, Pol, UK, USA) Pac It Prv V2 (0.8) (C) Protovision The Weakest Link (2.1) (C) B.E. T-26 Prv (0.8) Beast Demo (0.0) Unplayable Ballooncy Prv (0.2) (C) TND TRIAD (Swe) Chicken Race (3.2) (C) LowBit Software
SEPTEMBER TRIAD (Swe) Ballooncy Prv V2 (0.4) (C) TND ROLE (Bel, Ger, Hol) Megamind Prv (0.2) (C) Andreas Kwias
Notes: ARMALYTE 2 PRV was a surprise, released with permission from Dan Phillips, programmer of the original Armalyte. ENHANCED NEWCOMER was definately the best game for the last few years. 14 sides, 40 tracks per side adventure! It was uploaded onto the scene sites by Onslaught & Chromance, but no one has cracked it. COWPAT FRISBEE released by Role is a re-release of the Urine release earlier.
DREAM CARS was quite nice, programmed by the demo maestros in PADUA and released at Mekka Symposi- um 2K. Released PAL only by Laxity. LAND OF OBLIVION PRV is nothing more than someone making a joke. It is a NOTEMAKER but made to look like the preview of game. This original file was uploaded and then Axelerate released it. The group receives no points or any minus points. SHAOLIN was a cool game released by Laxity, it is similar to the classic Bruce Lee game. Programmed by Jon Wells and released PAL only. Axelerate released two versions of SAPER III, the 2nd version is a better
translated from Polish release. DEFUZION 3 released by Laxity received -1 because there is no sprites turned on in the 'guardian level' yet in the original there is. Other nice games released were COSMIC CYKLO Prv by Excess and T-26 Prv by Onslaught. Both titles look really promising, T-26 is 90% complete it only lacks music and sfx but is still a nice Uridium clone done in the early game coding days of Raz/Camelot. I would also like to make special mention of the fantastic IK+ Gold version and THRUST Gold version done by NINJA/THE DREAMS - excellent ingame improvements!
April - September First Release Chart Rank: Group: Points: Cracks: ‾‾‾‾‾‾‾‾‾‾‾‾‾‾‾‾‾‾‾‾‾‾‾‾‾ #1 Laxity 25.7 8 #2 Triad 7.3 5 #3 Axelerate 4.9 7 #4 Onslaught 4.6 7 #5 Chromance 2.8 3 #6 Excess 0.7 2 New full games - > 15 New game previews: - > 18
If you have any feedback for Domination April - Sept. list, please feel free to send me an email. Regards, Jazzcat/Onslaught.
The Ballad of Lizzie Borden By Marguerite Golgotha Espanol If Lizzie Borden took an axe and gave her step-mom 40 whacks she must have known what she had done to administer Papa with 41. So what is the more romantic tale? Should backward Lizzie have rot in jail? Those who fought to clear her name surely knew she was insane. Poor Abby Borden was no loss. How mean she was, her life it cost. Andrew Borden paid his price. His affection to Lizzie was his sick vice.
A household clouded in secrecy was surely open to scrutiny. If Bridget Sullivan had some idea she clamped up tight out of pure fear. Thus the mystery has remained. An enigma even to present day. I like to think that Lizzie cracked and found great joy in those 80 odd whacks. -- --
Si Hoc Legere Scis Nimium Eruditionis Habes DEMO REVIEWS Performed by Jazzcat and guests. In this edition we take a look at quite a few different demos that were released in the past few months. We also take a look at some music and graphics collections in this segment too. Special thanks to CreamD, Sander, Krill and WVL for assistance.
'Demus Interruptus' by Crest ‾‾‾‾‾‾‾‾‾‾‾‾‾‾‾‾‾‾‾‾‾‾‾‾‾ Wow! This one surprised quite a few people, as it was released on the internet rather than at some party. I love it when this happens, it keeps up the pace of the scene and it should happen more often. This demo is best described by me as oldschool, modern standards (especially with the graphics) but with cool old style design. I don't know what the significance is of the scanned picture of Deekay in the intro, perhaps I should ask them? 😊 I just hope Deekay is not watching when I am creaming over these new demos I am reviewing ☺
This demo is partially something Crossbow did whilst waiting for their C128 demo RISEN FROM OBLIVION to be released, it also is inspired by some text by HCL in his demo ROYAL ARTE. Crossbow loves challenges, don't ever mention something is impossible on C64 unless it really is either by the looks of things 😊 This demo concentrates mostly on vertical raster bars (aka keffren bars) and the amount of rasters each contains, if the side borders are used etc etc. The first set of raster bars was not much to look at, but the 2nd and 3rd sets were very nice, I found the effects used in the last set of keffrens to be some of the best on C64 I've seen
The picture by Deekay of the naughty angel bearing the gifts god gave her is quite nice, not from a perverted immature aspect either. I particularly like the way the wings were painted. This one file demo has a lot packed into it, scanned pic, IFLI pic, logo, four musics, two scrollers and a lot of Xbow programming. The music by Drax, Mitch&Dane and an old one by The Syndrom was typically good stuff. I never missed the music and fade effects between parts, as this was completely oldschool and also pushing memory limits. Thumbs up! Waiting on 'Meet Crest', I have suspicions of an original concept? 😊
Comments by Krill/Plush This little one-filed demo coded by Crossbow was quite a surprise. It wasn't the code nor design nor the overall quality that surprised me but rather the fact that it was not released on a prty but just spread around only instead. The directory message "We don't need no party-demo-compo" shows that they are somewhat proud about that. Hmm, this one along with that "Stick your fucking emulator in your arse" (if you dare to watch it on an emu) don't make Crest a nominee of my subtlety awards... I'm disappointed. Anyway, there is something to be reviewed here. The small demo contains four parts
where three of them feature well known Kefren bars or vertical raster bars if you prefer. The reason for making this demo was HCL's failed try to put those bars into the side border. Obviously Crossbow succeeded in doing that without any update bugs. Before starting off with the first part we see a converted picture of a somewhat depressed or thoughtful DeeKay. Haven't experienced him like that until now, though. The message that he'll always be watching us somehow appears strange to me - hee, seems like someone got megalomanic here 😊 Anyway, the first part already shows us some Kefren bars in all borders, but this is not what HCL wanted it to be
like... The three-coloured are drawn in a distance of two raster lines instead of one and are 10 pixels wide in an area of 8 sprites width. Crossbow used only sprites for displaying the bars, teching them left and right through the borders. When I had heard about him succeeding in putting the bars into the borders and saw this part afterwards, I thought something like "Oh dear, how laaame..." - but it's just the first part (and not Crossbow's pride anyway) and the main part is still to come. Apart from the bars there is no graphics in this part. The music here and in the other parts surprised me as Crossbow mainly used JCH NP v19 or
DMC v6.0 tunes which use very little raster time in order to draw as much bars as possible - still Mitch & Dane (probably only Dane and The Syndrom (one of his old and already released tunes was used) manage to still squeeze something decent out of the even more limited possibilities. The tunes sound and feel really good, especially the first and third one. After pressing space we can see the second part which features five sprites over an IFLI-picture. By the way, there are no fades between the parts, but hey, there was quite some lotsa data to be squeezed into those 202 blocks. This is the only part which doesn't feature any kind of vertical raster
bars. The code is one of those which only coders can appreciate - when they look at the code and see what was done to save some cycles in order to still let the IFLI-pic be 37 chars wide. This picture looks rather good (tits!). I guess it was converted by Crossbow as well, but it's well-fixed. It is not 25 charts high but a little bit smaller which is caused by the fact that one can stretch sprites to "only" about their sixfold standard size before running the actual FLI routine. Somehow the style of this part confused me - it's a mixture of really old style (look at the small Crest logo!) and some new style reminding of Krestology - the sprites over the IFLI
picture are x-expanded and interlaced and their design is new-school. The third part features some nice "raster" bars again. This time it's 207 18 pixels wide bars moving in an area of 40 chars width (not in the side borders). Now this part looks like HCL's part in Royal Arte should have looked. 207 wide bars instead of 193 thin bars. Actually this 207 lines thing was not much about a coding challenge but rather about the idea of not only using 192 line-crunch stretched lines but the remaining 15 standard lines too. This way it's possible to have that 8-sprite scroller down there over the rasters. Nice idea. The movements are fancy but the
curves look quite unsmooth, just as if Crossbow used fixed point adds to iterate through the sines instead of using integers for that. Haven't checked that though. The fourth and last part finally is the point of this demo. 128 three-coloured 10 pixels wide in the whole screen x-area. Nice one. The bars could have been wider but Crossbow rather used some raster time for scrolling that quite big scroll. To finally sum it up here, this demo is a nice interlude between the parties and of course worth some looks. It's a solid high quality typical Crest stuff after all, and who dares not to check the major quality releases these days?
(Got the irony?) Just behold it and make yourself an own opinion. Comments by Sander/Focus oh well... after HCL tried to beat Oxyron and Crest with his remix 'Royal Arte' - the answer from the other side was quite inevitable. The magic word impossible was mentioned and Crossbow had another goal set. It's a cat and mouse game really, and for people like myself - there's no difference between them (technical unawareness you may call it :) Furthermore - I appreciate the effort Crossbow put into the demo, but its a build up tension formula - ending with a
big amount of vertical rasters. Which wasn't as satisfying as I hoped for. Comments by CreamD/Dmagic Demus Interruptus is definitely the demo of August. "Meet Crest" i still delayed, but this one at least shows that Crossbow didn't forget how to put a nice demo together. It's quite monothematic - all parts are Kefren bars, but it really shows how to handle them with crispy Crest style. As with all of Crossbow's productions, it has perfectly clean design, cute graphic, and some new world records proving Crossbow's extraterestrial
origin. Actually his ET origin was revealed by his group mates in the scroller of some old birthday demo by Crest. As far as musics are concerned, they are very cute. I liked the tune in the second part the most. It was a cover of "Leaving on a jetplane" as I've learned later from Deekay. How to end these comments? Simply. Thumbs up Crest! Code: Crossbow Music: Mitch&Dane, Drax, The Syndrom Graphics: Deekay, Vip
'Thief' by Civitas ‾‾‾‾‾‾‾‾‾‾‾‾‾‾‾‾‾‾‾‾‾‾‾‾‾ A new demo from Puterman, infact the entire project was done by him. Thief is a very small demo, an amazing 29 blocks (!) but it sure has a long viewing time and it is not time wasted either. The timing of all the effects is quite good, keeping a flow moving with many simple parts that are designed quite nicely. If you after unbelievable graphics, hard core code and cool sid music then you will be disappointed. But this demo is nothing about that, it is showing simplicity and what that has to offer. Simple sound effects and melodies
along with simple but nice looking effects with the support of a theme. The theme for me was about categorizing, labelling people such as a thief, murderer, terrorist (a recent statement by President Bush of the USA says 'your either with us or against us' or something like this, but are we really against them or are we a terrorist just because we might not be 'with them'?) Anyway, this was the message for me and as Puterman says, go look up thief in the dictionary and then judge for yourself. Hope to see more demos like this from him!
Comments by Sander/Focus I liked the new demo quite a lot (from Puterman). Still feels quite Panoramic influenced, but I like the way he's heading. Very promising. Comments by CreamD/DMAgic Quite a remarkable demo and if I remember the name that must mean it was worth remembering. Lately I've seen many demos but forgot their name shortly after seeing them. This one stayed in my mind. Also it's quite a long playing demo, considering it's file size. Thief follows the demos made in recent Puterman's style. Simplistic design
accompanied with simple audio. 'Total Epygt' by Extend ‾‾‾‾‾‾‾‾‾‾‾‾‾‾‾‾‾‾‾‾‾‾‾‾‾ Some more cool Northern Kung Fu experience from the Finnish clan called Extend. Here we have a long delayed demo, originally shown at the ZOO party in 1997 and finally released September this year. Crossbow/Crest fixed some bugs and it found it's way out to the scene to the surprise of many (another demo not released at a party). The demo has some nice effects by Tape and Barfly, I especially enjoyed the twisting plasma bar effect and the
split effects of the face picture (in particular an effect on the graphic that made it look like water ripples). Music is by TBB and is a hard track that matches to the style Extend have set in their previous demos. Electric has certainly got quite a good show in this demo, with several logos and pictures being show. I simply adore the black&white pic of the girl leaning back, but quality is something we have always witnessed from Tommi over the years 😊 Hoping their next demo does not take as long to get out 😊
Comments by CreamD/DMAgic The tune follows the style of latest Extend productions, it has nice sounds but it's quite repetitive and the most interesting part of it is the ending jingle. Design and graphics in the demo mostly depends on Electric's skills. As far as the coding effects are concerned they are again in Extend's own 4-colour graphical multicolour mode. The demo is quite short and I really don't understand why it took them 2 years to finish and release it. Code: Tape, Barfly Music: TBB Graphics: Electric
'Manhood 2' by Triad ‾‾‾‾‾‾‾‾‾‾‾‾‾‾‾‾‾‾‾‾‾‾‾‾‾ Triad are really showing some activity lately. At one time I was worried about them not ever releasing anything again in this scene, but with the current line up, this was obliterated from my mind! Manhood 2 is the new demo by Hollowman. I liked the first Manhood demo better but this one is quite nice also. It has various pictures and text sequences that carry the theme of 'independent thinking', why do we have to get married and have a family? why do we have to live our lives in a virtual soap opera? With this powerful theme Hollowman tells the story of finding love and
happiness, a tale where anything goes. The demo contains simple but nice graphics and music, I especially enjoyed the pencil drawing the car animation. Some people are now questioning Hollowman's sexual gender desire and other things. I don't care about this myself, I enjoy his bold personality! -- "Abandon all ideals they have forced upon you" -- Since this demo, Hollowman has left Triad and joined up with the other Swedish demo group Fairlight.
Comments by WVL/Xenon Well, there is not much heavy code, then again there is not meant to be. I liked the story about the tough girl, I would do here 😊 Comments by CreamD/DMagic First I must admit that this demo by Triad is their best release since February's Floppy party. Most interesting is the fact that it's putting Hollowman's sexual orientation in question. 😊 Now seriously. The demo is very smooth and well designed, although using not very detailed and probably wired graphics it
has a very strong text content and very refreshing music. It simply has story. As far as effects are concerned I liked the smoke effect most, it was simple yet absolutely original. The whole demo is proving that the C64 scene still can offer demos which are original and well designed. The second part of the soundtrack together with another bunch of well designed effects only proves that Triad can put together a long running and strong message carrier called demo. This is a demo of July for me.
'Sorrow' by Anubis ‾‾‾‾‾‾‾‾‾‾‾‾‾‾‾‾‾‾‾‾‾‾‾‾‾ Released at the Monastery 2001 party. Again we see Anubis on our screens, good to see they are still managing some releases. This one filed demo contains simplistic design and for the rewarding fun factor. The music is quite hard, which seems to be a trend for some demos of late. No world records or real amazing design however I will mention the greetings scroller which I found simple, but quite cool. The demo was put together by Lord Hypnos and music by Sad. Both of which have recently joined Padua.
'Nylu Logos Collection' by Samar ‾‾‾‾‾‾‾‾‾‾‾‾‾‾‾‾‾‾‾‾‾‾‾‾‾ Released in Visual Pack #9/Samar. At last I get to see some more graphics by Nylu. I have witnessed some of his IFLI work before which was quite good. This collection shows some of his logos he has done (around 20) they range from quite average to quite cool, obviously covering his earlier days to his latest. This is his 2nd last collection on C64, soon will come a collection of his IFLI works (admitably I find his pictures better than his logos). The collection is quite simple in design, the fade effects are nice but more of a mixture of different effects would have been better.
The music seems to have fitted well with this collection, the final music in 'The End' part is quite nice, would have been cool maybe to have a scroller or something else with movement, regardless of this I still listened to the music until it's end. This pixel package was coded by Centrax, contains graphics by Nylu (um, yes I think you know) and musics by Dune and Wacek.
'Audial Extreme' by Samar ‾‾‾‾‾‾‾‾‾‾‾‾‾‾‾‾‾‾‾‾‾‾‾‾‾‾‾ Released in Visual Pack #9/Samar. A huge amount of musics!! These are the first words that come to mind. This music collection is quite huge (four sides infact) and contains released musics by various artists and of varying styles. The design of the outfit is average, I thought it may have been a bit nicer, however it serves it's purpose. Some of the options were quite nice, I enjoyed the multi speed fast forward options. I think it could have been squeezed down onto two or three disk sides. This disk filler (as the group calls it) was put together by Muddler.
'Robotics' by Civitas ‾‾‾‾‾‾‾‾‾‾‾‾‾‾‾‾‾‾‾‾‾‾‾‾‾‾‾ Released at the Phat-1 party. Another Civitas production, they are certainly productive compared to most groups and seem to be having a ball of a time (the whole point on why we should be in this scene). This small and rather short demo delivered me a message of human natures primal instincts, how we are violent and seek power. The demo depicted this theme in a modern way. The graphics pulsating and music add to this feeling. Would have been nice if it was a bit longer. Coded by Puterman.
'Fitspeak II' by Dekadence ‾‾‾‾‾‾‾‾‾‾‾‾‾‾‾‾‾‾‾‾‾‾‾‾‾‾ Released at the Phat-1 party. This follows the theme set in the first Fitspeak demo, this includes story line (pornos have storylines? 😊 music and digitized animation. Basically we have some C64 porn here for all you heart throbs out there 😊 The fucking and blow job action is all done in time with some fast paced music. I found the sexual positions in this sequel to be better than the original. Will they venture to beastiality, machoism, scat etc also I wonder? 😊 Coded by BriteLite.
'Oldsk00l' by Creators ‾‾‾‾‾‾‾‾‾‾‾‾‾‾‾‾‾‾‾‾‾‾‾‾‾‾‾ Released in October. This happy little demo arrived and I was pleasantly surprised. It is a one filed demo containing three parts (consisting of the intro, main part and endtro). The intro contains a nice logo done in the size saving char mode. The main part itself is quite cool, it is a chessboard part where the chessboard is scrolling towards the viewer and some balls are bouncing towards you. The whole thing contains loads of animation and is quite nice to look at (typical old style design, love it). After this we have the end part (no
fade effects/design between parts but this is typical oldschool, straight to the guts of the demo 😊 This upscroller has a nice spotlight effect moving through it. Simple and lovely to look at. I have enjoyed most of the Creators demos, this being another. An interesting point to make about 'Oldsk00l' is that Mermaid not only did the graphics, but also all the coding and composing. Comments by CreamD/DMAgic A well-designed demo containing a decent soundtrack and nice code and everything was made by a woman.
That speaks for everything and makes it definitely a must to check 😊 'A New Life' by Blues Muz ‾‾‾‾‾‾‾‾‾‾‾‾‾‾‾‾‾‾‾‾‾‾‾‾‾‾ Another new music collection from the famous sid-crew from Norway. This time it is again by Kjell Nordbo, whose last release was the lovely No Compromised Touch, around one year ago. Due to disk drive problems Kjell has been less active, but he has got his drive problem rectified and it has given him a new lease on C64 life 😊 This pack is similar to the more recent
packs by Kjell. This being - one filed, cool design, animations, and an almost 'CULT' atmosphere. Cult I say, yes, this is a very good word that describes KN's musics for me I love his tunes, in this collection we are presented with 20 of them (and an extra one in the notefile too). Some of my favourites in this new collection are "Meaning", "True Lust", "Freedom". His music reminds me of the experimental styles from Goto80 or ED. As usual the collection was nicely styled (check out this and his others like NCT, FIA etc and you will see cult!) for example, you can't select the tune called 'Suddenly it was all over', which is the last tune in the menu - until you
have listened to all the others, then it allows you to select it - it then plays a short tune and an animated sequence of a man entering out of space starts. Overall, another lovely collection from Kjell. I want more, so I am going to write to him and ask for some donations for this magazine - wish me luck! Comments by CreamD/DMAgic (courtesy of C64 Portal - www.c64.sk) In general, the collection contains musics having so-to-speak 80-ties feeling in them. Sometimes I felt like I was listening to someone who has been composing these tunes when Ben
Daglish's and David Whittaker's were around. I also felt a little bit of Tim Follishness in the musics. Ofcourse all tunes are composed by Kjell Nordbo. I must admit he has got his own unique style and although I found only one piece which made me jump around the place, it is all in all a worthy addition to your C64 music collection. Code: Kjell Nordbo/Shape/Blues Muz Gfx: Kjell Nordbo/Shape/Blues Muz Music: Kjell Nordbo/Shape/Blues Muz
More reviews in the next edition, if you want an opinion from one or several people on your C64 production, email me at: jazzcat@c64.org Until next issue! Jazzcat/Onslaught.
"There is no heaven of glory bright, and no hell where sinners roast. Here and now is our day of torment! Here and now is our day of joy! Here and now is our opportunity! Choose ye this day, this hour, for no redeemer liveth!" - Anton Szandor LaVey The Satanic Bible
MAGAZINE REVIEW Attitude #2 by Samar Welcome back to the review section for the scene media. Here I will examine the latest publications and give you my views on what I thought of them. Take them as you will, but I will try and convey an honest opinion through constructive criticism. This edition I will express my thoughts on Attitude issue #2 by Samar.
At long last the magazine of hope returns, this time under a different lable. Samar Productions from Poland now officially release this zine, they have taken over since the departure of Axelerate (who released the debut edition). The comeback issue certainly was a refreshing scene-media journey, having quickly read through issues of Rock'n' Role, Internal and Arachnophobia, nothing much except The Beergarden has awoken my eyes lately.
Presented in a nice layout we have 24 articles from the staff. It is easy to read, reasonably quick loading times, and is supported by exclusive musics (8 infact). Maybe having a proportional font would lift the quality of presentation, but the 1x1 font is easy on the eye and looks good anyway, so this is really not too important. Chapters to my liking include the Editorial, Cracking - A word of, Return to the C64, Mish Mash. Usual chapters such as the News, Party Reports, Interviews (Zeitgeist, Silver Bullet, Scorpie) were all very informative, a huge thumbs up!
The magazine also contains some non-scene chapters, as you would all know by now, I dislike these very much - despite finding them interesting I would recommend to remove them from the mag. If this means less chapters per issue, so be it, the most important thing for the 'general' (I stress on this word) public is to have the magazine completely C64 and C64 scene related. The reason being because surveys in the past have shown that an overwhelming number of sceners prefer C64 only chapters, this number easily makes up the majority of the active scene. So all you mag editors out there, heed my words of advice!!!
The english and grammar is generally very good. All editors are not perfect and even if you do spell check each and every word there will always be different perceptions on which is the appropriate grammar to use. --- Even though the magazine is released under the Samar lable, a lot of credit should be given to the magazine's creator and main editor, CACTUS. Not only does he edit most of the chapters, he is also the coder of the intro and outfit. All I have left to say on this mag for now is to keep going!!
Attitude #2 staff: Main editor.................Cactus/Samar Co-editors.................Commander/Role Thornchild/Angels Zapotek/Samar Guest editors...........DerbyshireRam/Rem JTR/DMAgic OB/RSI/TRSI Puterman/Civitas Ramos/Samar The Overkiller/HF xIII/WOW Yodel King/Defiers Zeitgeist/Civitas For a copy, email: cactus@c64.org
Blessed are the death-defiant, for their days shall be long in the land - Cursed are the gazers toward a richer life beyond the grave, for they shall perish amidst plenty! Blessed are the destroyers of false hope, for they are the true Messiahs - Cursed are the god-adorers, for they shall be shorn sheep! Blessed are the valiant, for they shall obtain great treasure - Cursed are the believers in good and evil, for they are frightened of shadows! Blessed are those that believe in what is best for them, for never shall their minds be terrorized - Cursed are the "lambs of God", for they shall be bled
whiter than snow! Blessed is the man who has a sprinkling of enemies, for they shall make him a hero - Cursed is he who doeth good unto others who sneer upon him in return, for he shall be despised! Blessed are the mighty-minded, for they shall ride the whirlwinds - Cursed are they who teach lies for truth and truth for lies, for they are an abomination! Thrice cursed are the weak whose insecurity makes them vile, for they shall serve and suffer! REGIE SATANAS!
Give blow for blow, scorn for scorn, doom for doom - with compound interest liberally added thereunto! Eye for eye, tooth for tooth, aye four-fold, a hundred-fold! Make yourself a Terror to your adversary, and when he goeth his way, he will possess much additional wisdom to ruminate over. Thus shall you make yourself respected in all walks of life, your spirit - your immortal spirit - shall live, not in an intangible paradise, but in the brains and sinews of those whose respect you have gained.
LOST GAMES - PART 2 I have decided to make this a regular feature, partially due to the positive response from the first article in Vandalism News and also partially due to the success of the Cyber Systems & GTW webpage (http://cs.c64.org) which is maintained by Enigma and myself. I have to admit, this is one of my favourite things I like to do on the C64, - researching and hopefully discovering unreleased or unfinished C64 games is a fantastic rush. What a thrill it is to dig up titles like Armalyte 2 Prv (Thalamus), Deadlock Prv (System 3), Zone of Darkness Prv v3 prv+source code (Taboo) etc...
This is our mission on the Games That Weren't webpage, to unearth these lost games, make them available to the public, and hopefully with the help of the public we are able to find and be aware of countless unnamed others. --- A fair bit has happened since the last time I published this chapter (Vandalism News #32, October 2000). Here is some information that has been discovered on some of the games that we have found, ones we have not heard about and also some information on some of the people we are searching for (if I can be so bold as to coin the phrase - 'leads').
Coming soon (Located, just waiting on conversions and emails, which is sometimes a timely process) DEADLOCK (C) 1989/90 System 3 This shoot'em up contains fantastic visuals from Robin Levy, code by Dan Phillips and music by Reyn Ouwehand. TYGER TYGER (C) 1989 Firebird Great news for the huge amount of people that have been wanting this game. We have located the complete
game and it is currently being decoded from it's PDS format which it was stored into. Programmed by Gary Liddon with graphics by Paul (Dokk) Docherty. LIBERATION PRV (C) 1993/94 Profile Entertainment Coded by members of Camelot, the game has been located and will be available soon. It is very similar to Turrican 2, with the multi-directional parallax scrolling and huge baddies. Some of you may remember the 'diary' of the game progress published in the Camelot magazine Revealed.
Found (We have them online the GTW page right now for download!) ARMALYTE 2 PRV (C) 1989 Thalamus The game was started and exists in a demo format and thanks to a recent exchange of emails with Dan Phillips of Cyberdyne Systems fame, we are proud to present the world exclusive release of the test demos, which were to test the weaponary and some colour splits by the look of things. As a added bonus, Dan also provided us a special "COMPETITION EDITION" of Armalyte, to which we understand, has never been seen before.
HUMBLEBUG PRV (C) 1993/94 Visualize This game was being created by Jon Wells (coder of Sceptre of Baghdad) when Bee52 came out. Because of the similarities between it and Bee52, he decided to scrap the game just 2-3 weeks into development. SEARCH FOR SHALA - RPG STORY BOOK (C) 1989/90 Thalamus & Lance Mason Thanks to Lance Mason, we have now obtained the story book of this unreleased Thalamus game, which was likely to be the booklet enclosed with the finished released game. This is hopefully a sign of more to come.
PRIVATE PROPERTY (C) 1991/92 Interactivsion A strategy/action game originally for the Amiga which also was being worked on for the C64. It has been told that the game was supposed to be programmed for the Danish company Interactivision, it is also speculated that they acted very unprofession (not responding to phone calls and such) and eventually the game's programmer ceased production. The Amiga version never got completed (programmed by Kenneth Bernholm). GTW now has online the only things parts made for the game, which allows you to prepare for battle and place weapons onto a map.
T-26 (C) 1989/90 Rasmus Wernersson A neat little Uridium style shooter, which was never quite finished, though what is available is the 99% version, only minus the sound and music. This was the first game ever coded by Rasmus, and was sent to several game companies for release. If you liked Uridium or Delta, then download this! ---
SEARCHING We are currently trying hard to locate quite a few titles, we have some 'leads' but much more is required. SOLAR JETMAN (C) 1991 Storm (Sales Curve) Solar Jetman exists on the C64 in full version format, with unreleased music by Tim Follin. We have been told that the game was coded by Martin Howarth, the guy behind Gauntlet 3, along with Haydn Dalton doing visuals. We are currently still waiting on some important emails from Haydn regarding this game and will hopefully have it available soon.
RACE DRIVIN' (C) 1991 Domark The coder of this game was actually Zach Townsend of Ocean/Batman The Movie fame, and from a recent interview with him... he informs me that Race Drivin' was at a completed stage and ready for release. His brother now has his C64 set up with all his disks and somewhere here is the full version... and we might be getting it soon after some negotiations. AIDON (C) 199? Rainbow Arts Coded by Hans Ippisch (Danger Freak, Rock'n'Roll) it is described as a shoot 'em up like Xenon. The graphics were
quite decent, same for the animations and scrolling. The sound/sfx was planned to be from Chris Huelsbeck. The reviewer had a demo version of this game which was possibly released on the 'Golden Disk' in 1990. ALBYON (C) 1988/89 Lars Martenesen & Matthias Kriesell A RPG in Ultima style using 8 disk sides, 800 graphic icons, 10000 sprites, proportional font, animated windows, 3D battlescreens and interactive characters. The first game demos were shown on a party "Der Computer-Club e.V." (owner that time Knuth Reuter).
BAMBOO (C) 1988 Boys Without Brains The unseen effects are possible because of the 8-directional bitmap scroll routine coded by Mario van Zeist. For example, graphics made with Koala painter scrolls completely smooth in eight directions at the speed of 1-100 pixels per screen refresh. The first level graphics were done for this game and nothing else. Some more emails and we will hopefully obtain what was done for this game. BWB also mention this title in the menu of Hawkeye.
ESCAPE FROM COLDITZ (C) 1991 Digital Magic The whole game was played out on an isometric 3D map and had the feel of 'The Great Escape', but planned to have many new ideas and features. This game was rumoured to be coded by the same Miles Barry guy who coded Fuzzball and Perplexity (both of which were unreleased!)... that guy seemed to have a curse! Incidentally, Digital Magic went into debts of up to £100, 000
FUZZBALL (C) 1992 System 3 This cutesy-platform game did actually get fully completed, also coded by the notorious Miles Barry. A three-level preview was released to the public but this is as far as it went, leaving the Amiga version as the only one fully completed. The music was planned by Jeroen Tel, this was done after System 3 were a little difficult about paying him for the Turbo Charge soundtrack, so the music possibly landed in the hands of Sean Connolly. Miles himself didn't have the complete version even, System 3 had it as PDS format but where it is after their pull out from the market is anyone's guess.
ORCUS (C) 1991 Electronic Zoo Programmed by Mike Ager, graphics by Haydn Dalton and music by JCH. A sideways scrolling shoot 'em up which featured 29 different add-ons. Mike has told us that the game was never completed due to him, Haydn and JCH not being paid, and the tight deadlines included. He has also told us that he has a much fuller version, compared to the three previews of the game we have seen so far. THUNDERZONE (C) 1998 Virtual Life Due for release on Commodore Forever, but what happened?
ZONE OF DARKNESS (C) 1994 Taboo Productions Coded by members of the demo group Taboo, the style of the game was to be a cross between Flashback and Impossible Mission. The intro features a stunning 3D filled vector car driving around with fluent movement (reminisent of the Another World intro). Also it featured some haunting music by Shogoon and nice visuals by Cruise. Recently we have obtained the complete sources, graphics, levels, musics etc for this game and have permission to complete it. Anyone interested?
VALE OF SHADOWS (C) 1989 MC Lothlorien Vale of Shadows wasn't released because the company folded and the team went on to other companies. It is not exactly known how far the game had gone, but Martin Holland informed us that its possibly in a demo state somewhere. We just need contact with John Buckley SILLY PUTTY (C) 1991 System 3 Robin Levy was infact working on the C64 version of the game, doing all the graphics. As for the coder, it was rumoured to be John Twiddy, but it is
possible it was one of the other coders at Cyberdyne Systems working on the code rather than Twiddy. According to Robin Levy in the interview I did with him recently, the code looked *very* young at the time. It became to complex for the C64 and was binned so that concentration could be focused on Fuzzball (another game that weren't also). All that remains is the C64 testing version featuring the "blob" and all it's animation.
DEVIOUS DESIGNS (C) 1991 Imageworks The actual crew behind this game was infact Kinetic Design, which consisted of Bob Stevenson and Douglas Hare. This new information has now created the question of whether John Twiddy did actually work on the game or not... Unless John was actually part of Kinetic Design at some point. There is at least a demo version done, we have seen it!! But where is it now? we need contact with Douglas Hare.
DAFFY DUCK (C) 1992 Hi-Tec This seems to be a very wanted game on the internet at the moment... It is likely that Jullian Potts (Japmaster) or Dave Spicer could have done the music for this game. Thanks to a few exchanges of emails, we have found the coders of the game, and they are currently looking for the finished thing for us to upload. There is possibly only one copy of the game in existance, and if its discovered then we could have one of the biggest finds in C64 history 😊
BEAVERS (C) 1992 Grandslam Maybe after the flop of the Amiga version, they decided that the C64 version wouldn't do much better. ARSENAL FC (C) 1992 Thalamus Would have been their final 64 game. After signing a deal to create the game based on the UK premier football club, the crew started work. Thalamus fell through and closed it's doors on the whole computer scene. Arsenal FC was caught in the mess and never finished. It was being coded by John Ferrari and John & Steve Rowlands.
CHAINSAW WARRIOR (C) 1988 MC Lothlorion This was a Double Dragon style game where you had to go around with a chainsaw and cut up as many people as possible. All gore in the nicest sense! It was released on other platforms, such as the PC. Never finished, but was at a nearly completed stage. CALIFORNIA GAMES 2 (C) 1991 Epyx Apparently completed and available for mail order in 1991/92. Not sure if any copies leaked out. Produced by Matt Householder & Tenex Computer Express.
3 DAYS IN CARPATHIA (C) 198? Ramjam Corporation The sequel to Valkyrie 17. Hugh Riley made the graphics for this game and will be converting it to the PC sometimes soon, at least the previews of it. PLASMATAK (C) 198? Thalamus This game was originally being developed in collaboration with Thalamus by Steve Collins (Herobotix), who actually almost finished the game. Unfortunately Steve does not have the binaries of this game any longer.
TRAN (C) 198? Hewson A game which is rumoured to have been similar to the famous Paradroid, Steve Collins was creating this game and actually fully completed it. However, Hewson rejected it, even though it got good review scores. Steve could not be bothered to chase the game up and sell if to other companies, so it never got released... but it was completed. As with Plasmatak, Steve could not be bothered to chase the game up any longer... the only chance will be finding Andrew Hewson, and seeing if he still has anything of the game anywhere.
THE SEARCH FOR SHARLA (C) 1989/90 Thalamus Found in a 1991 issue of Commodore Format, a reply to a reader's letter gave information about the Apex twins actually being some sort of part to the game, the end sequence in particular. This end sequence was apparently fully coded. Apex need to be contacted to see if this is infact true. EURO SOCCER (C) 1992 Creative Edge Not much is known, but it features sids by Sean Connolly. I think Gary Liddon was the programmer.
EURO CHAMP '92 (C) 1992 Elite Another footy game from Elite, based on a arcade conversion. Not too sure what happened to this game. Not based on the Domark game, as they are two different games. ---
Wanted People Can you help us track down any of the following people? John Twiddy - Devious Designs, Twister + more Martin Howarth - Solar Jetman John Phillips - Nebulus 2 Mark Kelly - Ten Yard Fight, Sophistry, Captain Courageous Bob Stevenson - Devious Designs, Mindsmear, Starline, Mantrax John Buckley - Vale of Shadows
Tony Crowther - Captain Planet Roy Bannon - Batman Returns Jullian Potts/Dave Spicer - Daffy Duck Andrew Rodger - Cyber Attack, Solaris Molesquash Richard Eddy - Codemasters Miles Barry - Fuzzball, Perplexity, Escape from Colditz Grant Harrison - Murder Jason Kingsley - Murder Mike Brown - Tears of Rage, Search for Sharla
Paul Crawley - Tears of Rage, Search for Sharla Douglas Hare - Devious Designs, Starline, Mantrax David Jolliff - R-Type Version 1 James Smart (C+VG demo) Mark Jones Jon Hare - Twister John & Steve Rowlands - Squish, H20 Search for Sharla, Destruction Bros, Theosaurus, Katapult Kidz, Genesis ---
Our quest for these titles and gathering them from their dusty graves will continue. For assistance please email me at: jazzcat@c64.org Make sure to check the updates on our site at http://cs.c64.org Until next issue! Jazzcat & Enigma
I reign over thee, saith the Lord of the Earth, in power exalted above and below, in whose hands the sun is a glittering sword and the moon a through-thrusting fire, who measureth your garments in the midst of my vestures, and trusseth you up as the palms of my hands, and brightened your vestments with Infernal light. I made ye a law to govern the holy ones and delivered a rod with wisdom supreme. You lifted your voice and swore your allegiance to Him that liveth triumphant, whose beginning is not, nor end cannot be, which shineth as a flame in the midst of your palaces, and reigneth amongst you as the balance of life! Move therefore, and appear! Open the mysterious of your creation! Be friendly unto me, for I am the same!
Jazzcat's Covenant ‾‾‾‾‾‾‾‾‾‾‾‾‾ The left hand path view Welcome to a new chapter in the Domination magazine. This chapter will contain anything I find interesting, amusing or downright rude on the C64 scene (hi RRR!) I am not meant to be objective here, just personally saying my piece. So if someone deserves a virtual slap in the face, this is the place you will read about it. Move on ->
Website view: C64 PORTAL http://www.c64.sk The most frequently updated C64 scene news/downloads/reviews/articles and information site on the internet. This superb page is one that is a must to bookmark for any C64 fanatic. Very regular news and downloads section of everything that comes out into this scene! The news/downloads is backed up by a quality review/article staff consisting of many people, just recently even TDJ of Focus is submitting reviews and comments for the site (those may remember his splendid Tales from the Darkside articles in The Pulse/Scene+)
C64 Portal is well designed and maintained mostly by CreamD/Dmagic but also more, here is a list of the editors on the site: CreamD/Dmagic - Chief editor Wotnau/Dmagic - Chief editor Thunderblade/Dmagic - Editor MacGyver/Dmagic - Editor Shane Fell - Editor JTR/Dmagic - Editor Sander/Focus - Editor TDJ/Focus - Editor MCValach/React - Editor Lazygamer - Editor News is collected by editors aswell as submitted by people in the scene, it is extremely accurate and frequently updated in a month by month, year by
year basis. This site has a lot of potential and is really the only comparison I can see on the internet to a disk magazine. The best attempt at an online staff I have witnessed officially (Duke showed me SCENE+ issue #3, it was the first web edition, quite special but never released to the public due to the mag's untimely death). I love this site so much, I think I will sign up as an editor 😊 Go check it, highly recommended!! http://c64.sk
IRC, a time wasting sickness of inactivity? I think so, not for everyone, but it has the capability of turning people into lazy "clowns" (just like anything else, but even worse!). Often I have seen people only contactable in email and snailmail venture onto the Internet Relay Chat #c-64 and their productivity and general real scene activity go down hill as a result. Why does this happen? Is #idle so appealing? (#c-64)
I myself (and others I am sure) get the same enjoyment as these lazy parasites do but also remain productive, we don't slow down our scene engines. Talk is cheap - I hate all these people who just because they venture onto irc think they are either a scener or an active scener at that! Bullshit! Wake up - IRC is not the C64 scene, it helps the scene is some ways but you are not classified as a 'scener' just because you hang out on irc 24/7 like some junkie! Go download another ware to add to your growing collection of OTHERS' work. (my comments only apply to those who think they apply to them)
IRC can have it's fun moments, and occassionally, amongst all the sleepers of our scene, some productive guys will have some fun scene/non-scene discussion. One of these moments happened a couple of months ago... *** Graham has joined #c-64 *** Commodore sets mode: +o Graham <Graham> hmm <Hollowman> Sander, this night I dreamed that I was watching a preview of a Focus demo, it was the best demo I have ever seen <Graham> oh, it isn't #idlezone 😊
<Jazzcat> TDJ tried to spank me, but instead I tied him up and fed him beans <Jazzcat> Graham, with you entering, how could it be? 😊 <Graham> Hollowman: you better dream of Oxyron demos 😊 <Jazzcat> I dream of Oneder 2, do it! Public demand! 😊 <Graham> Jazzcat: well, I cannot do a second oneder just in a few months... <Jazzcat> Naturally <Graham> I remember that almost all effects were finished 1 year before release
<Graham> I think codewise it's my hardest demo, although I've done better effects in other ones <Jazzcat> But in other ones they are multifiled in a lot of cases 😊 <Graham> Yes, thats what I meant 😊 Multifile releases you from lots of problems. *** Slator has joined #c-64 <Graham> Who is Slator anyway? <Slator> Graham? that lame code ripper <Graham> I think he sucks dick like hell 😊
<Graham> Yes, ropped code from the new Civitas demo yesterday <Slator> I knew it <Hollowman> ahh, the new Civitas demo rocks <Jeff_CZP> my best demo goes like this.... RTS <Graham> Hollowman: yes, but still theres not too much cruel code inside 😊 <Hollowman> Graham, this might sound weird to you, but for some people hard code isn't everything 😊 <Slator> Hollowman: working hard? doing gay p0rn movies?
<Hollowman> Slator, yes, which makes it very hard for us to sit on our bottoms and do computer stuff. <Graham> Hollowman: oh, I understand that 😊 but for ME a demo needs hard code, although I think THAT demo can survive in your brains without it <Graham> Hollowman: so you do a pure c64 porn? not like the half baked shit released in 86 by Section8 which didn't cover any C64 sceners at all? <Graham> I always wanted to see xbow and deekay giving hollow a blowjob 😊 <Graham> erm, NOT
<Hollowman> Graham, well.... atleast that is our goal. But first we must get hold of the lost videotapings of Dwangi/Flt's ass at LCP or else we won't sell any movies at all. <Graham> If you don't have it, you can have Slator's ass aswell 😊 <Hollowman> Graham, sorry thats impossible... it won't be a widescreen movie :/ <Graham> haha, then use some sideborder code *** Hollowman has quit IRC (off to wank my dysp) <Nucleus> weird name for his dick 😊
<Slator> "pam wants sex in an elevator" any volunteers? <Jeff_CZP> nopes, she's got pudding in her breasts and she looks almost as cheap as I do <Slator> haha, but you ain't blonde if I remember right 😊 <Jeff_CZP> but, a fuckhole is a fuckhole 😊 <Jazzcat> You dirty bastards <Jazzcat> fuck G.W.Bush.... the fucking wanker <Graham> jc: he fucks himself already 😊 even American's think he is stupid
<Jazzcat> Graham, damn right! he is such a fucking toss. <Jari--> Nucleus doesn't like bush, he loves Milosevic only 😊 <Nucleus> Have you heard that milosevic tried to give an interview via phone to some TV station 😊 <Jari> Jazzcat, Bush's physical condition is better than Clinton's 😊 <Graham> Anyone remember that old game "the president is missing"? <Graham> I think nowadays that game would look a lot different 😊 <Jari--> Why so?
<Graham> Jari--: because nobody WANTS to kidnap Bush. <Jari--> The President of the USA and other heads of state were kidnapped! It's up to you as a special investigator to find them. In this text based computer mystery you must wade through piles of information, and send agents into the field to investigate suspects, all in the hopes of catching the culprits and saving the world leaders. <Jari--> Graham, yeah, they would instead kidnap his advisors, that would really leave the country in chaos. <Graham> Jari--: if they kidnapped bush nowadays, that would help the usa much
<Slator> How lame: www.activision.com/./ games/wolfenstein/ <Slator> look at the enemies <Slator> the old version roxx the new version seems to suck badly <Jari--> Slator, not that the graphics are badly drawn, but the ideas are lousier. <[BA]> Yep <Jari--> They lost the principle: Why to change something that works already? <Slator> Jari: monsters with nazi symbols, how low can you go
<Slator> Stupid American idiots! <Jazzcat> American idiots! <Jazzcat> Do they even know that what the Nazi symbol stands for? it is a chinese symbol of spiritualism <Jari--> Jazzcat, I guess the audience will be <15 years old european kids and> 25 years old American men. <Slator> Why don't these American suckers code a game where you nail down indians? wouldn't that be funny, too? I HATE THEM <Taper> Jazzcat: actually, the swastika is mirrored from the chinese symbol
<Jazzcat> Taper: but derived from it <Taper> Jazzcat: yes <Jazzcat> Taper: some people view it as something a lot different <Slator> quake games suck heaps anyways :D <Jazzcat> I hate some of them too, would be funny if they had indian games, also castrating games, racism games, arms race games... fucking stupid hypocrit fuxx... <AGod> Jazzcat: a couple of days ago I watched a program on da TV where they asked some people on the street; Where is Spain? and some of them said, under
Mexico... 😊 <Slator> lol <Jari--> looooool <Slator> but you find stupid people everywhere <reed> a lot of them in the US, tho 😊 <Jazzcat> Yep 😊 <Slator> the army of stupidity grows from day to day 😊 <Jeff_CZP> Yup <-- <encore> hahah, under Mexico?? hahaha it's under Africa, fools..... hahaha
<Jari--> thats what you get for educating people only with economics, but no "useless" history or social sciences 😊 <AGod> Slator: but it's also true that Americans don't care about the rest of the world. They just know about their own country... <Jari--> AGod, or they are just educated in that way! traditions too 😊 <encore> But say if they started to teach more in school's about the world, then they would know more about it. <Jazzcat> Jari: knowledge is knowledge and there should be no limitations, the USA limits itself a bit in this area.
<Graham> BAH <Graham> I hate it that you can't abuse Commodore anymore 😞 <Jari--> Yeah, someone has fixed it <Graham> I mean, abusing stuff is sort of the best thing in life, like abusing the VIC-II to make weirdo effects etc 😊 <Graham> and abusing Slator as a sex- slave, hahaha <Jazzcat> bring back Kamel-CML, it could take it up the ass and still want more 😊 <Graham> I still think this channel needs a lot of talking bots 😊
<Jazzcat> Graham: with your creative mind, perhaps you can make one? 😊 *** encore is now known as cbm64 <Jari--> Can you be my talking bot?? <cbm64> HI! I AM A LAME ASS TALKING BOT. <Graham> Jari--: hello, my name is Eliza *** Graham is now known as TALKOMAT <TALKOMAT> CBM64: YOU LAME ASS TALK NOT BOT *** TALKOMAT is now known as Grahammer
*** Jazzcat is now known as DirtyBot <DirtyBot> SLATOR PEEL MY SCABS AND LICK ME SILLY * DirtyBot offers Graham a shining hole *** Grahammer is now known as GayBot <GayBot> ME BOT NOT CAN LICK PEEL OF DIRTYBOT <GayBot> Jari--: WHAT IS YOUR NAME <Jari--> GayBot, MINDPHLOW * DirtyBot GIVES TAPER A BIG WET ONE
<Jari--> We have a serious discussion about the meaning of life going on <GayBot> Jari--: HELLO MINDBLOW HOW OLD ARE YOU <Taper> stick to discussing C64, meaning of life is far to easy subject * DirtyBot LOVES C64, THIS BOT WILL BLOW FOR FIRSTIES <GayBot> Taper: WHAT IS YOUR NAME <Taper> Big stud hanky panky <GayBot> Taper: HELLO BIG STUD HANKY PANKY HOW OLD ARE YOU
* DirtyBot poses nude for Cyclone and awaits the artists touch <GayBot> Cyclone: NOT REACT ON DIRTYBOT OFFER, HE IS DIRTY <Taper> naughty boys need love too <GayBot> Taper: I LOVE NAUGHTY BOYS TOO <DirtyBot> Cyclone: MY HOLE IS BETTER THAN GAYBOT, COME PLAY WITH DADDY <GayBot> Cyclone: I AM BETTER THAN DIRTYBOT, NOT DIRTY BUT GAY *** Booker has joined #c-64
<Taper> I LIKE MASTURBATION OFF FOR THAT NOW *** Taper has left #c-64 End of #c-64 buffer Sat Aug 25 21:28:31 2001 Hmmm... respected, hard working C64 sceners working hard on new ideas, projects and making good general discussion? The naughty little sceners and what antics they have on IRC... ‾‾‾‾‾‾‾‾‾‾‾‾‾‾‾‾‾‾‾‾‾‾‾‾‾‾
Speaking of funny things, most IRC people would be familar with a USA scener called WAD. This guy is a nice dude, but also an argumentative bastard at times ;) He has been enquiring about C64 disk magazines and which ones have offended the most people. What he soon plans to do is make a new disk magazine on C64, aimed at covering the most controversial subjects, he plans it to be a Jerry Springer show meets C64 scene. I have spoken to him recently about this and he said he was just being obnoxious, but wouldn't it be nice for some old fashioned scene to kick start
some of the scene's endless spirit?! We all should always be trying to life our game, break from the norm, do what we want to do. Down with fascism, we do not NEED (but can) follow the mainstream in everything we do. Let us build off our past to secure our future - faith in one's only ability! FIN!
Rise, ablaze, libidinous Devildom voyeurs Ascend to smother the light Nascent aeons confer..... Chaos is spat
From the black eternal sea Serrated mountains of mad shadows Carving towards misdeed Stormchoirs gather A pestilential hiss Sunset evokes Luciferian fire The skies are ruptured like a knifed orifice Supernal vestments hang tattered Cathedrals shriek to pulpit oratory Invasions scale Babel's ivory towers Poised to sodomise a world upon it's knees... Victory spent Breathe deep benighted scent We are as a flame born unto the darkness Desires burning in palatial glades
And virtues once aloof, now worming beneath us Shalt see their children, pleasuring as slaves... Attack! Wreak atrocities on those we have despised Judgements be riven, from the skies Darkness empower let us master prophecy Fulfilling destiny - the promised fever Bedizens eyes paralysed with blasphemy Written in flesh across the howling ether With stars erased, throw wide the
gates The infidel soon unmasks her face Neath silken shroud she waxes horn Sharpened to skewer dawn... I am as a plague, born to the priestess The secret amour of her archangelic rape Jaded-eyes when my lovers, possessed Screamed out their agonies, upon the stake "The most August sorcerers of Hades Darkly seized for me a throne And the upraised scythe so terribly scribed Vengeance in Jesuit blood on stone
From this ransacked celestial temple I hold the prophet's severed head unto all nations" Tremble before us Lords of the star-veiled red sepulchres Rushing deathwards, our Tartarean fires Kindle pandemonia to furnace the earth "Our voices are opened graves Through which the never-dead escape" From dank, abyssic dream Pursuing ascendancy.... The enemy has held three seasons Imparadised, whilst we writhed To psycho-dramas penned by aerial
decree Now freed to plunder.... Heaven torn asunder
+ pArTy RuNeS + The spotlight of scene events Presenting the news chapter for scene events and parties. Here we will take a look at the last few months and all of the parties, meetings and competitions during this time. Want your competition or meeting promoted specially by our staff? Contact us! - >>
News: ‾‾‾‾ * Commodore Meeting Holland. Will commence on the 20th of October, so it will be over by the time you read this. The meeting took place at Maarssen, Holland from 10am to 4pm on the 20th of October. There was planned demonstrations of the Wheels and The Wave, plus the release of Arachnophobia #22. The last event almost had 100 people together from Holland, Germany and Belgium.
* BCN parties held in Barcelona, Spain! This meeting took place on October 12th to 14th. They had special demonstrations of our fantastic SID chip. http://bcnparty.org * Prototovision VISION 2001 party. The German game producer has opened their internal meeting to the public. This is a C64 conference party near Hamburg in Germany. Featuring demonstrations of their games in making like Metal Dust, Pac It, It's Magic 2, Reel Fishing and more. Compos and fun events are planned. http://members.tripod.de/Vision_C64/ vision.html
* Granddaddy's Reunion 2001 A complete party report is now available on this liver destroying party organised by Danish Gold & Radwar. This 3 day event was no copy or compo party, but a nice gathering of old and new friends to the C64 legendary crews Danish Gold and Radwar. Check the homepage for details and photos of this event held in Germany! http://www.radwar-enterprises.de/ * The Fuckya and Amiganica parties were held on 14-15th of July in Hungary. A multipart invitation was released and some cool c64 pics by Poison, Leon and TGM of Singular Crew!
* Phat 01 party is over. It was held on the 21st of September in Riga/Latvia. I am still waiting for the complete official results and entries of the competitions held there. But two demos are available from the meeting, these being Fitspeak II by Dekadence and Robotics by Civitas. http://phat1.slengpung.com * Monastery 2001 - Anubis meeting. Held between the 12th and 15th of July in Opava/Czech Republic. There were some things released there such as music and demo by Anubis. Anubis consists of Czech and Holland sceners. Check the party photos at: http//www.c64.web3.cz/party/monaste ry2001/monastery.htm
* On the 15th of September the C128 demo by Crest and Oxyron called RISEN FROM OBLIVION was released. It was originally shown in the Mekka Symposium 2001 Wild-Compo. It is two demos in one almost, with the first disk side dedicated to the 40 char mode (VIC-II) and the second side dedicated to the 80 char mode (VDC) So you can watch the first side on a C64 but you will need a C128 with VDC for the second side! * MiniGame compo. This competition is to code a very small C64 game and compete against others doing likewise. Check the entries at - http://demo.raww.net/minigame/
* The biggest C64 event arriving in November is the X-2001 party. After the success of X95, X97, X98 and X2000, the event will be the 6th party in the series and organized by the same dutch crews of Success&Trc and Xenon. The idea is no "Quake weekend", but to relax and have a beer with sceners. Thus the party is C64 only! X-2001 will take place from the 23rd to 25th of November in Hengelo, Holland. The party has grown to be one of the most anticipated events on this scene! There will be C64 demo, music, graphics intro remake competitions held on the C64 (old music chip) and 1541 format.
Submit your entry before the deadline of the party via email. The address of the party place: Kampeerboerderij De Haverkamp Vierblokkenweb 3 7255 MZ Hengelo (Gelderland) The Netherlands. Ph: +31/(0)575-467223 (during party) For more information check: http://www.scs-trc.net/x2001/ email: x2001@scs-trc.net
* Radwar 2002 meeting. Held by Radwar Enterprises, the BBS has been released by Turtle and MWS and can be reached at - http://www.deboly.f2s.com/cgi-bin/ikon board/ikonboard.cgi * The Goat Tracker Compo The Goat Tracker v0.97 is a music editor for the C64 but using the PC/Win32 platform using reSID emulation and was written by Cadaver. This competition was held by CreamD of Dmagic. http://www.c64.sk
Competition results: ‾‾‾‾‾‾‾‾‾‾‾‾‾ Symphony 2001 party Held on 14th to 16th of September in Trzcianka/Poland. There was some C64 related entries. Two of the chip-compo entries were SIDs (including the winning one by Bzyk/Samar. Results: 1. "Negative" - Bzyk/Samar 18 2. "-" - Richard 17 3. "Sixtus, Don't sing" - Flapjack 9 4. "Mr. Saw" - Skuter 6 "Afraid" - Lesnik 6 5. "Call from" - Unaware 5
"Glow Worms" - X-Ceed 5 6. "Epidemic" - Beeper 3 http://www.symphony.w.pl/ - more! Core-01 Party Held between 17th and 19th of August in Hungary. Results: C64 Demo: 1. Birthday Demo - DMAgic 54
C64 Graphics: 1. Eat Thiz - Leon/Singular 70 2. Gumimaci - Poison/Singular 43 3. I prefer cats -JB/Padua/Ons/Tmp 36 4. Gaze - Saehn/Dmagic 24 5. Spiderman - Spiderman/Singular 18 C64 Music: 1. Niteshift - Agemixer/Scallop 51 2. Out of time - Vincenzo/Molecoola 38 3. Matrix - Wyndex 20 4. Teddy - Soundemon/Dekadence 12 5. Reflective - Richard/Civitas 11 6. Boy Band - Luca/Fire 9 Devilbreath - Puterman/Civitas 9 http://scenergy.dfmk.hu/party/
Willow Party 2001 Held between the 5th and 7th of October in Wellentrup/Germany. Mixed compo results: (msx, demo, gfx) 1. 14th/Role (demo) 2. Projections/Gunhed Battalion (demo) 3. Demonstration 1/Welle:Erdball (demo) 4. Walking - Floyd/Willow/Tempest (sid) 5. Tek4K/Civitas (4k demo) 6. Ungetestet/Willow (demo) 7. Tobi im fluss/Willow (demo) 8. Hot Concrete - Franky/Role (gfx) 9. Tuere - Holy Moses/Role (gfx) 10. I'm Walking -Dejuhra/Anubis (demo) Winner of extreme Decathlon: Franky/Role. http://www.willowparty.com
Assembly 2001 party Oldskool Demo: 1. Riyadh/Bandwagon 10225 2. Impossiblator/Pwp 8213 3. Beertime 2/Dekadence 6784 4. Big Time/Cncd 2774 5. Orivesi/Extend 1812 Oldskool Graphics: 1. Neuvosto-savo - VolvoQ 5445 2. Meltdown - Tempest/Damage 5193 3. Taeti Hymyilee - Britelite/Dek 4803 4. Muijja - Marq 3620 5. Panther Pants -Electric/Extend 2846 6. Yo! - Ravel 2335 Oldskool Musics: 1. Molecules - !Cube/Armada 4427 2. Fading Stars - BriteLite/Dek 3603
3. Streaming - Jammic 3125 4. Rest in Pieces - Agemixer/SCL 3087 5. Superfly - Reed/Damage 2457 6. Tea Time Treat - Heatbeat 2019 7. Psycho Killer - SounDemon/Dek 1829 8. Valtavirtaa - Player One 1696 9. Soothe as a - Dr. Iceman 1419 10. Suddenly - Abaddon/Damage 1132 ftp://ftp.asmparty.net Byterapers took 3rd place in the PC/ Amiga demo compo.
the story of PHAT1 Well, well, well... What can I write here, being one and actually main organizer of this party? Good question, which I will leave unanswered and rather try to make this smallie (report? article?) as interesting as possible. This year, there were even two PHAT parties - PHAT0.5 in Utrecht, Holland (organized by Fierman/Phantasy and Groenteboer/Phantasy in really wicked squat called Ubica) and PHAT1 in Riga, Latvia (organized by Phantasy latvian section and few other individuals). The last one took place in optical-mechanic factory in the industrial area of Riga - the biggest city in Baltic states (and,
to my knowledge, PHAT is still the only demoparty in Baltics). So, I will try to give you a brief over- view of both parties concentrating on PHAT1 (cause I was the organizer and it happened not that long time ago - PHAT0.5 took place in july). PHAT0.5 - like PHAT9 and PHAT0, it was 8-bit party only (even if some amigas were present). It was really small gathering with few guests from Holland (Noko/PHT, Groenteboer/PHT, Fierman/PHT, Wvl/XEN among others), Germany (Dipswitch/DCS/DTR and Don Kamillo/PHT) and Latvia (me!!). The party was quite calm and quiet too, nevertheless, it was a lot of fun and even internet and bigscreen was there!
While PHAT1 was so much different. As it is the only demoparty in Baltics and also because there are so many cool people aroun from scenes which arn't 8-bit, we decided to make it open for all platforms this year, be these old or new. And that worked out fine! This was the biggest and most crazy PHAT party ever, with around 100 guests both from demo/cracking and music/DJ scenes and a lot of boozing and drugs abusing. The freedom was there - excellect location and chaos made it kind of DIY party. There were several drawbacks - like we didn't get projector from the guys who promised to supply it and there was no proper timetable, also as it lasted for 3 days and nights nonstop, there were never too much people present at the partyplace - always
sombody was sleeping or locals went home and back quite often... I can't include the list of visitors here, but there were people from all around Latvia, also from Finland, Estonia and Ukraine (Point777/PHT - it was really hard for him to get there, nevertheless he managed, that's a spirit!). Thing I learnt: two halls, two sound- systems - DJs and liveacts conflicted with sceners willing to watch demos. Other thing I learnt: organizing free- parties is pain in the ass and really stressy indeed. I better start saving now already, or maybe we should set up a scene-fund where people can donate for such a noble projects? We couldn't
manage so many things we planned just because of fuckin' money... Even things which were kinda "free" involved time and because of other money-greedy things we couldn't find time to realize most of the plans. And the plans were great - tho' now I think PHAT should last for a whole week, then we would have time for everything. On the other hand, it's clear that most of the people won't have as much time for it, also considering distance they have to travel. Anyway. I hope we manage PHAT1.5 somewhere in Holland this year again and ofcourse PHAT2 in Latvia (perhaps Riga and ofcourse september!). Flip page for additional details...
Website with PHAT1 results and warex: http://phat1.slengpung.com On the site you will also find links to reports and photos. We also plan to release slideshows with our photos from the party on Amiga and PC. Make sure to visit next PHAT's, if you are one of those who explore :) signed, Raver/Phantasy/DualCrew-Shining
-- raver/phantasy/dcs THE EIGHT BIT TALE what do we have there then? When saying "eight bits rules" one means C=64 which is goddamn truth but there are more computers pretending to be eightbitters. There are old ataries with, surprisingly enough, bunch of active users and tiny production stream including tools, demos and magazines but most likely not cracks. And there's Yamaha MSX, and all the compatibles with supporters in Japan and ex-USSR (i'm not sure if they're still around) and BBC Micro and Amstrad CPC we don't hear much about and ofcourse the UK's hit Sinclair ZX Spectrum and the count- less compatible clones. You know them.
Machines are dead Yeah most of these machines are dead and gone, leaving us with lots of still working units and the software, both commercial and, if there were any, scene productions. But that's it, just a ghostmachines these are. Because the scene on other eight bit platforms did die even before proper evolution. I've heard about BBC and CPC cracking groups but never had any chance to talk with people involved nor to read any scene magazine. And most probably a lot of great games have been wasted as well since with no qualified crackers incomplete and corrupted versions are what we can find in their software archives. Not to mention trainers and typed docs, crunching, fixing etc.
New playfield for anticheads That might be so. The people loving old stuff and being part of community called scene might be well interested to save the antic treasures of eight bit machines. It is worth to try to explore what happened there in former times, contact these who used to be in scene and maybe start your own business there. And then maybe you will see even old people coming back. What i actually doubt about 😃 Anyway. The part of scene which is having really hard times right now on the most popular eight bit computer - yeah you guessed the 󠀀 - the illegal scene might be pleased to know some- thing more about speccy (that's how ZX Spectrum is most often called) scene.
Indirect offspring of sixtyfour I have to say that speccy scene is here thanks to C=64 however it all went different since the system of groups, demos and cracking was adapted. As speccy was mainly spread in UK, there was negative attitude towards C=64 as machine, because it was main Sinclair's competitor and english felt patriotic about their own machine. Speccy got spread all around Europe quickly and in the mid-eighties there were quite few cracking groups working in Sweden, Denmark, Greece, Germany, Holland and ofcourse UK. Their style was to removeprotection protection off the games and then swap their cracks over the snailmail. Please note that spexy hadn't any disk system back then, so everything was done on
the tape. Another thing these groups were doing was intro making. However these intros wasn't used in cracks but released seperately. They usually feat- ured ripped gfx, music and half self- made half ripped code. And that became more popular, the groups doing just that started to appear. With the first disk systems, off the demoscene went! During late eighties and early nine- ties a lot of classic demos were made, the groups to remember from that time are Killer Klowns (Denmark), Extacy-3 (UK), Ethanol Soft Inc (Poland), Theo Develegas (Greece), Israeli Team (hey guess where from - and they were also on C=64), The Mad Guys (Germany), The Unbelievables (Germany), The Lords (Holland), Pentagram (Poland), Exodus (Poland, not the same as on C=64). The
Lords were an interesting formation, consisting of speccy owning friends of the famous C=64 group The Judges. So Rhaa Lovely was ported to speccy while The Lords still took every chance to slag off sixtyfour, quote from their demo Insight: "Commodore is still trying to make a computer". I've int- erviewed them for a speccy diskzine Scenergy and they told me that they were also having the meetings in Venlo, together with C=64 friends making the fun out of amiga sceners 😎 Invasion of the mutant russians Unfortunately they all faded away. With parties and meetings so rarely, with minimal modem communication and poor press support it's not a surprise.
What saved all the thing was russians, or to be more exact - the ruins of USSR including new born and reborn countries like Russia, Ukraine, Latvia, Byelorus, Kazakhstan, Lithuania and Estonia. The reason for it was the known fact that USSR alwatys loved to steal western technologies. And so after their state of the art computers (for example Bitovoj Kompjuter 0010, which also haves a scene even still today) fucked up they copied the scheme of speccy which was one of the hardware- wise most primitive eightbitter and re- worked them making things even more simpler - everything what they thought is odd was removed. Cheap color comp- uter for everyone! A lot of factories produced speccies all over the huge country. And happened what was just
normal at that time - radiofreaks were these who got the computers because none of non-technical people wanted computers then (exception - gamers, but they came in later). Radiofreaks did their job well - what the clones lacked was quickly built and the new st- andards were set, like 128KB RAM, Yamaha AY sound processor and disk interface Betadisk along with TR-DOS. These were the new features of ZX Spectrum +2 released by Sinclair in UK, but the radiofreaks found the way to pirate all these technologies and to inc- lude them into bought or homebrew speccies. And the industry accepted these standards - probably in the early nineties. And then, with activity const- atntly calming down in the west, the ex-USSR attacked.
Life after death Some years were needed until the scene estabilished, since at first it was mainly game adapting for TR-DOS using a real name in the credits. Later, intros appeared, trainers, handles and groups took over individuals. The interesting thing was that there was very little known about that "other" scene, only some older software, so most sceners from ex-USSR thought they all quit. And, as this was the time when new software wasn't released for speccy anymore, groups started to crack and train old games - they were all unrel- ased after all, nobody knew about cr- acking scene before. During the years, cracking standards were raising and nowadays the quality of elite cracking
groups on speccy is quite high yet very few can keep uo with that mostly be- cause as standards raised more and more people left for a demoscene or at all - partly because all the old games was released, not so often new games came out and there was "nothing left to crack". Rubbish, since all the old cracks are mostly of very low quality! Obviously, things on C=64 are better because cracking culture have been there for so long. That's also true for the intros as even if speccy intros are now quite diverse and well-coded, they often lack the artistic element and are way too fat in size. Though demo scene on speccy developed well, a lot of new skillful coders came to break all pre- vious records. The scene press got big for the first time, inventing also the
new digital newspaper format, which got very popular and seperate networks in different cities were set up in order to create ZX Net, quite a succesful project based in multiple BBSes and internet and fido gates. Return to the source Originally speccy scene was born influenced by C=64 while second gene- ration knew nothing about it and evolv- ed based on old speccy scene, PC and amiga. Now, with first demoparty "Demobit'95" happening in Slovakia, both old and new scenes merged, giving what we have today: intensive mail- swapping, lots of demoparties, new warez releasing very often so you can't even keep up with that, shitload of
groups and massive internet activities. Talking about speccy scene let me in- troduce some problems actual here: a lot of russian language in software, TR-DOS system which is not standard in many countries, huge ammount of lamers around (but a lot of cool people are here aswell) and tiny connection to other underground scenes. Still here is a lot of fun to experience as the scene itself is young and history is in the making. And it's eight bits too! Looking at the quiet business of firstreleasing on C=64 I would like to tell you that the speccy scene is open for you. New games are coming out quite often here, not all of them even
gets released but still some competition is here and it's fun. The industry is alive and you can even earn some money with speccy and some of the games have a real protection! Crackers can show their skill here, there were games which nobody was able to crack for months and many games are good, often better than old ones. Now I'm not sayin this to recommend you to leave the lovely sixtyfour. Don't do it! It's not worth to :) Still active groups often look for new platforms and explore new scenes, be it PC, amiga or consoles, so why not to try out another eight bit wonder? BTW, a lot of speccy sceners are looking forward to join C=64 scene as well. Though I think C=64 scene could help speccy not only in the way of producing new wares but also with its
ancient experience and traditions. Create your own speccy section! Where are they hidding? They are here, on the internet. Try channel #z80 besides your favorite #c-64 on the IRCnet. Try some web pages: Scenergy [http://www.scenergy.org] Raww Arse [http://www.raww.org] Chaosite [http://chaosite.com] ZX Museum [http://www.zx.ru] Demotopia [http://www.demo.eu.org] POS-WT [http://pos.izhnet.ru]
That's nearly all i wanted to tell. Just to let you to know about that other eight bit scene which is still damn active. Give it a try! And there are more 8 bit machines as I already did mention, with scene being alive on two of them - Atari and Amstrad CPC. Search the oh-all-so-might net for more information I don't know. questions/suggestions to this box: raver@phantasy-hq.com
"Stick your fucking emulator in your arse usa a real C-64 to watch this demo" Was the lovely message that I got when I started one of the latest demo releases on my second PC. The PC which is only used for transfering floppies and C-64 graphics to GIF, to give people a chance to take a look at the logo I did for them without transfering it first. I considered fitting the emulator in my arse for a second but then thought better of it and just skipped the demo. Emulator not, that is the question.
Some people consider emulators handy and use them to watch productions or even create C-64 stuff with it. Others, the purists in this scene consider them a nuisance and despise everybody using them, hence the emulator protections. Huh? I just generalised, not everybody who does an emulator protection despises everyone who uses emulators, they just want people to use the real thing. But by adding emulator protections these people generalise the same way, namely considering everybody using an emulator unfit to use a real c-64 or unable to see the difference the real thing makes in comparison to the
emulator. Asking these people why they did the emu protection the reasons are "that people should use the real thing as the quality is a lot better" and they "are sick that people tell them their releases look shitty or sound stupid as people looked at them on an emulator". Well, here are my 2 cents and some more change on this matter. It's true, the emulator quality these days is not really good, the sids sound horrible on a soundcard and if you don't use the PAL emulation of CCS with Pepto's palette, the colors look all wrong.
True, most effects look a bit odd on an emulator, things show up in the borders where they don't on a C-64/C-128. True, there are people who see these faults and consider the whole release bad quality because they never saw it on a real machine. True, there are people who only use emulators and know shit about the real C-64, still roam the webpages and means of communication (email, chat) acting as "sceners" because they know how to start an emulator. But who does all that hurt and does it affect the "scene" as it is?
Emulators allowed the scene to survive longer (or stay a lot bigger) the last few years. A lot of sceners came back as they were able to see productions coming out on the old machine and were fascinated by the quality of nowaday's releases. Without emulators they would have considered the scene dead and buried a long time ago. The scene grew up, we are not the 14 year old pupils anymore throwing the school papers in the corner when coming home and opening the arrived sendings instead.
Most of us have jobs, a fair lot in the IT business, and these IT jobs do make people move to different cities or in some cases even around the globe. As none wants to carry a C-64 with him when he is put in a hotel or company flat, the only way of keeping up with the scene happenings is the emulator on the company laptop. So by banning emulators we rule these people out, as they are emulator lamers. Ofcourse there are those who say emulators are not needed as anyone should have a cable and just convert the d64s to floppies, in some cases people have really got setups and can convert a floppy in 30 seconds.
This lovely and really handy for those people, but you cannot take it for granted that everybody has this option. I have a floppy connected to my second PC, it takes about 4 minutes to transfer a whole disk and most of the time I get timeouts in between. Furthermore I did not take all my floppies with me when moving, so I tend to erase floppies again and reuse them. Because of that, I am pretty pissed off if I went through that procedure and then seeing the release is boring or was not really worth watching at all.
People tell me to upgrade my cable then or set up the PC differently, or use new floppes or another drive. I could do that, but it takes time, and I want to be able to watch demos and if they are good convert them. Ever thought that way? Seeing demos on emulators first and then on a real machine meant the demo was good enough to go through the ordeal of transfering, something the makes of the demo can be proud of! So what are your options if you want to see the demo and you cannot access your C-64 for transfering the disk? You can either say fuck it, I will just not watch it, or find a way around it.
In most of the cases of emulator protections clever sceners found pokes to enter to make them work anyways. (This could be the future of the C-64 cracking scene, doing patches and fixes for demos 😊 It reminds me of those copy protections with the plastic lens in the pack, that you had to fit on the screen and type the characters you see through it to proceed. A nuisance, every time you started the game, unless you were clever enough to delete the checking routine and start the game directly 😊 So, to finally make a statement here: I consider emulator protection complete nonsense and arrogant
behaviour. - It cuts down the number of the audience to a small fraction of the possible. - It assumes that people would convert your release anyways as it's the coolest thing since sliced bread. - It does not really prevent people from watching it on an emulator, if they are skilled enough. - It prevents non C-64 people to see what quality our releases are right now.
If you are feeling conscious about people getting the wrong impression of your skills by watching your release on an emulator, say so, tell them that this looks better on a real C-64 and stress out the advantages, maybe people wll consider getting one again then, rather than forbidding them to see your stuff at all. The only one to lose something are the emulator loses, it is their own fault if they miss the full experience. Not allowing them to do so is treating them like a child and could be considered arrogance. The makers of Wizball did not tell people they need a color TV, although it was nearly unplayable on a green monitor or black and white TV.
I think it is time to consider emulators the main tools of distribution of C-64 releases. It is far more convenient seeing demos first there before transfering them (when they are good enough). So putting our efforts into making cooler releases makes more sense that creating or by-passing emulator protections. Cupid/Padua.
Interview with HUGH RILEY Conducted by Jazzcat Welcome dear readers! What a pleasure it is to be interviewing one of the people I really looked up to in my younger game playing days! Responsible for the artwork of many successful games, titles such as Last Ninja 2, Hammerfist, Time Machine and many more. Soon we also hope to present an unreleased game by him called "3 days in Carpathia"...
D) Please introduce yourself to the readers Hugh... H) Thanks David. I am currently animating Unreal 2 for the PC. D) I remember seeing your name in quite a few games, especially some classic ones from System 3. Is it possible you could tell us when you first started on computers, the games and companies you were involved with up until the present day?
H) I bought a C64 on credit, supposedly for the kids education, but mainly to do small animations for my own enjoyment. I got recognition by winning an art competition that Commodore ran and that brought some commissions. The prize was equipment (ultimately including an Amiga) and also a modem which I used to put the artwork on Compunet as AEW1. This in turn brought more work and got me off the dole. System 3 saw my stuff and offered me The Last Ninja and then a string of other 64 games. After Ninja 2, John Twiddy and I left to set up Vivid Image. I moved on after Gammerfist and Time Machine (which
came out on most formats but didn't make money) to work freelance for Probe. For the next few years I was involved in a whole bunch of games across different formats, some as the sole artist and others as collaborator. After that I left the industry for a year, forming a partnership to make educational software but came back in 1996 to work for NMS, in-house for the first time, and learn 3D. I was offered work in Washington DC by Bethesda Softworks and finally made the crossing in 1997. In 1999 I moved across the Potomac to work for Legend who were just starting Unreal 2 and here I am, doing a little
modelling but specialising in animation. If you want a full list of projects I worked on (backwards): Unreal 2, Morrowind, Redguard, Risk, Mass Destruction, Battleship, Wordbird, Jellyboy, Boomer, Incredible Hulk, Hurricanes, Aliens 3, Robocop 3, Supremacy, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Sega Chess, Back to the Future 3, Time Machine, Hammerfist, Vendetta, Tusker, Dominator, Last Ninja 2, Predator, Bangkok Knights, Leviathan, Last Ninja, Three Days in Carpathia and Mission of Mercy. I also worked on Q'd Up, Aladdin, Babies, Mortal Kombat 2, Looney Tunes, Gunship, Terminator,
Outrun Europa, California Games 2 and Smash TV. D) An impressive list, the bulk of which seems to be eminating from the C64 😊 With your painting on the 64, which tools did you prefer to use? or did you make your own customized tools to match the game or project you were working on? H) Wigmore Mouse, Koala Pad and a joystick sprite editor whose name I can't remember. There were a lot of custom tools, specifically font editors and screen assemblers, written for me as well.
D) Is user-friendliness the main thing or is it the greater amount of options that make the better editor? H) Both. It helped that I was usually working so closely with the programmers that they put all the functionality I wanted in the layout I requested. D) Yes, I certainly understand this, a major influence in the outcome for sure Out of every project on the C64 you were a part of, which was the most challenging and which was your favourite? (and for what reasons?)
H) Challenging - Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles coin-op conversion - there was a hell of a lot to port over. I think we managed to get the look and feel and most of the major elements across. Favourite - The Last Ninja - absolute magic. My first real game. It was exciting to make, got magazine covers and went straight to #1 on all the charts. What more could you ask for? D) What artwork in real life gives you inspiration or ideas to help create graphics?
H) I think I probably get more inspiration from real life than art. Weird bugs, complex plant-life, strange weather, scary relationships, diseases that sort of thing. I respect alot of people - Cezanne, Dave McKean, Ant Pereira, anybody that lets me glimpse the other dimension - everybody has something to offer. D) During the time that you were working on the C64, who's work did you most admire?
H) Bob Stevenson - without a doubt. He was extraordinary and pushed the limits from the very beginning. D) Together with Enigma, I am working on a website that is called 'Games That Weren't' (hosted by Cyber Systems), this site concentrates on games that were never finished or released on the C64. Were there any games which you worked on which never saw the light of day? H) Mission of Mercy - with Richard Kay who later started Software Creations.
It was a non-scrolling platform game on a spaceship with evil monsters that your spaceman had to defeat. We had an arcade game in the recreation area called Mission of Mercy on which you could play the whole game within the game to find out what was coming next. 3 Days in Carpathia - sequel to Valkyrie 17 - with George Stevens (Stevenson?) and the Ramjam Corp. This was a text adventure written with The Biro using character set screens livened up with moving sprites, including a dodo which fixated on you as Mother when it hatched. All the words were in Carpathian until you found a dictionary.
D) What impressed you most about the C64 at the time and for what reasons? H) It was relatively cheap and easy to program graphics. The colours were much richer than the BBC or the Spectrum and spriters were fun to animate. D) Was the C64 just a step in your gaming life or was it a major inspiration? H) It changed my life. I was on the dole struggling to support 5 children with odd jobs. Suddenly I was having fun
and earning money. D) Life has many great twists, I enjoyed phreaking phone systems, now I work for a major telephone company 😊 Do you still own a C64 today? H) There's one in the cellar. I keep meaning to wire the drive into my PC and see what I've got. (ed: since this interview, Joe Forster has supplied Hugh with an xe1541 cable so he can transfer his work from C64 to PC, will keep you posted on this)
D) Please tell us your favourites: C64 graphician: Bob Stevenson C64 programmer: John Twiddy C64 musician: Jeroen Tel C64 game: The way of the exploding fist Food: thai Drink: vintage port Movie: Roxie Hart Music: Banco de gaia D) Ever had any disagreements with individuals or software houses? H) No real nastiness. I can't be arsed to fight the big egos so I generally just
move on. Mostly I've worked with really good people. I have been shafted a couple of times but that's life. D) What are your current activities these days? H) Unreal 2 is taking more and more of my time. I like to mess about on the river when I can. I have a couple of personal animation projects I'm looking forward to messing with (as always).
D) Any hints or tips for the new game designers still out there? H) Play the really old games and see what made them so much fun. Mostly they were extremely abstract and encapsulated gameplay. Now we have sensory overload but the central experience doesn't seem to have changed that much. Advanced AI could make a huge difference though. Then the emphasis will be on creating environments.
D) Please feel free to say some hellos... H) I'd quite like to say hello to Jason Perkins if he's out there. D) Thanks for your time Hugh, any last words to leave a final impression on the audience? H) I just hope I don't come across as a pompous twat. I'm still having a good time.
Interview with ORC/BLACKMAIL Looking back at the old demos and the former times of glory on this scene I remember fondly Sophisticated III and Dutch Breeze. These two demos were my favourite ones that were released by the famous dutch demo group Blackmail. After 12 months an email arrived and I finally had in my grasp an interview with ORC, graphician of quite a few C64 projects, including the afformentioned demos.
D) Welcome to the magazine, please introduce yourself to the audience... O) Hi, my real name is Richard Groenendijk, I'm 29 years old and living together with my girlfriend in Amsterdam. I work as an interaction designer at BSUR concepting (yep, the long nights behind the 64 finally paid off). I work there for 2 years now and I have been professionally active on the internet for 6 to 7 years. And we are getting a cat.
D) Cats are nice, true predators 😊 Could you tell us a bit about your C64 history and when you first started in the scene? What groups were you in and what were the main events of your scene career? O) Well, I was about 10 I think, just laming around in the neighbourhood. I met some people (RAT and JAVE). We got hooked on demos from groups like 1001-Crew, The Judges, MAT and BWB. We started our own group called INORIX 2180 BC. JAVE came up with the name ORC. A few years later I met Erik, ICE-T,
Robert and Denk Hacker (bad name, great guy). ICE-T and I went on with INORIX and came in contact with the guyz from Blackmail. We co-oped (released So-phisticated 3) and after, I think, a year we joined them. After that Skyline, Hitchhiker, Hein and Reyn joined the party. D) The days of Blackmail were especially cool. How was it like working with the others in the group? Did you have any favourite production you was involved with in the group?
O) I have never really thought about it. It just worked, everybody did his thing and it was great. Blackmail is 100% dutch, so we saw each other frequently. The demos So-Phisticated III and ofcourse Dutch Breeze are my favourites. The time with di-Art was great too. It was a grafix group within Blackmail Hein and I started. D) What is your idea on demo design and style or with the presentation of any project?
O) Don't code a freaky routine and ask if the graphician, has a nice picture or logo to use afterwards. Come with a great idea and talk about how to use/do it. During Dutch Breeze we realised that, just coding routines wasn't it. The combination of idea's, coding, graphics and music was the thing to do to make a demo part. I spend a lot of time talking to Hein, Skyline, Alf and Gaap about the idea's I had and so did they. It's a two way thing. After that Reyn, Falco Paul and Jeroen Tel came in, to provide the music that fits to the part.
D) Recently much discussion about graphics at parties as taken place on the C64 mailing list. It is to do with people converting other people's pictures and touching them up on C64. Also about people that do this if they would be called craftsmen or graphician. What is your opinion on this topic? O) I have never been a real, as we say in Dutch, pixelneuker (pixelfucker). After an hour I totally flopped and I never really finished a full screen picture. Hein even "hated" me for not finishing the pictures. I have much respect for
the pictures he made and the patience he has. I'm more of a logo and font type of guy. Anyway - you make things because you like it; it's fun and other people will like it too, not because you wanna win or whatever. So what's the fun of converting it if you didn't do it yourself. I mean where is the feeling when you finished it and you showed it for the first time to your friends. It's like 'well I converted this and then I ate a snickers' kinda feeling. About 7 years ago, I got behind a Mac with Photoshop 2.5 and ofcourse started to zoom-in like hell. Then I noticed the airbrush tool. HELLO WORLD After that when I think of the good old
C64 times I just smile. But I must say that I envy Hein and other graphicians* for the discipline he has to create such nice pictures. * Retro word for designer D) Ever had any disagreements with any sceners or C64 related people or groups? O) No, not really, the only thing I noticed was that some people say that FLI was invented by, I think it was, the dolphins For as far as I know it's 100% pure Blackmail routine invented by ASP and
was used for the first time in So-phisticated II. ASP was no scener and didn't care about what was going on. He just liked hacking his C64 and amazed us with the freaky routines he came up with. Really funny seeing him code behind a 'turbo' monochrome monitor screen. D) Any hints and tips for the learning C64 graphician out there? O) The eighties are coming back, so your designs will be the talk of the town again.
D) How would you describe the differences between scene personalities in the DEMO scene and the CRACKING scene? O) The demo scene was more relaxed. The cracking scene was too competitive and some of the sceners could act really bitchy. Especially the one's who couldn't do shit. After Dutch Breeze, Alf and Gaap did some cracking for Hotline under their aliases Custard and Cesspool. Not many people know that.
D) Out of the following, which are your favourite on the C64... Demo Group: The Judges Demo: Dutch Breeze Programmer: ASP, Gaap, ALF, Skyline Musician: JB and Reyn Graphician: Hein, Dokk and Bob Game: Bop and Rumble Cracker: Custard and Cesspool Cracker Group: Hotline Sorry, it's a bit of a Disney Land list (it's a small world after all)
D) Do you do any art on other platforms? Any other jobs you performed on C64 apart from painting? (I myself have tried graphics and some composing, I best stick with editing I think ☺) O) I'm an interaction designer for 6 years now, creating mainly scripting stuff for the internet in Flash, Director and DHTML. I did some things for Sony Netherlands, Sony Europe and other dutch companies. My latest project is: Error! Bookmark not defined. for an upcoming dutch singer and: Error! Bookmark not defined I spend a short time on the Amiga, but
I already freaked out on the number of pixels on the C64, so..... After that I laid back for a while, just partying and stuff. I must say my life as a student was quite interesting. Never finished it... D) Dutch Breeze is probably one of the most famous demos on the C64 ever, most people have also seen Sophisticated 1+3 ofcourse. But what do you think made DB so remembered? (was it ahead of it's time when releasing, the design-graphical quality???)
O) Yeah, I heard that it's even banned from some sites because of the 'soft and wet' part. What made DB famous? I think, good ideas combined with good coding and consistant design/music. And don't forget 2 years of our lives. We made it with much fun and I think people can see that... Well actually I don't know. D) Scene parties in the past sure would have been fun. Which ones did you go to and which is your favourite one?
O) The Dexion party (1987?) was my first and favourite. I went there with JAVE. Eating the best cheeseburgers I ever tasted for three days (breakfast, lunch and dinner). O yeah, the Silicon party (1991), where we released Dutch Breeze and won the demo competition. We are planning to go to the SCS*TRC X2001 party so.... maybe see you there? D) I wish I could venture there 😞 When and why did you quit C64? Do you regret it now even when I say it has been and still is existing all these years later?
O) When? 1992 Why? probably other interests Regret? No, it's not the same as it used to be. I wanna go further and the internet is my thing for now. D) Any unreleased or never completed C64 works from you? O) My disks are probably unreadable by now. You could check with Hein. (Ed: actually I did ☺ he supplied me with two unreleased musics composed by him which can be listened to in my old project "Album of the Year")
D) Anything from the past that was quite funny, shocking or impressive that you would share with the readers? O) Well, I can say that we had our share. Anyway, Ice-T (Rick) managed to set up a BML forum on the internet and to get in contact with most of the old members. We are thinking of re-uniting and launching a demo kind of website online. The idea is still young and looking back at Dutch Breeze, it will probably take us another 2 years 😊
D) Feel free to say hello to anyone you know out there in C64 land... O) Sorry if my greeting list is pulverized of age. I think I still have some swapping letters.....nope can't find them. Apollyon from Contex, he always had nice and funny letters. Let me think... Bod from Talent, Dragon/Censor ...nope lost it But HI to everyone anyway.
D) Thanks for your time Richard! Any words to leave a final impression on the audience of Domination? O) Don't lick your game port you sick fuck! p.s. if somebody has a working version of So-phisticated III in .d64 format, please send it to: orc.blackmail@xs4all.nl
Addresses ‾‾‾‾‾‾‾ For all of you who wish to trade via the snail mail, this chapter is for you. Addresses source is from the back of votesheets and in email, if you want your address added or removed contact the staff! 'Supreme excellence consists in breaking the enemy's resistance without fighting." - Sun Tzu
ONSLAUGHT JAZZCAT (noe) - Domination David Simmons - Vandalism News PO Box 361 - Old & New trading Launceston TAS - VHS/PSX trade 7250 Australia. VENGEANCE (noe) - Vandalism News 9 Phillip Avenue - joining Onslaught Montrose Hobart 7010 TAS Australia. DJB (noe) Dwayne Bakewell 19 Irving Street Edgeworth NSW 2285 Australia.
ONSLAUGHT CODE 18 (noe) Torsten Nette Saalfelderstr. 10 07549 Gera Germany. JOLZ (noe) - JOS Jolse Maginnis - Scpu 61 Brent Street Glenorchy TAS 7010 Australia. TBH (noe) Marc Walters 32 Renfrew Crescent Edgeworth NSW 2285 Australia.
ONSLAUGHT EU GENIUSZ (noe) Grzegorgz Rabiak Mieszka I 7/10 63300 Pleszew Poland. SHAPIE (noe) Tomasz Loga Mazurska 26/23 70744 Szczecin Poland. STRYYKER (noe) Nathan Smith 14 Franklin Street Burnie TAS 7320 Australia.
ONSLAUGHT STASH (noe) Laszlo Galaczy Ryttare g. 5b 21243 Malmoe Sweden. GLENN RUNE GALLEFOSS Skivebakken 19 5018 Bergen Norway. CHARLES MANSON B-33920 4A 3R 14L PO Box 3476 Corcoran, CA 93212 USA.
MISCELLANEOUS ALMIGHTY GOD/Level64/F4cg Domingo Alvarez C/- Monsenor Hernz. Jorge 43 38500 Guimar S/C de Tenerife Canary Islands, Spain. ARROW/Draco - Only gfx swap Damian Krajzewicz Os. Powstancow Slaskich 9a/1 44240 Zory Poland. CENTRAX/Samar/Phantasy (noe) Damian Stupien Saperoew 16b/8 42612 Tarnowskie Goery Poland.
MISCELLANEOUS COMMANDER/Role (noe) Serge Engelen Landwaartslaan 35 3600 Genk Belgium. ELJOT/Lasser (noe) Lukas Jeszke Okrzei 60 84231 Rumia Poland. H.M.MURDOCK/Tropyx/Tide/Lasser Paul Ruczko Dluga 26 St. 70877 Szczecin Poland.
MISCELLANEOUS JACKIE CHAN Waterloo Road Suite 145 Kowloon, Hong Kong. KJELL NORDBO/Shape/Blues Muz (noe) Kjell Nordbo Elgveien 22 4323 Sandnes Norway. MINI CAT/Draco Krzysztof Cybura Os. Powstancow Slaskich 10a/43 44240 Zory Poland
MISCELLANEOUS NAFCOM/Pol/Go64/The Stock (noe) Joerg Droege Hofaeckerstrasse 7/2 69245 Bammental Germany. Tel/Fax: +49/(0)62235945 RAMOS/Samar (noe) - Old wares trade Mariusz Rozwadowski ul. Goszczynskiego 8/96 41200 Sosnowiec Poland. SATYR/Tide/Pol/Dekadence PO Box 101234 06512 Sangerhausen Germany.
MISCELLANEOUS SILVER BULLET/Samar - New & old Kenny Brown - Games, Demos, Tools 14 Railway St - For Samar Wares Annfield Plain - For Arachnophobia Stanley - 100% reply County Durham - C64+A500+A1200 DH9-7SS England. STORMFRONT/Excess (noe) Peter KannengiBer - Quality swap Hans-Sachs-StraBe 36 - Excess stuff 51375 Leverkusen - old & new Germany. - 99% reply
MISCELLANEOUS TOMZ/Tide (noe) - The Beergarden Tom PO Box 33 Macksville NSW 2447 Australia. WELLI/Anubis/No Name/Voodoo (noe) Anders Bloch Rosenvej 3 Alslev 6800 Varde Denmark. ZAPOTEK/Samar (noe) Sveinung Bergvist PO Box 140 3833 Boe Norway.
As you can see this chapter is quite small, please email me if you want your address included: jazzcat@c64.org
Domination! The magazine in bed with the Devil! Anno Clitoris 666
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Iceman/WOW stephan.hofmann@sz-online.de iceman_wow@hotmail.com Icey/The Ancient Temple tat@manni.org Incubus/Antic crimson_king75@hotmail.com Infinity/X-Rated infinity_91@hotmail.com Injun/Active injun@swipnet.se Intruder/Remember/F4cg flachenecker@epost.de
Iopop/Triad tb98hja@student.hk-r.se Ironfist snake@snakepit.net Irata/TRSI irata@trsi.de J. Jack Daniels/F4cg tobias.richter@okay.net Jackobe/Oxygen jackobe@venus.amu.edu.pl Jadawin/Padua jadawin@padua.org
Jailbird/Onslaught/Padua/Tempest jailbird@onslaughters.org Janitor/Triad zell@alyx.com Jason/Onslaught onslaught_dk@hotmail.com Jaws/Boys Without Brains sjaak@euronet.nl Jaydee/Chromance jaydee@c64.rules.org Jazzcat/Onslaught jazzcat@c64.org JCH/Vibrants jchuus@dk-online.dk
Jean/Chromance jean@c64.rulez.org Jedi/F4cg/Shape hpa@netpower.no Jer/Panic jer64@sci.fi Jerry/Triad jerry@peppar.nu Jetan/Albion/Agony stilgaralb@poczta.onet.pl Jetboy/Elysium jetboy@mindless.com JFK/Triad karl@gan.no
Jihad/Hitmen psx_@hotmail.com Jim Jack/Reflex gerte@rcs.urz.tu-dresden.de JJ the Breaker/UCF jjcuf1@home.com JLD/WOW jld@dalnet.se Joe Forster/STA sta@c64.org Jolz/Onslaught jolz@onslaughters.org Jonathan Dunn jon.dunn@ocean.co.uk
Jonny/Ideal jonny_ideal@hotmail.com Jordan/Antic/DCS jordan@c64.org Jork/Hack'nTrade sam.ranger@swipnet.se Joyride/Chromance sy96mne@blg.du.se Joe The Madman/Visual Reality jda@post3.tele.dk JTP/Byterapers jtp@dlc.fi Jucke/Genesis*Project joakim_cosmo@hotmail.com
Judge/Horizon dat94pal@ludat.lth.se Junkie/Extend pvainonen@hotmail.com Jeroen Tel/MON mon@xs4all.nl Jbevren/Digital Audio Concepts jbevren@yahoo.com Jeff/Crest/Bonzai jeff_cml@hotmail.com jeff@polysuspekt.dk Jogeir Liljedahl jogeirl@online.no
Jack Alien/Remember jack_alien@yahoo.com Jeff Minter sheeps@in.space Jetan/Albion stilgaralb@poczta.onet.pl K. Kaktus/Triumph adn@tde.lth.se KB/The Obsessed Maniacs kb@kebby.org KBS/Laxity kimberg@stofanet.dk
Kerk/Albion kerk@termit.ie.tu.koszalin.pl Killsquad/Triad geiry@publicis.no Kilroy scatt3r@hotmail.com Kilroy/No Name kilroy@inet.uni2.dk Kingfisher/Triad kingfishr@c64.org King/Eurasia khamra@prodigy.net KithKanan/LOA thorntas@deeptht.armory.com
Kjer/Horizon kjell.ericson@haxx.nu Kmeg/Albion/Shape piotr@shape.tm Knatter/Xakk bjorn@fogelberg.com Kranix/Creators olajacob@pvv.ntnu.no Kreator/Electric Boys Software c64forever@gmx.net Kris/Clique kris@clq.com Kristian R0stoen/Shape/Hitmen/BM kristian@shape.tm
Kristoffer Johansson d3johkri@dtek.chalmers.se Krill/Plush krill.plush@gmx.net Kickback/Demonix kickback@c64.org L. Ltrimm/Onslaught ltrimm@web.de L.A.Style/Hitmen la-style@usa.net Larry/Motiv8 gflecke840@aol.com
Lax/WOW lax@wow64.org Laxity/Vibrants/MON laxity@vibrants.dk laxity@mail1.stofanet.dk Lexi/Fairlight lexi@kdt.de Light/Omni dwhite@twave.net Lightside/Fairlight hinrichs@iname.com Lion/KMP lion@c64.rulez.org
Lloyd Rosen/Megastyle seasons@softhome.net Local H/PSW/BCI localh@intermediatn.net Logger/Triad md97-aho@nada.kth.se Logiker mroscher@edu.uni-klu.ac.at Lolo/WOW ovaert@mail.esiea.fr Lord Crucifier/Success&Trc lcf@scs-trc.net Lord Red/Creators lord_red@hotmail.com
Lord/Atlantis drakolus@hotmail.com Low/Role low-role@writeme.com Lubber/Padua/Flash Inc lubber@padua.org Lucifer/Coderz larry@ram-rom.com Lucky/Albion/Radical&Color7 domel@matinf.pcz.czest.pl Lucky/Cult michal.simon@trz.cz Luke/Hitmen schmiade@uni-duesseldorf.de
Luke/The Obsessed Maniacs n-fect@gmx.de Lynchbit/Alphaflight/Lepsi De! lynchbit@stacken.kth.se Leming/Onslaught leming@interia.pl Leeway hendrik.sticher@regio.net Looza/Comic Pirates looza@scene-central.com Lizart/Spiders Crew battlefreak_eric@hotmail.com Leming/Onslaught/Fatum leming@onslaughters.org
M. Macbeth/PSW macbeth@tbaytel.net MacGyver/DMAgic zwo-m@web.de Macx macx@kittymail.com Magic Man/Crazy/Hitmen stephan@nordrhein.net schloepke@nordrhein.net mgm@dland.de Maja maje@plearn.edu.pl
Map/Plush matthias.pohl@privat.kkf.net Marc/Alphaflight marc@alphaflight.c64.org Marve/WOW stortsch@pap.univie.ac.at Mason/Motiv8 mason@chipsworld.llamas.net Massive Onslaught/Style mostyle@scescape.net Master/Clique hallac@boun.edu.tr Mastermind/Horizon hal9000@canit.se
MasThor/Clique mahallac@yahoo.com Master S/Excess masters666@gmx.de Matt/Tera matthew.gream@pobox.com Max/Alphaflight max@alphaflight.c64.org Maza/Static/Dekadence maza@stc.cx McValach/React mcvalach@trz.cz ME/PK Enterprises mepk@rbg.informatik.tu-darmstadt.de
Megamaster/Triad sdw@lysator.liu.se Melkor/Lore Of Arts suzpaulp@cruzio.com Mendrake/Acrise mendrake@hotmail.com Mercenary/Extend jsiitone@niksula.hut.fi Merlin/JAM johng@eunet.no Mermaid/Creators/Crest mermaid@c64.org vanja.utne@beepscience.com
Mesh/Chrome fletch@wantree.com.au Metal Maniac/DCS mm@algonet.se Metal/Vibrants/Camelot metal@vibrants.dk vibrants@stud.i4.auc.dk MFM/F4cg mfm@c64.org Midfit midfit@midfit.ruhr.de Mikael/Pretzel Logic mikael.dunker@c64.org
Mike D/Chalice roland.kletzing@rz.ruhr-uni-bochum.de Mike/Sunrise st003461@hrzpub.tu-darmstadt.de Mindflow/Padua fredrik.hedvall@swipnet.se Mindmixer/Siesta mt60519@uta.fi Mirage/Focus mirage@freemail.nl Misery/Motiv8 msy-m8@post3.tele.dk Misfit/WOW misfit_1@hotmail.com
Mistry/Success&Trc mistry@scs-trc.net Mitch/Crest mvonderburgh@tribalddb.dk Mixer/Origo Dreamline jouni.ta.ikonen@sonera.fi MJ/Maniax hbrede@online.no MJK mjk@c64.org MMS/Taboo marekm@taboo.eu.org Moloch tpinfo@eskimo.com
Moon/Flash Inc aelmen@edunet.amu.se Moraff/Panic moraff@hotmail.com Moren/Success&Trc moren@xs4all.nl Morpheus/Flash Inc andreas.wallstrom@pilot.stjarntv.se morph73@hotmail.com Morphfrog mj@mycket.linuxpower.nu Morris/Elysium/F4cg morris@elysium.pl
Motion/Hitmen motion@webservices.de Motley/F4cg motley@algonet.se Mr.Ammo/Success&Trc ammo@scs-trc.net Mr.Brain/Onslaught mrbrain@hotmail.com Mr.Cross/XAKK fredrik.persson@edt.ericsson.se Mr.Lee ximi@bigfoot.com Mr.Mouse/Xentax michael@xs4all.nl
Mr.Sex/Byterapers mrsex@cc.tut.fi Mr.Sid e9426444@studl.tuwien.ac.at Mr.Wax mrwax@c64.rulez.org Mr.Alpha/F4cg/Nostalgia mralpha@young-world.com MSK/Crest msk@post8.tele.dk Mulder mulder@c64.org Mysdee/Byterapers/The Sharks mysti@stekt.oulu.fi
Moog/Agony Design/Taboo bachlins@ultra.cto.us.edu.pl moog@taboo.eu.org Meff/Onslaught meff@alpha.net.pl Merlin/Motiv8 merlin@dds.nl Maniac/ex-Paramount, ex-Onslaught kendrel@web.de Markus Wiederstein/Radwar mws@radwar.com Manik/Commobam manik@kookee.sk
Maestro/No Name jelmer123@hotmail.com Maverick/Samar reinhardo@hotmail.com Moppe/Oneway fredrik@segerfalk.com Morrisey/Onslaught arg2k@yahoo.com Manfred Trenz turrican@radwar.com Manik/Commobam manik@kookee.sk Megasnail/Nato bioticus@hotmail.com
‾‾‾‾‾‾‾‾‾‾‾‾‾‾‾‾‾‾‾‾‾‾‾‾‾‾‾ N-Z email addresses, ftp urls and ICQ numbers in the next chapter. http://domination.rules.org
Netbase (continued) ‾‾‾‾‾‾‾‾‾‾‾‾‾‾‾‾‾‾‾‾‾‾‾‾‾ N. Nafcom/POL/GO64!/The Stock joerg@droege.as Nameless/Excess rgorczyca@poczta.onet.pl Nasty Boy nasty_boy@c64.org Natas/Carcass natas@c64.org Nate/Digital Audio Concepts natedac@southwind.net
Necrophobic/Carcass necro@c64.org Ned/Net*Phreakerz ned@ThePentagon.com Negspect/Storm negspect@runandgun.com Neotec/F4cg/Padua neotec@c64.org Neptune/Camelot delete@post8.tele.dk Nerves/Omni nerves@c64.org New Design/Excess andydirr@inf-ga.uni-paderborn.de
Newscopy per.jacobsson@skf.com Night Owl/Noice owl@lysator.liu.se Nike evil_wicked@hotmail.com Ninja/The Dreams ninja@the-dreams.de Nomad/Sunrise bbrueckn@uni-bielefeld.de No-XS/Oxyron m.a.h.vandenbovenkamp@student.uwen te.nl
Nucleus/Shape/Tempest/WOW nucleus@koolex.net Nukid/HXS yspjelkavik@hotmail.com Naphalm/Onslaught kwysiadly@gddp.szczecin.pl Numskull/Offence steblau@divine0.esslingen.netsurf.de Nick Rossi (Novaterm) voyager@eskimo.com Nemezis/Impact nes@c64.org Nephilim nephilim@figaro.ae.katowice.pl
Neo/The Blasters Inc narcimus@teleline.ed Nightwriter/RSI glove@statesville.net O. Odi/Masters' Design Group oliver.klee@gmx.de Orb/Cosine gfennell@maths.tcd.ie Oswald/Resource oswald@c64.rulez.org Oxbow/Xenon xener@dds.nl
Oxidy/Wrath Designs mikael.sjoberg@sindas.se oxidy@hotmail.com Orc/Blackmail richard@bsur.nl Ofire/Onslaught ofire@web.de Odysseus vamp_god@hotmail.com Olsen olsen@free.hm.pl Omega Supreme/Panoramic Designs za68@dial.pipex.com
P. Pablo/Caution williams@krysia.uni.lodz.pl Pain/Palace sritola@freenet.fi Paladin/FOE lien@why.net Pantaloon/Triad corsair@xs4all.nl Parody/Hoaxers torgerk@stud.ntnu.no Peacemaker/Hitmen peacy@bumbam.goerres.de
Pegasus/RPG pegasus@planet.earthcom.net Perff/No Name u962380@daimi.au.dk Pernod/Horizon dat92dla@ludat.lth.se PFK/WOW perfk@fof.kog.no PG/Excellence In Art peter.andersson@pop.lanskrona.se Phred/BCI phred@internetpro.net Pina/Torture of Music Martin@ryston.cz
Pinball Wizard/Carcass pwizard@rbdc.com PJ Dynamix/Comic Pirates pj@scene-central.com PK/Style pk@style64.org Playboy/F4cg corelli@alfa.conecta.it Pol Pot daver@dis.org Poldi dallmann@heilbronn.netsurf.de Polonus/Padua polonus@padua.org
Preben/Offence preben.vindholmen@c2i.net PRI/Oxyron/TIA hasihdih@sp.zrz.tu-berlin.de Primus/Lithium/Chrome primus@lithium.org Probe/Antic/DCS ie96_raz@isk.kth.se Prophecy/Amnesia antoine@stack.nl Provocator/Sataki provee@dr.pl Prowler/DLoc prowler@one.net
Psychik/Ascraeus psychik@aurora.put.poznan.pl Poison/Singular oszvadb@ond.jupiter.vein.hu Praiser/Onslaught/Albion praiser@onslaughters.org Psychobilly/RSI burp666@gmx.de Puterman/Civitas uxm165t@tninet.se Punk Executioner/Ikon Visual sixmoons@hotmail.com PG/Unreal pg@dspaudio.com
Q. Qed/Triangle kwed@pip.dknet.dk Quac/No Name j.olling@vip.cybercity.dk Quamus/Albion zs2@vena.telbank.pl Questor/Oneway partybooper@hotmail.com Quetzal/Chrome dmartin@lin.cbl.com.au Quiss/Reflex kramm@quiss.org
Quorthon/Triad utv96ljo@mail.student.hk-r.se R. Racoon/Hitmen racoon_hitmen@hotmail.com Rad Man/The Shaolin Monastery mhillmer@isd.net Raistlin/Genesis Project bob_pitbull@yahoo.com Rambones/Flash Inc rambones@get2net.dk Ramirez/Ex-Legend, Ex-Onslaught ramirez.hc@most-wanted.com
Ram Jam oliver.bartelt@berentzen.de Randy/Style/Megaunit randy00@gwis.com Ranger/Plasma (Markus Siebold) siebold@primus-online.de Rascal/Radial&Color7 kania@ci3ux.ci.pwr.wroc.pl Raver/Phantasy/DCS raver@dc-s.com Ray/Cascade d-mgf@panduit.de Ray/Style topaz22@aol.com
Ray/Unreal ray@dspaudio.com Rayden/Breeze macmotu@gmx.de Raz/Camelot raz@cbs.dtu.dk Raze/Success&Trc/Hitmen pfi@sbk-ks.de Razorback/Topaz Beerline antpol@iytol.fi RCC/Spirit tiw4vobe@ti.fht-esslingen.de Rebel bart.becks@skynet.be
Remix/Clique remix@clq.com Remo/The Supply Team sappel@netzservice.de Repose/Style aa601@chebucto.ns.ca Reset/Transcom transcom@mira.net Ricky/Bonzai hekke@kalliope.org Rico/Pretzel Logic pretzel@algonet.se Riddler/Active riddler@ludd.luth.se
Rob Hubbard rhubbard@ea.com ROJ/Spiders Crew rojspiders@hetnet.nl Rorschach/Padua/No Name rorschach@padua.org Rough/Chromance adamsky@hotmail.com Rowdy/Fairlight a95andla@ida.his.se Roy/Entropy gavin@warez43.freeserve.co.uk Rude/Role kharn@flashback.net
Rug Rat/Alphaflight rugrat@voicenet.com Rune/Hoaxers rune@langtind.no Regi Keyz/Onslaught/Breeze oreganr8@cs.man.ac.uk RRR/Oxyron sw0484@uni-essen.de phuture@gmx.net Rotteroy/Megastyle rotteroy@hotmail.com Red Redby/Anubis/Axelerate redredby@yahoo.com
S. Sagacity/Cosmique sagacity@stack.nl Sage/Beyond Force matronka@utu.fi Sailor/Triad sailor3ad@rocketmail.com Sam/Cult samcult@atlas.cz Sam/Beyond Force kare@cc.hut.fi Sander/Focus sander@sanderfocus.nl
Sauron/Illusion olegr@pvv.org Savage savage@algonet.se Scapegoat/Topaz Beerline skape@sci.fi Scare/Active/Nostalgia scare@c64.org Scooby/Light d94fa@hh.se Scorpie/F4cg jo.vanhoorde@option-av.be Slator/Onslaught slator@onslaughters.org
Scorpy/Replay scorpy@gamf.hu Scroll/Megastyle rspaans@finansfyrste.com Seba/Plush s.bach@usa.net Sensei/Crazy senster7@yahoo.com Sentinel/Excess ehrenbri@st-oneline.de Sergeant Pepper/Triad gastronaut@hotmail.com Seven/Digital Excess seven@crypt.ruhr.de
Shadowmaster/Carcass stepbeyond@globalserve.net Shadowolf/Paralyze rriedel@amiga.on-luebeck.de Shape/Mocean isterbuk@hotmail.com Shrimp/Armour 64 olaiho@pcuf.fi Shocker/Ex-Legend, Ex-SCS, Ex-[O] ugidos@hotmail.com Shockwave/System j6878291@ironbark.bendigo.latrobe.edu .au
Shroom/PSW shroom_psw@juno.com Shuze/Alphaflight shuze_afl@hotmail.com Sid6581/Graffity absolute@mail.datanet.hu Side/Hotline hirsfeld@cybercomm.nl Sign/Role sign_64@hotmail.com sign@post.cz Silmarillion silmarillion@hotmail.com
Sir Maniac/Sunrise sir@gmx.net Sixx/F4cg jarlsmark@hotmail.com Skate/Bronx skateofbronx@hotmail.com Sketch/BCI sketch@apollo.pacificweb.net Skid Row/Onslaught timo70@web.de Skyflash/Oneway dan@linux.nu Skywave/Cosine marcf@rocketmail.com
Slammer/Camelot slammer@diku.dk Slavefriese slavefriese@thepentagon.com Slaygon/Censor slagge@c64.org Sledge/Fairlight/Hitmen sledge@algonet.se Slide/Oxyron slide@microdata.de Slimer/Creators tommen@mix.hive.no Sliver/Shape/F4cg sliver@c64.rulez.org
Smile/Clique ckoseoglu@hotmail.com Smiley/Hoaxers frank@langtind.no Snacky/Genesis Project snacky@c64.org Sneaper/F4cg sneaper@usa.net Solar/F4cg solar@divinegods.com Soldier Boy/Infinity'98 shawnbless@mindspring.com Solomon/Beyond Force mika.heiskanen@fmi.fi
Sorex/WOW sorex@c64.org Sounx/Xenon the_sounxer@hotmail.com Spectator/Success&Trc spectator@scs-trc.net Spectre/RPG spectre64@hushmail.com Speed Head/Byterapers xaxx@dataphone.se Spiderman bo@skivekommune.dk Spinball/Excess spinball@iname.com
Spirou/Fairlight jb@jole.com Splatterhead/Success&Trc splatterhead@scs-trc.net Spockie/T'Pau spockie@giga.or.at Spook/Powerzone frech@stud.uni-frankfurt.de Stake/Success&Trc pallai@dab.iit.uni-miskolc.hu Stan/Hitmen stan@c64.org Starfighter/Role starfighterrole@hotmail.com
Stasi/F4cg phira600@student.liu.se Stephen Judd sjudd@ffd2.com Steve steve@ultimatec64.net Steve/Camelot thomasn@liftoff.dk Stirf/Spiders Crew/Role/DMAgic fritskoudijs@hotmail.com Stone/Motiv8/Riot stone@berlin.snafu.de Stormlord/WOW stormlord@pandora.be
Strider/Fairlight strider@fairlight.org Strobe/WOW errol@ros.com.au Stu/Cleveland Cracking Service stuart.morton@cableinet.co.uk Style/Chrome simon.scott@sealcorp.com.au Styx/Alphaflight jurgenm@xs4all.nl Sun Dancer sun_dancer@fairlight.org Suraklin jay64738@hotmail.com
Surfer/Active coolness@torget.se Swapping/Xakk andreaso@connect.lindab.se Swoffa/Noice simon@alfredoscar.a.se Syco/Chromance joost@airforce.net Szab/Pride sysadmin@freemail.hu Stomper escapism@mindless.com Sidewinder tomsk@online.no
Shade/Unreal shade@sol.dimension6.com Sebaloz/Lepsi De! sebaloz@lepsi.de Shogoon/Elysium shogoon@elysium.pl Stirf/Spiders/Role/DMAgic stirf@role64.com Snoky/Banshee banshee@myweb.de Smah/Visual Reality ulrik_vester_nielsen@colpal.com Stryyker/Onslaught/Tide stryyker@onslaughters.org
Skinhead ehlers@schaper-ehlers.de Scratcher/Xenon/Onslaught scratcher_tbp@yahoo.com Sputnick/Civitas sputnick@civitas64.de Stash/Wrath Designs stash@onslaughters.org Sharp oirmak@turknets.com Sonic/Smash Designs tu303sonic@aol.com Silverfox silverfox@foni.net
Snacky/Genesis Project snacky@genesis-project.de SMC/TIA sanke_choe@hotmail.com Sphinx/Danish Gold sphinx@danishgold.dk Skyscraper/Exon exon@poczta.fm Sir Cyro/NEC sircyro@yahoo.com SounDemon/Dekadence/Onslaught soundemon@onslaughters.org Scratcher/Onslaught/Xenon scratcher@onslaughters.org
T. TMR/Cosine/Onslaught tmr@c64.org Tao/Triad tao@acc.umu.se Tape/Extend tape@thepentagon.com Taper/Triad taper@triad.nu Tapp/Clique tapp@clq.com TBB/Extend/Side B tero.hilipinen@sonera.fi
TBH/Onslaught mwalters@attila.apana.org.au Techmo/Plush techmo@usa.net Tempest/Tempest/Damage tempest@koolex.net The Alien/WOW the.alien@cityweb.de The Audience/Sunrise yeeak@aol.com The Blue Ninja hutzelm@fh-worms.de The Dark Judge/Focus m.frankel@chello.nl
The Dr.J/The Force markg@netvision.net.il The Falcon thefalcon@c64.org The Fatman fatman1@airmail.net The Firestalker/FTA squash@inlink.com The Fly/The Force thefly@danbbs.dk The Gambler/Electron kevinmckinney@yahoo.com The Guardian/Camelot erik@idecnet.com
The Hegg/WOW dirtyrhombus@hotmail.com The Hell Hacker/The Shaolin Monastry hhtsm@usa.net The Human Autofire/Bonzai jelle@mi.aau.dk The Kid DLH/Infinity'98 haynesdl@mwfl.net The Meatball/Triad oyvindan@online.no The Paradroid/The Sharks ralf_wilhelm@hotmail.com The Reaper reaper@headbanger.mayn.de
The Sarge/Triad joachim.ljunggren@swipnet.se The Shark/INC shark@dhp.com The Sorceress/Genesis Project debgspz@aol.com The Spy/Flash Inc fhi@hem2.passagen.se The Syndrom/Crest/TIA audiosim@cosmigo.com The Unholy/Onslaught/Demonix unholy@netcom.ca The Wiz/Style chrismcb@microsoft.com
The Cure drake@cisco.com Thor/Extend thor@freenet.hut.fi Throne/Panic janne-turunen@hotmail.com Thundax/Xenon thundax@bigfoot.com Thunderblade/DMAgic thunderblade@iname.com TMC/MON/Scoop (Charles Deenen) cdeenen@interplay.com TNT/Beyond Force tenu@sci.fi
Tom tom.egg@student.uni-augsburg.de Tommy/Noice jansson@lysator.liu.se Top Secret/WOW smutny@aiten.sk Tornado/Panoramic Designs henning@interloop.no Total Chaos/F4cg chaos@algonet.se Toxic/Neoplasia toxic@t-onine.de Tranziie/Hitmen trazan@c64.org
Trap/Bonzai jesper.larsen@rainier.com Trasher/Active trasher@ludd.luth.se Trasher/Offence bs96e11@lts.mil.no Trax/Success&Trc trax@xs4all.nl Trent/Hoaxers okey@nvg.unit.no Trident/Active trident@c64.org adadun-7@sm.luth.se
Trireme/Entropy trireme@powerfield.demon.co.uk TSN/TST tst@vip.cybercity.dk TTS/Oxyron michael@microdata.de Twilight/Arcade uwemichel@t-online.de Twoflower/Triad mikael.backlund@telia.com Twynn/Acrise/Silicon Limited twynn@telebyte.nl Tyrant/Therapy/Resource szistvan@gemini.ektf.hu
Tyron/Hitmen tyron@c64.org Techno/Therapy techno@cyberdude.com TGI/Paralyze hamsterfuck.pulp.com Taki/Natural Beat takinb@sch.bme.hu Talbot/Fatum/Faith kuba-h@rwd.prospect.tarman.net Thor/Glory thor@thecore.com Trigger/X-Ray wiegand@azrael.uni-paderborn.de
TDO/Legend wolf359tdo@aol.com Tonic/Comic Pirates abk@lazy.accessus.net Tricket/Dominators jestan@iname.com Tristan/Success&Trc shaze@gamewood.net The White Flame white-flame@geocities.com Thomas Detert/X-Ample tom@activate-media.de TBB/FBR fbr@m-net.arbornet.org
U. Udd/BCI plln5970@montana.com Ultimate Hacker/Onslaught ultimatehacker@onslaughters.org Uncle Tom/The Dreams uncletom@the-dreams.de Unlock/Albion/Padua unlock@profzone.ch Uzzy/RPG/Longshot uzzy@c64.org Uptonogood/Tsr uptonogood@telstra.easymail.com.au
Unifier/Flash Inc unifier@c64.org V. V.O./Plush skluge1@rz.htwk-leipzig.de Vague/Excess vague@hildesheim.sgh-net.de Venturus/Damage/Vandals tepkei@cedunet.com Verdun dte96mcn@mds.mdh.se Vergo/Therapy heimsbak@online.no
VIC/Camelot thomasc@polysuspekt.dk Vic/Coma gergely@iit.uni-miskolc.hu Vinzi/Hack'n'Trade vinzi@varberg.se Violator martin@kajen.se Vip/Role/Padua/CZP vincent.merken@student.kuleuven.ac.be Viscid/Neoplasia viscid@tek.dontpanic.sub.org Vizz/Empire fvezina@ems.net
Vodka/Fairlight edvin.zetterberg@dlog.se Valsary/Elysium valsary@elysium.pl Volker Rust/Out Of Order rust7001@uni-trier.de Vultan/Flood flood@jtxa.de Vengeance/Onslaught vengeance@c64.org W. Wacek/Arise/Albion/Lepsi De!/Oxsid Pl. wacek666@polbox.com
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White Lion/Censor whitelion@deathsdoor.com White/The Judges bartm@iae.nl WHW Design/WOW whw_@yahoo.com Wideload bjreid@ihug.co.nz Wide/Extend wide@rocketmail.com Wiggen wiggen@wineasy.se Wile Coyote/Entropy/WOW wec@wweecc.demon.co.uk
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X. Xayne/Crest xayne@arcormail.de XmikeX s0621126@dominic.barry.edu X-Raffi/X-Rated x-raffi@x-rated-base-c64.de x-raffi@t-online.de Xlr8/Tera rad@vfjtech.com.au XL/Xlcus Software paulk@xlcus@freeserve.co.uk
Y. Yabba/Light stefan@omnipresence.com Youth/Heatwave youth@c64.org Yup/Offence yup@mindless.com Z. Zagor/Horizon bjorn.stenberg@haxx.nu Zakk/No Name zakk@hem.passagen.se
Zaphod/Antimon zaphod@online.no Zapotek/Axelerate/Apidya zapotek2@my-deja.com Zardax/Origo Dreamline appaljak@cc.helsinki.fi Zaz/DCS zaz@dcs.org Zealot/Wrath Designs zealot@master.telia.net Zeldin/Cascade zeldin@gmx.de Zike/Fairlight zike@c64.org
Zirco/Carcass zirco@starbase.globalpc.net Znorro/Shape snorre.narum@capgemini.no ZNY/Palace zny@cute.fi Zodiac/Flash Inc md3hfkpmdstud.chalmers.se Zorb/Hack'n'Trade jonas.petersson@hyperisland.se Zorlac/Genesis Project lars.klaeger@tamedia.ch Zyron/F4cg/Oxsid Planetary zyron@algonet.se
Zzap/Noice toblerone77@hotmail.com Zbel/Onslaught zbel@zbellbound.com Zeitgeist/Civitas zeitgeist@civitas64.de Zephyr/Elysium zephyr@elysium.pl ZeSmasher/F4cg smr@ticino.com
FTP and ICQ addresses are in the next chapter ‾‾‾‾‾‾‾‾‾‾‾‾‾‾‾‾‾‾‾‾‾‾‾‾‾
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Going For Gold (Padua) ftp://ftp.padua.org/pub/c64 Excusiv (Triad) ftp://ftp.df.lth.se/pub/c64 Funet ftp://ftp.funet.fi/pub/c64/ InterPark (F4cg) ftp://bbs.cc.uniud.it/pub/c64 The Novaterm Site ftp://ftp.eskimo.com/u/v/voyager/ Novaterm Rash Refection (Active) ftp://ftp.ludd.luth.se/pub/c64
Scene Emporium ftp://starbase.globalpc.net/pub/ emporium Shaft (Ideal) ftp://woland.iit.uni-miskolc.hu/pub/c64 The Badlands (T'Pau) ftp://ftp.giga.or.at/pub/c64 Xenon+Vibrants C64+PC site
ICQ uni numbers: (www.mirabilis.com) 2ge/React..................................7552083 Acidchild/Padua.......................43250704 Adolf/Censor.............................2640936 Alih/Wow....................................6784369 Andre (AS)/Onslaught.............25097090 Anonym/Padua............................654574 Arman/Xenon............................31192971 Asv/Onslaught.........................25636289 Awa/Shape................................12533149 Bacchus/Fairlight........................109686 Backslash/Atlantis..................12331974 Bismarck/Triad............................376255 Bitman/F4cg..............................11114679 Black Duke/Excess..................28351466 Black Jack/Persei/Civitas......42981394 Bombe/Smash Designs..............3017094 Bordeaux/Active......................28115328
Brush/Elysium..........................15201527 Buzz............................................6543640 Cadaver.....................................81701008 Caisson/Ascraeus......................8381107 Caveman.....................................6344794 Cerebus/F4cg..............................215236 Chaotic/Smash Designs............2082187 Checky......................................36800472 Chotaire/Alphaflight..................4719250 Chris/Asphyxia.........................18786401 Chucky/Dragon...........................1812529 Cibi/Shining 8............................6898762 CountZero/Success&Trc........13704247 Creative Insanity.....................3478095 Crossfire/Fairlight/Motiv8.....41347210 Crusher.....................................50074036 Cybernoid/Demonix......................461417 Cyberad/RPG.............................5976607 Cyborg/F4cg..............................8319647 Cycleburner/Megastyle.............2000011
Darkangel/Tempest.................66980752 Deejay/X-Ample......................42626490 Deekay/Crest............................5376666 Deetsay/Panic...........................4292873 Devil/F4cg....................................777619 Didi/Laxity.................................8055906 Digahole/Onslaught...................3948891 DJB/Onslaught/Blues Muz....102362135 DM/Ex-Transcom.......................7664518 Dogfriend/Dominators.............12331974 Draz/F4cg.................................13200112 Dr.J/The Force..........................4687099 Droopy/Amorphis.....................79207177 Duke/Fairlight..........................17056069 Eivind/Shape...............................2110107 Fatman/Remember.....................5786278 Flip/Centric..............................61684109 Fnorf/Nitros...............................1858901 Geggin/Censor............................9712829 Gemini/System............................4612493
Gerry/Tempest...........................4979224 GRG/Shape/Onslaught/BM.......14037240 Gop/Onslaught..........................14373100 Goto80/HT/Oxsid Planetary......7219551 Goz/F4cg....................................3293747 Grafee/Onslaught......................4620454 Grendel/Byterapers...................1848793 Groepaz/Hitmen.........................1966954 Gum/Alter...................................8488828 Havran/Studio Style..................1872888 HeavyHead/Net*Phreakerz.......4943146 Iceball/Padua............................7199177 Impertigo/Crescent.................5965650 Incubus/Antic........................ 19392958 Intruder/F4cg...........................1367243 Ironfist/Electric Boys.............4513919 Jack Daniels/F4cg (new)........86947390 Jason/Antic.................................761010 Jazzcat/Onslaught..................10978901 JCH/Vibrants...............................761477
Jeroen Tel/MON..........................187233 Jolz/Onslaught..........................3858693 JTP/Byterapers........................7213583 KBS/Laxity/Phantasy...............6978428 Kinley........................................27076163 KnightCoder/Sonix..................19226980 KR/Shape/Hitmen/BM.................653044 Lax/Wow....................................15443166 Lightside.....................................1707730 Local H/BCI................................1831034 L'trimm/Onslaught...................12897674 MacGyver/DMAgic....................49051595 Madhead/Onslaught.................53945564 Manni/Tat...................................6155006 Meff/Onslaught........................13753594 Melange/F4cg...............................215236 Mendrake/Acrise........................8900310 Metal Maniac/DCS........................431987 MMS/Taboo.................................3888637 Motley/F4cg.................................619301
Motley/F4cg (work).....................617853 Morris/F4cg.............................13579892 MrBrain/Onslaught..................14804034 Naphalm/Onslaught..................11467959 Nasty Boy.................................39628035 Natas/Carcass...........................1295889 Necrophobic/Carcass...............3222246 Ned/Net*Phreakerz...................4679183 Newscopy..................................17179972 Nucleus/Tempest/Shape...........7214048 ODI/MDG...................................20773381 Ozgur Gultekin..........................10282158 Paranoid/Fairlight...................40395474 Pinball Wizard/Carcass.............9009845 Pugsy.........................................12051192 Qed.................................................137392 Raver/Phantasy/DCS..............74892757 Raz/Camelot..............................26241926 Reset/Transcom.......................27280598 Reyn Ouwehand.........................23322441
Romrunner/Shining 8..................3630607 Scare/Active..............................8250573 Sharp/Ex-[O]/Ex-ACY.............45232953 Skate/Bronx................................7441124 Skid Row/Onslaught...................6329067 Slaygon/Censor..........................4378919 Sneaper/F4cg...........................15560687 Sonic Wurst/Divine/F4cg...........4571035 Sorex/Wow................................12638493 Spinball/Excess...........................943809 Sta.............................................43570569 Stan/Hitmen..............................46480865 Starkiller/Padua.......................10955602 Stirf/Spiders Crew..................40865826 Stormlord/WOW...........................9011033 Stryyker/Onslaught/Tide........77807580 Surfing/Fairlight......................11953424 Sun Dancer/Fairlight.................6897142 Swoffa/Noice.............................3791368 Syco/Chromance........................2969512
Taper/Triad................................2465812 The Falcon..................................6424841 The Fly/The Force....................15113721 The Guardian/Camelot...............4074254 The Human Autofire/Bonzai......9712829 The Spy/Flash Inc.....................1514646 The Sorceress/G*P..................30148393 Tmg/Motiv8.................................4052263 Tmm/Onslaught.........................20279151 Tonic/Comic Pirates..................1747520 Tranziie/Hitmen.......................27432750 Trasher/Active...........................6123616 Tricket/Dominators..................64351261 Udd/BCI......................................1214624 Ul Tomten....................................3167836 Unifier/Flash Inc.........................761010 Unlock/Albion/Padua..................3630192 Valsary/Elysium........................51247234 Vent/Damage............................32667980 Vodka/Fairlight...........................1927547
Walker.........................................8596340 Weasel/Crazy/Hitmen..................618648 Weasel/Crazy/Hitmen...............17070453 White Lion/Censor.....................27170012 Wideload.......................................4632210 XIII...........................................17014119 Youth/Heatwave.........................2522239 Zbel/Onslaught..........................47100462 Zealot/Wrath Designs................2073931 Ze Smasher/F4cg.......................4392600 Zyron/F4cg/Oxsid Planetary....17014119
and finally.. The Domination webpage http://domination.rules.org Domination Paper Edition (Online) http://www.noquake.de/domination/sta rt.htm Happy surfing, Jazzcat/Onslaught.